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[Committee Proposal] chronos-youtube
« on: May 24, 2016, 07:26:20 pm »
First, let me introduce myself. I've been around Bitshares since late 2014, back when workers and witnesses were combined as "delegates", and we ran v0.9 as a desktop client. Then in the summer of 2015, I contracted directly for Cryptonomex for a couple months, doing UI work for the light wallet. I've always been fascinated by the tech behind Bitshares.

As a corollary to my work to produce Bitshares videos, I would be interested to take a volunteer position with the Bitshares committee.

As a committee member, my priorities are as follows:

  • Offer low transaction fees to attract consumers, merchants, and traders to the platform
  • Improve liquidity in the DEX, focusing on the BTS trading pairs against BitUSD, BitCNY, and BitBTC
  • Keep Lifetime Membership relevant by having certain network actions require it
  • Maintain network security by keeping witness pay at or above the cost of running a robust full node
  • Enact popular protocol changes that are shown to have super-majority support through worker role voting

Please cast your vote for chronos-youtube for committee member!

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Re: [Committee Proposal] chronos-youtube
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2016, 08:07:29 pm »
Hi cronos,

Do you hwve a plan to increase liquidity in dex, if so could you please talk about?

In my opinion i would even pay a market maker using a work proposal to bring great liquidity to dex....but i wouldnt extrapolate much more than 100k bts splitted around all workers so we could keep development, maintenance, low inflation, n wont hurt tbe market trowing a lot of bts on the market must be sustainable n focus on development n new features should be on what can bring profit to shareholder in the long run.

Would like to hear your plans for ltm n what your ideas about what can bring a increase in revenues n profit to shareholders

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Re: [Committee Proposal] chronos-youtube
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2016, 03:25:00 pm »
Hi [member=42425]bitsharesbrazil[/member], I don't have a specific plan that I would put forward, but it is a priority to me. Committee members are responsible for only a few network parameters, and liquidity subsidies would not fall under their jurisdiction. That would be the role of a worker proposal.

One change that I would consider as a committee member would be to require a LTM account for asset creation, but that idea would need more discussion.