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Hey Everyone -

It's been a few years since my last post and since I've been active in the BitShares community, but just wanted to drop in and say "hey" and see if I may be able to get some help around getting back up to speed with the latest happenings.  For those who don't know me - I've been around since the early days (was a miner of Protoshares).  For those who do know me, you may recall I was fascinated by distributed autonomous food production, so I actually spent the last couple of years going out and building that company (not blockchain based, but traditional VC-backed)  :D

I'm hoping this post may help others too that could have a similar situation. 

So, here's the facts of where I'm at: 
  • I have the 2.0 wallet and have it up and running and have access to my wallet
  • The last backup I have for my legacy wallet is from 2015  (it seems like there may have potentially been additional transactions since then that are not accounted for in that backup and that I don't have a backup for...)
  • After I "lookup balances" in 2.0, when I attempt to "Claim Balance" - I'm able to do so for all my accounts and assets, except for my BTS (I actually get a response that says: "Failed to broadcast the transaction: Missing Authority")
  • fwiw, BTS is the only asset in which I have both "unclaimed" and "unclaimed (vesting)" balances

I think what may be going on here is that I may need to sync the blockchain on my 0.9.3 and then export a fresh backup??

Following the migration guide:
  • ...I do have a new computer now then I had when I was running the BitShare GUI (MacOS) and just downloaded the legacy wallet (0.9.3)
  • I have a copy of the full blockchain (thanks to robrigo for helping out there)

And now I don't have any way to sync the blockchain - I believe the problem I'm running into is that I have no BitShares directory folder in:  library/application_support

IF that's the case - how would I properly create a new directory folder that I can drop the full chain into and sync?

Any thoughts or guidance here would be much appreciated and if there's another approach I should look into, let me know!

General Discussion / a16z interview with Alex Rampell
« on: October 06, 2015, 09:51:37 am »
Hi guys  :D

Dan - have you talked with Andreesen Horowitz?

Great podcast, I think you'd all enjoy it.

Muse/SoundDAC / Small Website Tweaks
« on: January 14, 2015, 10:03:37 pm »
Hello BitShares Music / Peertracks Team!

First off - just wanted to say great work on the website, looking great.

There's a few minor typos / adjustments I think would go a long ways:
  • **Sportify's** - should be Spotify's
  • **2700$** - usually formatted as: $2700
  • **Fermentum Dolor Magna Vestibulum Ornare Link.** - found under the "Artist Signup" button at the bottom of the form; appears to be Latin?... probably left over from the template

Only pointing these things out because I care.


An interesting Medium post I came across today.  Glad to see this type of thinking from Gen Z.

Andreas' explanation of a DAC, with example

(Linked directly to the time in the interview of Andreas explaining the concept of a [post singularity] DAC to Nikola Danaylov)

If link doesn't work because of ads, scroll to 35:16

General Discussion / Launch of Robinhood
« on: December 12, 2014, 06:21:29 pm »

With the launch of Robinhood - I think the questions should be asked: "What's the cypto equivalent?  And what can BitShares do to ensure its place?"

As millenials continue to work their way up in the work force,  become more sophisticated investors, I think it will be important in showing them there are alternatives to the traditional stock market as they begin to look for investment opportunities.

P.S. Their website is admirable and at level of fit & finish that I believe BitShares should strive to attain...

General Discussion / Thunderclap Campaign #2 - Development & Brainstorming
« on: December 10, 2014, 05:09:16 pm »
We're back at it again!  This post will be utilized to brainstorm and capture the development of our second Thunderclap Campaign.  We'll be applying everything we learned from The First Thunderclap Campaign

For those of you who don't know what a Thunderclap is:
Thunderclap is an application used to send out a unified message through multiple social media platforms at the exact same time - the "Thunderclap".  This is a social media marketing strategy that focuses on "social reach" - i.e. Friends on Facebook or Followers on Twitter. 

