Author Topic: Can someone explain why I can't purchase short orders right now?  (Read 605 times)

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Hey guys, I've got about 24 hours left on my deadline for part 2 of my Bitshares coverage:

I'd really love to be able to focus on the fact that I was able to execute trades in this economic system that resulted in a profit (which my trades have, thankfully) however I keep encountering problems right at the time I want to execute a trade that conveniently prevent me from making the trades I want and instead lock me in position long enough to make less or no profit.

If it happened once or twice I'd just chalk it up to a bug but every time the market turns and it's time to move either into BitUSD or out of BitUSD, the system inconveniently decides that it won't execute my trades (for a number of different reasons ranging from "insufficient market depth" or a bad version of the application). My point being that I have the growing suspicion that something is rotten in denmark given the timing of the problems (always as BTSX is changing directions).

Rather than simply be paranoid I'd rather bring up the issue here and see what everyone has to say. More than anything I want this system to work as advertised but so far (despite making money) it has fought me every inch of the way.

Right now the market slowed and I wanted to dive back into BitUSD. However, my open orders just hang even though there seems to be people willing to sell at that price. Any clue why that might be happening? (mind you I am losing money every second the sale does not execute, which has happened numerous times already)