Author Topic: Venezuala great target for BitAsset adoption?  (Read 543 times)

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Argentina and Venezuala are the kind of countries that are literally going to eat BitAssets like BitUSD up! They're crying out for BitUSD.  Their currencies and inflation even make Bitcoin look stable  :)

The guy in the article, 'Dr. Bitcoin' seems like a popular crypto-currency advocate.

There is also a Bitcoin exchange planning to open there soon, maybe we can let them know about BitAssets? I think there will be more demand for BitUSD there than Bitcoin by far.

The only downside is that it seems it might still be limited to a tech-savvy minority. 

I think we should have a strong marketing focus on these kind of places where they are trying to get access to what BitAssets delivers.

"Even though bitcoin is volatile, it's still safer than the national currency," said one young 'tech-savvy' Venezuelan, who as Reuters reports, is looking to bypass President Maduro's dysfunctional economic controls. "I'm teaching people to use bitcoin to bypass the exchange controls," said Gerardo Mogollon, a business professor who styles himself as "Dr. Bitcoin Venezuela," speaks at conferences and appears in online videos to urge Venezuelans to adopt the crypto-currency.

Even small dollar transactions are out of the question for most Venezuelans since capital controls mean acquiring hard currency now means either requesting it from the state, which struggles to satisfy demand, or tapping a shadowy black market.