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I would like to make promises, but until we know the full equipment requirements and full scope of expectations a delegate needs to meet for minimal performance, I shall hold off.  In other words, I am not going to promise the moon if it's not attainable.

I am just an average guy.
I live in Northern California.
I have access and funds to get the node up and running.
Depending on DPOS system requirements, will determine what service provider I will use for a VPS.
I own AGS and PTS (and BTS soon!)
I am still currently mining PTS, even in this dismal network difficulty.
I believe in Bitshares X and see it as the future hub of all markets!

Thank you for you consideration!
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Server: 8GB RAM / 6 CPUs 600GB  HD
Location: Toronto, Winnipeg of Canada (or NW, NE  of USA)
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Cooperating with China Education Bookstore and will donate 20% of delegate income to the poor students

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Node name: MavenFrog
Server Hardware: i7 3770, 32GB ram, 240GB SSD + 4x1TB HDD + hardware RAID
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Backup power generator planned.
Internet via 2 different ISP(s).
Dedicated Domain(s): <DACNAME>
Ability to quickly allocate more hardware and/or increase the bandwidth if needed.

I've been software developer for many years -
I believe I have the ability to maintain a delegate node (And I'm not alone in this. Details will follow.).

Initially 100% of the earnings will be used to ensure maximum performance, reliability and fault tolerance of the node(s).
All earnings/spendings records will be publicly available.
The users will be able to vote and discuss on how to spend the earnings.
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Hello everybody! We are team Bitsapphire.

See our special landing page for our delegate bid here:

We are a team of web developers, designers, and engineers offering lower cost, agile, high quality "Teams as a Service" to early stage companies. We want to double down on the Bitshares Toolkit and become the go-to team for any DAC related web/mobile apps.

We have been experimenting with the Bitshares Delegate server and we intend to represent in the final system all stakeholders who want to see real user friendly apps developed on top of the Bitshares ecosystem! We intend to use all our profits to develop these apps so that Bitshares can get additional momentum.

A vote for us is a vote for the future of the Bitshares ecosystem! Lets get this started!

We will update our site and this thread as the Dry-run test continue.

Current setup:

  • Quad core 2.3ghz
  • 8gb DDR3 RAM
  • Either 20 or 40 GB of disk space
  • 2 direct ISP links

If this is not up to specs we can bumb the server to 32GB of RAM and whatever disk space is needed. The server is located in Kosovo's biggest server farm.

Location: Kosovo

The party has just started :)
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Back our bid as a BitShares Delegate!

wallet_approve_delegate bitsapphire true

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龙门矿业 将致力于未来 Bitshare X 网络的 “虚拟矿池” 事业.
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I will provide delegate service to all DAC that will be using bitshares_toolkit and honoring PTS/AGS.

You can find me on this forum all the time.
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