Author Topic: 2 new episodes of Beyond Bitcoin. Great place to listen to Dan give updates !!  (Read 809 times)

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  • 0:50 Dan Larimer gives update on the state of the Bitshares project.  Dan explains why propagating through anonymous nodes causes issues for 15 second blocks.
  • 8:00 What is the difference in damage a miner can do vs a Delegate inside DPOS ?
  • 13:20 Selective DOS.  How could government use centralized mining pools to attack BTC.  How the ability to fork a digital organization prevents rule by majority which can be a problem in Democracy.
  • 18:00 Dan goes into why he doesn’t see share-dropping onto other communities to be that valuable.
  • 30:40 What is the status on the Delegate pay method? aka transaction fees.
  • 39:00 DAC employees and discussing the various ways employees can be paid.
  • 49:30 Would it be possible to snapshot assets ?!?
  • 56:50 Dan talks about the group trap.

  • 0:40 Status of Bitshares XTS via Dan Larimer.
  • 4:18 What Bitshares ME will be.
  • 9:27 Why would someone implement their own chain and not use an existing chain?
  • 14:08 Why is Bitshares using C++ over other languages ?
  • 18:55 Talk about partial centralization to register identities.  Dan announces the Follow My Vote DAC and discusses certification of identities.
  • 28:20 Dan talks about issues with scalability with 100% distributed systems.
  • 35:40 Talk about code to handle URLs that link to Delegate voting directly. 
  • 44:16 Ethereum vs Bitshares github commit rates.  Brent from explains his site while being attacked by his dog in the background.
  • 48:22 The dog turns it up a notch.  Brent talks about how approaches the problem of wikis and opposing camps.
  • 1:03:30 Talk about how to join the testing team.
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