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General Discussion / Sharebits is back! Well almost.
« on: June 28, 2016, 09:40:11 am »
Hi guys,

The sharebits team is trying to revive Sharebits.  It has taken awhile because it has not been possible to get any help nor documentation of it.  But behind the scene, we are working hard to get it up and growing again.  Thanks to Fuzzy and Ronny who relentlessly want to make it happen. 

The Sharebit dashboard (temporary located at is up and we are now testing the Bitshares forum tipping fuctionalities.  We need you guys to help test it out. 

Please post your result in this thread, whether working or not, and your feedback!

Edit : We are in the middle of changing it to  It is temporary unavailble until the transition is completed.

Edit: Sharebits is now 
The strange object-id-bug or invalid-UIA-bug should be fixed.   We are proceeding with further tests.

Muse/SoundDAC / MUSE Telegram Group
« on: February 24, 2016, 03:36:52 am »
We have a new MUSE Slack (by riverhead), we have a MUSE Telegram group too

You are invited!

The  committee is about to transfer the bitassets collected by the fee pool to a separate account called committee-trade to sell them for bts. 

However, we met a potential security bug and require your input to a poll here -,21348.msg277523.html#msg277523

A summary of the points:

"This bug does not increase the risk of having these funds stolen while they are being traded.  This would require that of bhuz, bitcube, abit, xeroc, and myself three of us colluded together to steal these funds."

"It does however

1) increase the chance that the account can be stolen. 
2) It effectively removes the ability of the committee to add or remove active authorizations (ie other committee members) to the account.  This instead needs to be done by the existing active authorities until this bug is fixed. "

ps: I am posting a new thread here because of a low turn out so far.  Please let us know your view soon.

The Bitshares Community has made history today. 

Not only did it elect its Committee Members successfully, it becomes the first Bitcoin 2.0 blockchain to have its proposal (proposal code 1.10.15) passed - unanimously by all its members (excluding the non-human inits)!

This is a significant moment for all of us. 

Congratulations everyone!  It is time to celebrate!

Thank you bytemaster and team for making our dream come true.   :)

General Discussion / Growing Bitshares and discussing its fee structure
« on: November 16, 2015, 04:35:51 am »
I am in support of all business strategies that can promote the growth of Bitshares and our community. 

A main Bitshares product is a stable crypto-currency called bitUSD (together with bitCNY, bitEur etc).  Unfortunately, it is not working now because of low liquidity.  Some people have attributed the low liquidity to the lack of trading bots which could be because of the lack of API, while others said the traders are being driven away due to high trading and order fees.  I believe both are contributing factors.  I think lowering trading and order fees is a good start to build up liquidity. And if our traders, who are our existing customers, are suffering from the high fees, we need to work on relieving their pain area. We not only want to keep our existing customers (traders) happy but to grow the pie.  Our trading and order fees have to be competitively priced against the well established centralised exchanges.  And until such time that our liquidity overtakes them, we need to keep this competitive pricing.

With regards to transfer fees, it is a more complicated matter to consider.  Bitshares is a late comer to the industry as compared with Bitcoin.  Bitcoin is a competitor of ours in term of the merchant/payment market.  It is wider known and it has a large user base while Bitshares is almost 'non-existence' comparatively.  However, Bitshares has a new business model which is beyond what Bitcoin can offer.  It created a well-defined referrer system to attract and reward marketers and referrers.  The referrer programme is our competitive advantage.

At this early stage of establishing a foothold, Bitshares needs and is building a group of marketers and referrers to reach out to the untapped markets.  We have a few referrers now, with fav and jakub better known but I believe there are many others building up their referrer plans and executing them behind the scene. These referrers have already put in lots of effort and time to build up their referrer businesses.  In time to come, they will bring in new users and transactions to the bts2 network.  There is a potential that this strategy can bring in much more businesses than our competitors.  So for now, I like to see the transfer fee stay - as a way to pay for our marketers' and referrers' time and effort, and to incentivise them to bootstrap a user-base that we need desperately.

Please share your thoughts and comments.

Stakeholder Proposals / Committee: bitcube
« on: October 28, 2015, 04:08:26 am »
I am stepping up as a committee member in response to BM's call for the community to take up a more active role in BTS2 decision making.

We are entering an exciting new era when we the community can actually vote and make a significant impact on the development and growth of BTS2.  There is a ground movement happening with a few members actively discussing and wanting positive changes to bitshares.  I like to become part of this special movement and I support the following causes:

1) Lowering of account registration fee back to 95bts.
2) Lowering of trading fee back to 10bts and cost of 8bts for non-filled orders.  I weigh the needed cost for the network to support open trade positions + anti-spamming versus the burden on the traders, especially the 'small' traders.  We need to strike a balance here.

As I am a witness too, I shall refrain from voting on any matters relating to witnesses eg witness pay.  This would avoid a conflict of interests.  I am serving this role temporary until the community deems it is no longer necessary.

Please vote for committee member bitcube.

