Author Topic: BitShares Update - The coolest thing on the planet  (Read 816 times)

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Oh noes, I just read about your issues haha
I hope I didn't get a crazy update, but hey, I am used to everything now, and I am a banker hehe

All accounts missing but password still the same. I tend towards wallet_import? No rescan!?

The accounts are back only the history is missing. Time to:
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Yeah i got the update.  from v0.4.15a to v0.4.15a ... apparently.
Didn't fix anything for me other than the lock screen message saying there was an update available. : )


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Did you also just receive the update notification? That's so cool! Let's party the automated update function. And this on Linux! yeah...:D

edit: While the program is running, hot upgrade.. smooth! (maybe a restart necessary it said, but let's see)

edit2: everything is gone, no accounts there I mean, restart
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