The goal is to solicit as many people as possible to support the campaign.  By supporting, the users allow the Thunderclap app to 'post on their behalf'.  Once the campaign is supported by at least 100%, the message will be deployed through all supporters to all of their friends and followers at the same time.

For those of you who don't know me:
My name is Brian Falther and I've been part of the BitShares community since very close to the beginning - I even mined PTS in bytemaster's Coyote Pool!  I'm passionate about BitShares and I'm here to put some energy towards the grassroots marketing efforts.  I'm also a member of Nullstreet - where the backend conversation for this campaign has been brewing for the past few weeks.

Any questions, please feel free to post here or shoot me a PM.  I'll continue to provide updates with where we're at in this process along with some requests for help, so stay tuned and follow along!

General Discussion / Thunderclap Campaign #2 - Headline Poll
« on: December 08, 2014, 05:22:41 pm »
Feel free to post alternative suggestions!

The concept and angle of approach for this social media campaign is to pitch the idea of "getting hired by the blockchain"

This poll will only be live 2 days, so get your vote in!

Muse/SoundDAC / Pharrell
« on: November 20, 2014, 05:14:10 pm »

I'd buy shares of Pharrell all day long if he continues to pump out sites like that!  Super creative.. I've never seen anything like it before.

Shout out to Robrigo for forwarding this keynote on to me:

Frankly, I think I default too much to: not giving the Winkelvoss brothers enough credit.  But I have to say, this slide deck is robust.

This particular presentation, has brought to my attention a better way to articulate the vision we've had for working on Future Tech Farm in which our goal is to eliminate all the uncreative tasks with regards to the most important global necessity, food.

Would love to here what people think about the presentation, thoughts on the Trade Singularity, or why the creative humans will win the day...

General Discussion / Google's 8 Innovation Principles
« on: November 10, 2014, 06:19:41 pm »
Just received Peter Diamandis' latest "Tech Blog" e-mail newsletter and thought you all might find it interesting.  Below is an excerpt outlining the 8 innovation principles of Google.  I believe these innovation principles have been [or will be] applied to the BitShares platform.  At the very least - a few ideals to stay cognizant of when developing a world-changing product...  ;)  What do you guys think?

Google's 8 innovation principles

The following principles are derived from a 2011 article by Google's SVP of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki.

  • Focus on the user: Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and many other successful entrepreneurs speak about the importance of building customer-centric businesses. Everything you do should solve a problem or fill a need for your "user."
  • Open will win: In a hyperconnected world with massive amounts of cognitive surplus, it's critical to be open, allow the crowd to help you innovate, and build on each other's ideas.
  • Ideas can come from everywhere: Ideas are everywhere these days, and tapping into the power of the crowd is the best way to succeed fast. This is the basis for XPRIZE itself – when you're looking for a breakthrough, turn to crowdsourcing for incredible ideas, insights, products and services.
  • Think big, but start small: This is the basis for Singularity University's 10^9+ thinking. You can start a company on Day 1 that affects a small group (with a minimally viable product), but aim to positively impact a billion people within a decade.
  • Never fail to fail: The importance of rapid iteration: Fail frequently, fail fast and fail forward.
  • Spark with imagination, fuel with data: Agility—nimbleness—is a key discriminator against the large and linear. And agility requires lots of access to new and often wild ideas and lots of good data to separate the worthwhile from the wooly. The most successful startups today are data-driven. They measure everything and use machine learning and algorithms to help them analyze that data to make decisions.
  • Be a platform: Look at the most successful companies getting billion-dollar valuations -- AirBnb, Uber, Instagram, Whatsapp -- they are the platform plays. Is yours?
  • Have a mission that matters: Does the company you're starting have a massively transformative purpose (MTP)? Passion is fundamental to forward progress, and having an MTP is absolutely necessary to keep you moving during the most difficult times, keep you focused and attract the best talent to your company.

