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Physical machine:
Intel I3 (last gen)
WD Black (stripe)

I can spin aditional Virtual Machines if this physical machine is not enough.

What i will offer:

-Redundant Backups
-Reserved Timeslot for updating the codebase (if needed)
-Dumping logs (for developers)
-pro bono SLA ( Service Level Agreement ) based support for urgent matters at given time frame for bitshares source
-Bitshares software monitoring log parsing / alert system at my nodes
-Stable internet  connection DSL (15/15 Mbps)

Delegates Addresses : TBA (when there will be at least more stable version)


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I am bitcz, although I just registered, but I have been watching bitshares!
Bitshares will bring humanity freedom fair and forward.

4G RAM/2 Core CPU/256GB SSD

suzhou, China

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I'll run and maintain a node in the cloud wherever in the world it makes sense to do so. When it becomes feasible I will set up multiple nodes in geographically diverse locations to provide the best node location in the event of network disturbance! Take that!

I'm trustworthy - I pay out of my own pocket for the Beyond Bitcoin podcast hosting and have no intention of advertising on the platform. I'm motivated as an idealist and evangelist.

I've proven myself reliable and hard working.

I'm attempting to develop a media identity. The title"Bitshares Delegate" will provide mutual credibility to myself and the Bitshares project. The same goes for anyone in the media sphere.

Pick me! Pick me!
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My name is Daniel Schwarz and I am from Greece (My father is from Germany,my mother from Greece)
I am an active member on bitsharestalk since 11 March 2014 and I am very proud for that!
You can take a look on my member profile and make conclusions about my activity by yourself  :);area=showposts;u=10831

Will update soon with more infos  ;)

Your support/vote is much appreciated and will make the network more secure. It is very importand for the network security to vote for 1)trusted 2)individuals
that are preferable located on 3)different Country's and have 4)great equipment. So take a look on my sub.account delegates:

delegate.liondani                   (2 personal Linux servers located at my home in Greece)*
germany.delegate.liondani    (VPS located in Germany)**
greece.delegate.liondani       (VPS located in Greece)
charity.delegate.liondani       (The only delegate with 100% pay rate for obvious reasons)***

PS All sub account delegates (except the charity delegate as mentioned) have always a pay rate of 5% under the "Average active delegate pay rate" !!!
     so for example if at any moment the "average active delegate pay rate" is 70% I guarantee that my sub accounts will never exceed 65% pay rate  ;)
     If you are still not satisfied with the sub account pay rate policy you can always vote for the parent account delegate liondani that will never exceed 5% pay rate !!!

Servers Characteristics

OS              :  Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon 64-bit
Processor   :  Intel Pentium CPU G3220 @ 3.00GHz x 2
Memory      :  15.6 GiB
Hard Drive  :  3860.8 GB
Graphics C. :  ASUS RADEON R9 280X 3GB DirectCU II TOP
UPS             : Accupower ISY Line Interactive 1200VA

NTPD installed  ;)

** configured very soon, until then they will produce blocks on my server in Greece.

*** I will update very soon with details about my charity.delegate activity...
       (Be prepared the next days for a poll thread that gives you the opportunity to decide where the charity funds will go)
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I have been following this project since last year, fascinated by the concept and it's potential. Actively participating in discussions and testing. Hosting a delegate node on VPS server, rented from

Code: [Select]
wallet_set_delegate_trust_level bitcoiners     1
 wallet_set_delegate_trust_level bitcoiners-1  1
 wallet_set_delegate_trust_level blockchainer 1

I will likely migrate delegate nodes onto cloud hosting servers in diverse geographical locations.
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>>> approve bitcoiners

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*** Reserved ***

I don't have a VPS, but I do have a HTPC which is on 24/7.

Hardware: A10 7850K / 8GB RAM / 64 GB SSD / 1TB HDD
Software: Running windows, I can easily setup a linux VM on it.
Location: Netherlands
Internet connection: 180mbps down and 18mbps up

If need be, I can also setup a Digital Ocean and/or Amazon server.

I have the time to keep up with each version of the network and I know how to set up the client.

Currently running the client on my laptop which is also on 24/7:
Hardware: i7 2675QM / 16 GB RAM / No SSD at the moment
Software: Mac OS X 10.9 and the latest client compiled from source as of 1 hour ago.
Location/internet connection: Same as above.

vote for me in the current test network:

Code: [Select]
wallet_set_delegate_trust_level mauritso 5
BTS: maurits

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Hi,I am very interesting to be a delegates!

and I have a server running all day now!

Delegate: andrew.btsdacs
Bts: btsfang

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Are we going to have enough delegates? I suppose one person running 2 or more nodes would be frowned upon, correct?

Not necessarily, I can imagine there being some groups with a proven track record who have multiple nodes in different locations or for difference purposes (dividends or dev fund? you decide! etc)
Do not use this post as information for making any important decisions. The only agreements I ever make are informal and non-binding. Take the same precautions as when dealing with a compromised account, scammer, sockpuppet, etc.


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Are we going to have enough delegates? I suppose one person running 2 or more nodes would be frowned upon, correct?