Author Topic: [DNS] test network for advanced users  (Read 15414 times)

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Can you send me some BDNS? 

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There's a test network. I'm not really giving it any attention b/c of BTSX but I will answer questions and make note of bugs
on branch master

Everything should work except that the wallet transaction history does not interpret the domain transactions properly.

Temporary paramters:
The auction throttle size is hard-coded to 3.
Auction duration is 5 minutes (you have to spend 5 minutes in the top 3 without any bids).
Domain expiration is 2 hours.

Writeup about how much you get back for getting outbid coming soon, here's a rough version:
*  The first time a domain is bid on, if you get outbid, you only get 95% back
*  Afterwards, if you bid on a domain that is "in the throttle" (one of the top K domains) and you get outbid, you get 110% back
*  If you bid on a domain that is not in the throttle  (not in top K and not the first bid), and you get outbid, you get 100% back
AND:  the next person's "required minimum bid" is your bid + the difference between your bid and your required bid
so you have to outbid the last person by more than they outbid the previous person by
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