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BitShares PTS / PTS withdrawal disabled at Bter
« on: August 22, 2014, 11:13:31 am »

I am having trouble withdrawing PTS from Bter.  Here is what happened. I deposited some BTSX on Bter to sell it since it was going way up and wanted to buy some PTS since it was going down.  I sold some BTSX when it hit 4149 satoshi/BTSX and sold more BTSX again earlier this morning when it hit 5200+ satoshi/BTSX for a profit.  I used the proceeds to buy PTS since it dropped after the snapshot.  I wanted to withdraw the PTS that bought on Bter in order to put it in my wallet but when I tried to withdraw my PTS from Bter, I got a message saying "PTS withdrawal disabled". 

I wanted to know if anyone had any problems withdrawing PTS from Bter and if anyone knew when PTS withdrawal will be back up.  I wonder if it had anything to do with the recent snapshot.  I had not had any trouble when I withdraw some PTS that I bought on 8-20-2014 but did today.  Thank you. 

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