Author Topic: Data collaboration and blockchains -- brainstorming  (Read 1972 times)

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This was an idea of mine I had.  I was sort of thinking what sort of DAC could I write to get my feet wet that could be useful to a wide range of people.  So often open source projects have horrible documentation.  I think a DAC could be used to solve this.  It would be a throw away DAC.. In that an instance would be funded and set in motion for a certain documentation request.  You could also make it more complicated and manage multiple documents at once.  However for complexity and your own sanity, I'd think starting out with a single documention request per DAC would be better..
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I've been working as a developer (most front-end) and consultant building data-driven applications for the past 6 years or so.  I essentially create front end interfaces and logic to store data in mySQL databases for users to collaborate on in a team-based environment.

I've been trying to think of ideas and scenarios in which this type of development and user collaboration would be useful for a blockchain or for cryptos in general so I could contribute to the community; however, I've yet to come up with anything of true value.

I know consensus amongst work-groups/teams is very useful and valuable to companies but I'm afraid everytime I try to translate that value to a DAC it gets lost in translation somehow.

So do ya'll have any ideas for how this type of development could be used for BitShares projects?  Is there a flexibility or additional value that could be derived by integrating a traditional database structure with a BitShares blockchain?  Or do the two live in different worlds?