Random Discussion / How to Start a Startup
« on: October 19, 2014, 10:52:12 pm »
For the entrepreneurially-minded around here, there is a Fantastic online (FREE) class going on right now through Stanford entitled: How to Start a Startup.  The class is CS183B and taught/coordinated by Y Combinator President, Sam Altman.

Here is the link.

Guest Lecturers include:
  • Peter Thiel
  • Dustin Moskovitz
  • Paul Graham
  • Marc Andreesen
  • Marissa Mayer
  • ...and many more incredible entrepreneurs

There are some awesome lectures (I've watched 6 so far) about growth and marketing that would definitely apply to BitShares.


General Discussion / Zero To One, by Peter Thiel
« on: September 22, 2014, 01:40:49 pm »
I was pondering if this should be posted in random, but I'll start it here for higher visibility... (mods, feel free to move)

Just finished reading "Zero To One" over the weekend.  I'd highly suggest it for anyone interested in how billionaires think, how BitShares nails all 7 questions that need to be answered in order to change the world, and if you've been looking for a clear articulation for why this project (and others like it) will revolutionize business in the future.  There's a plethora of strategies and truly thought-provoking questions that I know I'll be personally working on developing answers for.  Pretty quick read - only took about 4 hours.

...Do you believe in secrets?  I do.

General Discussion / [DAC Proposal] Future Tech Farm
« on: September 17, 2014, 12:12:39 am »
Original discussion initiated here:

Future Tech Farm is a decentralized autonomous food production platform.  This will be one of the first DACs implemented for the production of physical goods, focusing on fresh produce.

Co-founded by Brian Falther & Austin Lawrence

Currently in team build out phase to initiate research & development.

Original Post content:

2020: A Call For DApps & DAO's


Hey guys,

We're writing to share with you our vision of how we see the future, and where we see this decentralized application industry taking us. With the 2020: A Call For DApps & DAO's - we lay out where we see these companies going, and what we believe will foster development, growth, and adoption of this technology as a whole.


Hey Tom!  Welcome to the BitShares community  :)

I'll take this opportunity to share my vision of a DAC I've been working on.

My name is Brian Falther and I believe from now through the next couple of decades, we're going to see the emergence of DACs for the production of physical items.  I think one way to think about it could be "the internet of things 2.0" or what I've been referring to in conversations with close friends as "the blockchain of things" movement (...there's already evidence that others are thinking about this too - IBM's proposed Adept platform).  I'm super excited to see the 'physical infrastructure' section on your blog post!

The DAC we're working on is a decentralized autonomous food production platform called Future Tech Farm.  This analogy is still fresh, so let me know if it makes sense: it's like Uber, but for farming.  We want to build a platform where anyone can be a farmer without any geographic, or knowledge-based prerequisites.  Our goal is to enable anyone to grow food for themselves, their family, and properly incentivize them to grow for others too.  Imagine hyper-local produce delivered via drones to your doorstep for less than what you'd pay at Walmart with higher quality than what you'd find at Whole Foods.  We believe this is the point in history where farming will follow what the computer industry did in the 50's & 60's; from large mainframes with umbilical-corded terminals to PCs... same analogy for farming.  This is the first time in history its becoming technologically and economically feasible.

The concept is based upon this fact I believe to be true:  If food production existed solely on technology (which is developing at an exponential rate and eliminates all uncontrolled variables, like weather); the cost of growing food will be that of electricity.  If anyone else is a Singularitist like myself, you'd agree with the hypothesis of the law of accelerating returns which will enable the cost of electricity to continually approach zero until it's too cheap to meter. 

Here's the end game: What would the world be like if food were essentially free and required no human labor inputs?  My hypothesis is there will be a massive amount of cognitive surplus to work on developing creativity-based solutions (something computer don't quite do well yet...).  People would have the opportunity to work on what they want to do, not work a job they don't like because they HAVE to, in order to put food on the table...     

