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hi everyone

i'dont know if this is the right place to do this but, i'll take the opportunity

since several months ago i been claimed for help
my economics at this time are not the betters
i'm a University Student, currently coursing the 9 of 10 grades
i'm from mexico, and my job is not enough to continue
afford my studies, but i can't quick because otherwise i'll not eat at all
my current debt to my school is about 2000 USD
and i'm goind to graduate me only if i can pay it

so i claiming for help
i tried in other forums but nobody listen
i'm really not kidding and i can provide all kind of proves you need
if you are good heart please help me:

my PTS address is: PZqqCTpRCRKZxxoTFvbcTRtDTdY89a9BoY
my BTC address is: 16imRxC7muPzFoMPqWwUtFtrYVuKEb4aQB

please, i'll thank you the rest of my life