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Offline kenCode

Delegate Proposal for delegate.kencode

Please vote! bts:delegate.kencode/approve
Open wallet > Advanced > Console > approve delegate.kencode true
Payrate: 100%
Salary paid daily (ken Code)
Pay transferred to delegate.kencode by ~6PM EST daily
Compensation will be 4285 BTS paid daily regardless of actual delegate income
 - i.e downtime comes out of IT Operations revenue
 - FYI, 4285 BTS per day equates to about $13/day
5-7hrs per day, 5 days per week, minimum.
Typically a LOT more than that though. I trade in the morning, then begin my BitShares day.
I’m usually available in my office and on skype from 0800-2200 CET (GMT+1), 7 days/week.
BitShares Sales & Support, PR Agent, DAC Builder, Copy Editor, Social Mediums & English/German Translator.
ABOUT ME (from:
ken Code is an efficiency expert, a driven COO, a man who sees the big picture and wastes no time in implementation. An Oregon native, ken is also a self-proclaimed "hippy at heart" yet is still 100% business, extremely motivated and is always inventing a new Tech product or better ways to operate.
While serving a 5 year enlistment in the US Navy and learning to code, ken also learned that it's not about "freeing" anyone, he feels it's quite the contrary. He did manage to do 2 world tours and then happily departed with his Honorable Discharge.
Introduced to computing in 1984 on the Quackintosh 128K with floppy drive and 1200 baud modem, ken is now a full stack Developer turned Maker. He served as CEO for Line9 Corp (an Oregon Corporation) for over 16 years. While business building there ken managed a globally distributed team of 37 IT employees and sub-contractors, managing the multi-million dollar investment. See also: Corporationwiki ( and my full bio (
If he's not Skyping with his Team or behind the screen coding, you'll find ken out with his 2 little girls, hiking, cycling, sailing, skydiving or enjoying kung fu. He's a huge advocate of Permaculture and living sustainably with less "stuff".
A humble activist for positive global change, ken is an unflinching and agile Team Leader, working diligently for human freedom. He feels that Blockchain and crypto-currency technology can be the much needed "peaceful awakening" as he calls it.
His motto: Analyze. Invent. Implement.
[!!] I have 20+ years of experience here. I know who to talk to. I know how to get them to contact ME. I also know when I’m being setup, and who NOT to talk to.
Setup interview on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin show called “Bitcoins and Gravy” (EP #64)
Conducted interview with The CoinTelegraph (with more interviews on the way!)
Please vote! bts:delegate.kencode/approve
Open wallet > Advanced > Console > approve delegate.kencode true

Creating open source (multi-lingual) Tri-fold Flyers, Business Cards & other materialsSetting up additional media interviews
  • Youtube channels, Soundcloud/Podcasts, related pro-decentralization/dpos news sites
  • I am closing 2 more as we speak; as of Apr 28, 2015
Translation services (from English into German)Syndicating the Flyers, Business Cards & BitShares TV videos (w/subtitles) to every CountryCopy Editor and maintenance of the Wiki’s (with @robrigo and @gamey)Spur sales-relevant, pro-BitShares conversations through news archiving & commentingConduct online Polls to help steer proper Dev directionRandom Github contributionsTech Support for users (+ I’m also a Faucet)Get the [BTS JOB BOARD] hoppin’ - Jobs that pay users to work for BTS!Peppering positivity around the forums (seems too many people fret over the cap/price)Activism - Introduce people to Decentralization (yes, I was homeless)Build the BitShares BRAND (see my bio above too), ie:Daily TweetsDisqus threadsG+ posts and personal stuffFinalize members of the Decentralized DNS Working Group (the DDNSWG so far consists of BitShares leading the joint venture, and 4 other crypto companies). I will post updates to the bts forum.Reddit (in the crypto-related, but less-trolled subs)
Boots on the Ground
Please vote! bts:delegate.kencode/approve
Open wallet > Advanced > Console > approve delegate.kencode true
BitShares DNS (DDNS Working Group)Panelist (with @fuzzy)
Point Of Sale (POS) systems sales/install/support (still in R&D phase, Bitsapphire; OneBit?)
Newsfeed RSS maintenance (with @jabbajabba)

Delegate Operation:
Jonathan (@DataSecurityNode, a long-time BitShares member) has agreed to run the delegate for me. Jonathan will charge USD 100.00 per month for his services. This includes hosting and server maintenance.

My monthly Delegate Reports will be filed here:
Side Note
I have to say, this has been the coolest “job” I’ve ever had. The people in this community exhibit so much professionalism, intelligence and forward thinking, even in the worst market cap phases. It’s a nice change from hangin’ in so many other forums that are chock full o’trolls.

I have been heavily investing in BTS and bitAssets for myself and my family. The harder I work, the more we’ll all make. If you haven’t personally invested in BTS or bitAssets, you’d better do it quick. To document my progress; as of Apr 28, 2015, Market Cap is €9,249,059 & price is €0.003692.
Thank You for reading this and rest assured, I won’t let you down.
My feet are in the same fire!
Please vote! bts:delegate.kencode/approve
Open wallet > Advanced > Console > approve delegate.kencode true

My contact info:
ken Code
81245 Munich, Germany
[email protected]
Skype: kenCode_de
G+ Hangouts:

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Please vote for my BitShares witness "cyrano" and for my STEEM witness "cyrano.witness"!
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Go for it, you have my vote.

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 +5% +5% will vote for this much needed new blood!

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You have my vote also... Sadly not so much worth anymore...Hope it is at least symbolically worthy...  | You are in Control | BUY | SELL | SHORT | SWAP | LOAN | TRADE |  

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Excellent OP

Added you to my Slate

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Like a bawss +5%  |  witness: roadscape

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Keep the votes coming!  +5%
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