Author Topic: "reading list" - attention to certain posts/links  (Read 1136 times)

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"reading list" - attention to certain posts/links
« on: August 13, 2014, 09:08:13 am »
On the one hand there are often good suggestions which could practically help I3 or important issues that need clarification by I3.

On the other hand the forum gets bigger and bigger / more and more noisy, BM, Stan, Brian and Toast have to fight many battles at a time and it is time consuming to go through all the threads. Also often things are discussed in threads which do not really relate to the thread's subject which makes it even harder.
Once in a while there is a really interesting post regarding marketing but it is surely overlooked by Brian. It would take him a whole lot of time to scan the forum for those.

So my somewhat half-backed suggestion would be to have a system where forum members suggest posts that require BM, toasts, Stan or Brian's attention. Other forum members can then up or down vote those posts.

How to do it?
So an integration into the forum would be really nice but there is no up/down-voting function (simple machines + reddit voting) here.
So I guess the only option would be to have a separate reddit threat / post for BM (BTSX, business dev), Toasts (DNS, reputation systems), Stan (legal, operations) and Brian (marketing, business dev).
Could this be somewhat integrated into the forum? Otherwise not so many might use it.

It could be extended to external links.

PS: It could also be twisted. Every I3 staff member can put out a list of issues where he might need the help of the crowd, either in terms of quality feedback or research to be done, coding tasks etc. so that people who want to help have an overview where help is needed.

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Re: "reading list" - attention to certain posts/links
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2014, 02:31:57 pm »
+1 please organize this, no need for fancy mechanics, just a google doc or heavily moderated thread for "posts that need attention from X"

Especially what kind of things to put on social media or on the website

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Re: "reading list" - attention to certain posts/links
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2014, 06:48:15 pm »
Here is what I would do:
1) Create a thread for every I3 staff member who is on the forum where everyone can post links to posts or external links which need the staff member's attention.
2) Create one sticky thread with a link to a google doc only I3 staff member can edit but every one can see. This google doc has some space reserved for every staff member where he can list where he needs help.

Here is a draft for bullet point (1)

The forum gets more and more crowded and the the workload is at a continuous high. In order to reduce the time developers have to scan the forum on the one hand and draw their attention to the most important issues on the other hand this thread has been created.


1) Practical suggestions which you are certain have been overlooked.
2) Flaws in the in the theory regarding BTSX/DPOS/X (you did some research and you are certain it has been overlooked)
3) Questions which provably could not be answered by other forum members (practically or theoretically relevant questions)

The links do not have to be restricted to forum posts, you may also post EXTERNAL LINKS. If you refer to external links and it was not you who has written the content please try to make a summary if possible and say as short but precise as possible how the the content of the external link refers to Bitshares.   

Please keep your post in this FORMAT:
[Short content/issue description; just enough to get an idea what the post is about]
[link to the forum post]
Any additions?