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General Discussion / SportsDAC
« on: December 02, 2013, 03:43:05 am »
Had a million ideas of late, here's another one I thought I'd put out there and will possibly see if there is a certain crypto-currency we might be able to use to gauge the value of this idea (1:1 payout for PTS holders, as I feel it should be).

Basically the concept is to implement a DAC for sports. The idea is still pretty raw at this stage as I just blurted it out at my friends the other night whilst watching the football. People would create different games derived from the Sports DAC that can be viewed by all people through an interface of some kind. The shareholders of the DAC would receive dividends from the transmission fees from end users accessing the content. The twist will be that all the "players" of a game will be DAC's as well. They would be rewarded for completing certain objectives (scoring a goal, completing X amount of the total playing time etc) which is also derived from the transmission fees of viewers. This would also allow other people to own shares in sports athletes and gain a percentage of their winnings from completing the aforementioned objectives. I think this would ad quite a twist to sport and would possibly lead to the development of new sports which aim to increase their viewership through the use of the DAC technology (being able to own players will certainly add a twist and could lead to many unthought of gaming ideas).

I have been thinking it could be derived from ProtoMediaShares (which will credit PTS @ 1:1) as it would require the ability to share the live video in a decentralised manner (which this ProtoDAC's grandchildren will likely/hopefully address) plus possibly others by the time this idea is likely to take off (could have integrated betting in the interface for instance which is linked to a Gamble DAC). That being the case all DAC's that have provided technology for this DAC would be credited so for example ProtoMediaShares holders might receive a 1/2 a share for every share they hold, Gamble DAC holder 1/2 a share for every share they hold then an additional amount for other people to purchase would be created in the genisis block (probably just twice the amount paid to honoured DAC's).

As I said this is a raw idea, I haven't actually written anything other then this down yet (unlike other plans) so I haven't thought of all the flaws and what not, just trying to get more ideas out there to help others get things moving. Further suggestions would be greatly welcome (as long as you don't send me mad by trying to convince that something is decentralised when it is not!).

General Discussion / ProtoMediaShares
« on: November 22, 2013, 05:28:05 am »
Largely based on various ideas that have been thrown around, I decided it would be best to implement a ProtoMediaShare with the following objectives:

•   Prove DAC’s (Decentralized Autonomous Corporations) can be implemented successfully
•   Decentralize distribution of all forms of media including but not limited to news, movies, music and books
•   Create a viable way for people to make money from non-tangible goods such as text, video and audio via mass distribution whilst making the cost free for the end user
•   Remove all censorship of media
•   Allow for people to submit content anonymously
•   Allow for people to view content anonymously
•   Encourage the highest quality of content possible through market mechanisms

This thread started from the OP below but I decided to make it the home on here for this particular project. I encourage everyone to throw ideas around, I'll give ample warning for any developments and with the nature of DAC's anyone who follows can get in early. Ideally I would like to see this project forked into more specific DAC's that focus on a particular media (Australian News DAC or African Gospel Music for example) and as far as I can tell there will be hundreds of ways to do so.

Feel free to pm or ask questions in here, I won't have all the answers, but that's the point. We can all work together to get to our common goal.

I was reading in the religion DAC thread about bittunes. I'm just curious as to weather invictus or anyone else has approached this organisation about the idea of forking from Protoshares? If not I guess that leaves the idea available for implementation?

Also, could this and the APDAC possibly be formed from a more "primitive" DAC simply called "Media" which works on the ideas already expressed but just lays the ground work for the distribution and payment to investors/writers/artists?

Then you could form from the Media DAC a DAC for music, A DAC for news, A DAC for books etc. etc.

Sorry if none of that made sense, my brain has about a million thoughts right now haha!

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