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Given the debates on lowering fees, especially trading related fees, I decided to represent community members who want to lower trading fees.

My goal is to make BitShares DEX more trader-attracting exchange, which means low trading fees, high liquidity, and a reliable system. I would like to argue that the most important thing for use at the moment is attracting new users (normal traders) to our DEX.

Therefore, the following is my proposal:

1. Basic trading fee for this moment is 1 BTS (cancellation fee for basic member is 0.8 BTS) and cancellation fee is 0.1 BTS

2. Trading fee is not more than 2 cents. If BTS price is 2 cents, the trading fee is still 2 cents. However, if the BTS price is over 2 cents, trading fee is changed to 0.5 BTS until BTS price goes up to 4 cents. Same as the cancellation fee.

3. Transfer fee will be lowered to 10 cents. (20 BTS when BTS price is $0.005)
Edit: when BTS price is over 1 cents, I support 20 cents (20 BTS). But under 1 cent price, I support under 10 cents (20 BTS)

4. Registration fees will be halved (from 190 to 95 BTS)

The success of BitShares is closely related to the expansion of the ecosystem. We need more and more users now. High profitability is the next thing. If you agree with me, please support me. Committee member "clayop"

Disclaimer: Since I am an active witness, if there is other committee member who can replace my position, I  like to resign with pleasure.
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