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1) Payment for the models and community votes would be my thoughts--connecting the votes with a value based on the level of trust a user (See project Keyhotee) earns?  How this would be coded, however, I am not sure.  I am not a coder. 

2)  DAC's within DAC's...  I read somewhere the concept of DAC's born as offshoots of DAC's.  This method could potentially work as well...and likely would be a more Free Market approach.  For instance, I create a DAC that provides production of widgets designed added by my team members.  For my team's DAC to thrive,  the 1st stage of production would be a form of advertisement-- it would be in our interest to mine shares in the 3d Printing DAC and contribute original designs to that DAC in order to help build a basic infrastructure and level of community trust--thus bringing more investment and mining of shares.  There could be some way of labeling the design so the design team is evident. 
    2a) At this point, my team has helped the Host 3d Printing DAC build support and trust and my team's designs have become well-known.  Our trust has been earned by the community and our originally-mined shares have grown in value within the system.  We have also contributed to other teams' development (Gadget Teams grow to use widgets specifically designed by My Team, John's Team, and Mary's Team...and have established significant reputations). 
    2b) We then Create our own WidgetDAC as an offshoot, offering previous designs at a lower initial cost than available on the Host DAC (which will always remain on the Host DAC in case something happens to our offshoot Corporation) to incentivize the move to investment of shares into our new WidgetDAC...New relationships grow and divisions grow into new DAC's as we gain more talent and specialize in different areas of modeling. 
    2c)  Gadget DAC's then begin growing as a function of the burgeoning innovation in specialization of parts and relationships between DAC offshoots grow. 

Of course this thread should be a platform for conversation, new ideas and discussion (with oppositional concepts welcome).  Interested to hear how other people feel about it. 

Oh...and of course, these ideas are FREE.  Take them.  I'm not a politician or Bank Cartel Leader/Thug and as such prefer to see humanity thrive through the SHARING of ideas.  So if you like any of these ideas TAKE them.  If you want my thoughts on other issues, please ask.  Help me grow in my understanding so I might better help this community flourish and overtake the Nasty Narcissists in this world who believe they are the only ones who deserve lives of abundance & purpose...
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How do you propose that such a DAC would filter a truly useful design from something that has no use, such as a distorted sphere? If someone can find a way to do that, then this could become a very useful DAC, as well as a profitable one.
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A crowd-sourced model for 3D Printing on a scalable level.  First Start with trinkets (like China and other poor nations do), then scale to larger, more complex printed items.  Shares in the DAC's could be earned via sending of plans that are accepted into the database to be stored, through mining shares, or through buying shares. 

Eventually, the DAC could serve as a mini-version of or other similar market-places and could solidify cash-flow through an always-available and ever-increasing store of crowd-designed objects and creations.  Dividends would then be payable on a regular basis and cost-savings incurred through the use of 3D printing for many/most processes could significantly reduce the costs of production.  Additionally, a higher standard could be more easily maintained. 

A DAC of this type would largely render slave labor unprofitable and could help provide funds for the construction of a persistent "3D Printing" camp for individuals with more time on their hands who are looking for a new skillset in the digital age. 

Hope someone finds this useful.
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