Not everyone will agree with me but I believe farming to be one of the most broken industries in existence today.  The vast majority of food isn't being grown for taste or nutrition anymore - it's being grown to travel (at the unnecessary expense of precious resources).   

I'd be happy to go into further detail about the platform may potentially operate, but the basics are as follows:
  • People will autonomously grow their own fresh produce in a home grow system (size will range from 'desktop' to scalable, modular & expandable systems the size of large rooms or a basement)
  • Each personal home grow system will be outfitted with a sensory system collecting data from every variable needed to grow
  • Every node will be connected to each other and each node on the network will be constantly striving to be as efficient as the most efficient node in the network (a machine learning neural network with a positive feedback loop)
  • Monetization, incentives, & tracking/security of the food produced will be logged with blockchains

The UX would be something like an Amazon Fresh front end and food would be delivered to (or harvested directly at) your living space, exactly when you need it.

After searching for over 2 years on how this system may be able to monitor and track the network at scale, AND has the ability to monetize & incentivize the bootstrapping of the network; I landed on bitcoin and blockchain technology. ...As a technologically objective engineer - I quickly found my way to the BitShares community and the rest - is history [in the making]  ;D.  Much like BitShares, we're looking to create an industry that solves problems for billions of people.  Over the next 3-5 years, we'll be engineering the initial hardware development for the grow systems and bootstrap the development of the network to bring it online.  I imagine many many opportunities for embedded systems startups to work in the space. 

My background is Mechanical Engineering, my co-founder is also a mechanical engineer currently working on his Master's in Robotics at Northwestern.  We're in the active mode of putting together a world-class team to begin operating in stealth.  There isn't a doubt in my mind that BitShares (both the technology and the community) will play a very large role in realizing this vision.  If you'd like to learn more about myself, my co-founder and our progress over the past few years, check out:  There are a couple of videos of public pitches we've made, along with some of the details from our early investors & pre-seed funding.  We're working on building out the roadmap for our seed round of funding now.  I would love to initiate conversation about working with the BitShares community, and core dev team, to do so through the BitShares ecosystem within the next year.  Any questions - feel free to send me a PM, e-mail (contact info on website), or shoot a tweet to @brianfalther or @futuretechfarm. I'd also be more than happy to chat on Google Hangout, Skype, or the BitShares mumble server.

To give you an idea with where we're at now, the most recent development for FTF is with regards to continuing the next phase build out of our team.  I'm a big fan of Peter Diamandis and the work he has done.  Peter has developed a mastermind group of entrepreneurs and exponential thinkers from all over the world who meet each year in January to discuss emerging technologies and philosophies that will change the world as we know it.  The name of this group is called Abundance 360 (here's the website: - Apply! I'm sure many of you would also be a great fit).  I sent in my application a few weeks back, went through an interview last week, and was accepted.  I don't personally have the money to pay for the membership and make the trip, but will be crowdfunding my way there (keep an eye out in the near future... I'll be looking for sponsors!)  I know if I can get in front of Peter and his network of insane connections; we'll be able to put together the dream team needed to make this a reality.  There's also the added benefit of this year's summit having a module & discussion based entirely on bitcoin and blockchain tech - I'm SURE I can get in front of a crowd and speak about BitShares.

Peter was kind enough to make a personalized response to me too!

If this resonates with anyone and you're interested in working with us - let me know!  My co-founder and I would love to have a conversation with you (we meet online weekly on Tuesdays at 8pm eastern - we'd be happy for you to jump into our hangout and chat about ideas and progress; BYOB)

Tom - if you'd be willing to cover what we're working on through Koinify, give me a shout! 


TLDR; Robots, autonomously growing food for the whole world, based on blockchain tech.

General Discussion / iPhone 6 Release - NFC Hardware
« on: September 09, 2014, 05:51:02 pm »
Anyone ready to start working on an app for NFC bitUSD payment?!

...could be a real Apple Pay killer ;-)

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