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Technical Support / Invested a while ago, been out of the loop for years.
« on: February 01, 2018, 08:15:35 am »
I was looking through my emails regarding cryptocurrencies to see if there were assets that I had forgotten about. I found a draft with my Keyhotee brain-key as well as my Keyhotee founder's ID confirmation ($200-$250 investment for that if I remember correctly). Is there fruit to bear?

Technical Support / Keyhotee ID Invalid Trying To Import To BitsharesX
« on: August 19, 2014, 03:04:47 am »
Alright I've been away waiting on the development of Keyhotee, but it looks like BitsharesX got here first. I just got the wallet and it is asking me to make an account, so I enter "justhayden" as my account name, and it says that username is already in the blockchain. I'm not sure if someone randomly chose my username as their own, or mine is already in there because I am a Keyhotee Founder.

Which one is it and what should I do, since my Keyhotee ID is "Justayden".

Figured it out but I'm being told "justhayden" is not a valid Keyhotee name...

General Discussion / Very Confused
« on: April 25, 2014, 03:04:36 am »
So last year when I discovered Keyhotee, I decided to invest in a Founders identity with the promise of shares in other DACs. As development has gone on however, when things should get simpler and simpler, things just get more complicated. I'm not a tech savy kind of guy when it comes to developments such as these, but I saw a ton of potential so I got on board. Now with all these new DACs coming around it seems Keyhotee is getting buried, BTSX and AGS claims for Keyhotee founds are getting knotted with these other DACs and it's all very confusing for me.

The domain has changed to but and are still around with no confirmations weather or not they still belong to 3i, and what their uses are, which also confuses me.

What I'm basically saying here is I put money into this and I am not able to see where my investment is going (mainly because everything is broken down into development stages), and no signs of dividends are in sight. I did not use PTS so all I have to go on is my Founders ID.

I'd appreciate if someone could simplify, and solve the concern I'm having.

General Discussion / Been away for a while, status update?
« on: February 24, 2014, 02:10:04 am »
Hey I've been away from the forums for a while and was wondering whats new? Bitshares X release date, ETA for Keyhotee new features...etc. I'm a Founder so I think I'm supposed to get a % of Bitshares/Angelshares when they're released, but not sure how to get my hands on them or where to get the wallets...etc

General Discussion / Bitshare Website
« on: December 23, 2013, 10:30:12 pm »
I just stumbled across this website thought I'd share it here due to the similarity in names lol. I hope Bitshares and this website can co-exist in peace and not confuse anyone...

Marketplace / [WTB] 7.8 PTS For 0.08 BTC
« on: December 10, 2013, 11:25:01 pm »
Title says it all Will not go first unless your a very trusted exchanger. (These PTS is going into Keyhotee ID)

Marketplace / Need 7.77 PTS WILLING TO DO ANYTHING
« on: December 10, 2013, 10:42:45 pm »
So a week before LTC jumped up in price I purchased 38.5 LTC for $175 ($4.60 ea) from a guy on another forum, who was seemingly trustworthy. I got scammed and missed out on $1500 because of it. I then discovered Keyhotee and protoshares, wanting to get a founders ID for Keyhotee, I started mining PTS. I was only able to mine 2.3 PTS before I realized the difficulty and my hardware weren't good enough for me to reach the 10 PTS in time for the dec 24th deadline. The only other option I have is to just buy these PTS, and I would do it in a heart beat too, except I don't have enough money. I have $310 loaned to my parents, $350 loaned to my friend, $100 loaned to my cousin, none of them can pay me back in time, leaving me with $100 to my name atm. I'm looking for a job right now but even if I started yesterday, I wouldn't get my first pay check until it's too late, and using Christmas money wouldn't be helpful either. The only money I have is in my 10 NMC, which if I sell I still won't have enough for the remaining PTS I need to hit 10.

If you have something for me to do that can earn me 7.77 PTS I'll be very greatful, and if you decide to just give me them I WILL pay you back in the new year, or if NMC jumps up 50%.

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