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seed nodes:
Code: [Select]
network_add_node "" add

Have you accidentally given us the private address for your second seed node ? i.e. 192.168.X.X is a Class C private address which can not be routed across the internet.

BTW voted for your btsx-singapore1 delegate


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I am running two nodes on amazon ec2 and additional node on my pc. One instance is running in Singapore and the other in Oregon. Since upgrading to amazon ec2 my delegates have not missed a single block and have a latency of 0s. Both nodes are currently connected to 35 peers. The following info will help you connect to and vote for my delegates.

seed nodes:
Code: [Select]
network_add_node "" add
network_add_node "" add
network_add_node "" add

to vote for singapore delegates
Code: [Select]
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-singapore1
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-singapore2
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-singapore3
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-singapore4
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-singapore5

to vote for oregon delegates

Code: [Select]
wallet_approve_delegate clout-delegate1
wallet_approve_delegate clout-delegate2
wallet_approve_delegate clout-delegate3
wallet_approve_delegate clout-delegate4
wallet_approve_delegate clout-delegate5

to vote for backup delegates

Code: [Select]
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-delegate1
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-delegate2
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-delegate3
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-delegate4
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-delegate5
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-delegate6
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-delegate7
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-delegate8
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-delegate9
wallet_approve_delegate btsx-delegate10