At the cli-wallet, type this command after unlocking the wallet:

Code: [Select]
vote_for_committee_member youraccount  bitcube true true

General Discussion / Graphene Load Tests with Real World Scenarios
« on: October 06, 2015, 10:20:06 am »
Hi guys

This is a follow up on Akado's and puppies' ideas on Graphene load testing with real-world scenarios.  (See,18337.0.html)

After some research, I discovered Jmeter is a suitable load testing tool for our needs and requirements. (Why Jmeter? See  I went on to develop the Jmeter plugin for Graphene with some good advice from xeroc.

Here is what you can do with Graphene Jmeter plugin:-

1) Load testing with user accounts creation.  You can prepare a list of dummy user accounts in a comma-separated-value (CSV) file or in a database such as mysql and mssqlserver

2) Load testing with user fund transfer.  Again, you can prepare a list of user accounts in a CSV file.

More functionalities can be developed at a later date.

Here is how you can use it:-

1) Download Jmeter -

2) Make sure you have the latest Java - 1.8  -

3) Unpack Jmeter into a folder - say d:\jmeter

4) Download Graphene Jmeter plugin -

5) Unpack the jar files from into d:\jmeter\lib\ext

6) Unpack the sample Graphene Load Test Plan.jmx file and two CSV files from into d:\jmeter

7) Run Jmeter with d:\jmeter\bin\jmeter.bat

8-) When jmeter is running, load the sample Graphene Load Test Plan.jmx

9) Go to Create Account Sampler to configure the Host name/ip and port number.  Point it to your testnet cli-wallet websocket port (Note: NOT http port)

10) Go to the Create Account Test to set the number of threads (aka number of virtual users using the system). Set the ramp-up time higher if you are seeing empty responses from the wallet.

11) Edit the file createaccounts.csv file to pump up the dummy user accounts.  Graphene tester will use this information to create the dummy accounts.

12) Click the 'Play' (green) button to start the load tests.

13) You can view the load test results in the 'View Result Tree'. 

14) You can add other listeners to view statistics in visual charts and graphs.

Load testing requires a lot of COREs (the currency used in testnet).  Make sure you have plenty of them.  You get CORE once you imported your bts 0.9x wallets.

@bytemaster @Akado @puppies
Are such test plans what you have in mind?

Please feel free to comment.

General Discussion / Test Net for MS Windows-based users
« on: September 05, 2015, 07:40:59 pm »
Some users are asking for a Windows version of the graphene test net. I have uploaded a copy here

You would need to install the Microsoft redistributable from below before running the witness_node and cli_wallet.

Have fun! :)

Edit: Added brief instruction

The following will only work on MS Windows 64bit computers (tested on Windows 8).

There are two command-line programs that need to be

Installation of Microsft Re-distributables

Download and install vcredist_x64.exe from

Download Graphene test programs and testnet genesis file


Create a folder called 'c:\graphene'

Extract out the two command-line programs, cli-wallet.exe and witness_node.exe into this folder

Download genesis file with a web browser
Code: [Select]

Open a Command-Prompt Window for witness_node.exe. Run it as an observer first.

CD to c:\graphene and run the witness node program - witness_node.exe

Code: [Select]
witness_node.exe --rpc-endpoint ""  --genesis-json aug-31-testnet-genesis.json -d testnet -s "" -s "" -s "" -s "" 

-d parameter is for the directory you want the witness data to be stored
-s is the node you want to connect

Retrieve your wif keys for user and balances as per xeroc's instructions

Go to your old bitshares wallet 0.9.x to retrieve your old bts keys. Skip this step if you intend to create a new account in graphene.

Get your owner private key. Copy down.
Code: [Select]
wallet_dump_account_private_key bitcube "owner_key"
Get your balance public keys for your owner key. There is a number of it.  Copy down.
Code: [Select]

>wallet_account_balance_ids  bitcube

>blockchain_get_balance BTS---------------------------------A

  "condition": {
    "asset_id": 39,
    "slate_id": 0,
    "type": "withdraw_signature_type",
    "data": {
      "owner": "BTS---------------------------------balanceA",

Get private key for each of the balance keys. Copy down.
Code: [Select]
wallet_dump_private_key BTS---------------------------------balanceA

With the owner private key and its balance private keys, you are ready to import them into the new graphene wallet.

Open a new Command-Prompt Window for cli_wallet.exe

CD to c:\graphene and run the wallet program - cli_wallet.exe

Code: [Select]
cli_wallet.exe -w testwallet  --chain-id d011922587473757011118587f93afcc314fbaea094fc1055574721b27975083
-w is your directory wallet

Setup witness as per xerocs instructions
Remember to copy your keys, witness id.

Set password to your wallet.
Code: [Select]
new >>> set_password <password>
locked >>> unlock <password>
unlocked >>>

Import old bts keys into your wallet.  You will be importing your owner key and its balance keys.

[Note: You can still participate in the test without this step by creating a new account. ]

Code: [Select]
>import_key bitcube 5Jxxxaaewaewaewae  true

113816ms th_a       wallet.cpp:666                save_wallet_file     ] saving wallet to file testwallet
113817ms th_a       wallet.cpp:425                copy_wallet_file     ] backing up wallet testwallet to after-import-key-7671dc37.wallet

>import_balance bitcube [5JpkL5gxxxaweaweaweaweawef] true
1300892ms th_a       wallet.cpp:2805               import_balance       ] balances:

Remember to wait for the blockchain to sync before importing your keys into this new wallet.  Type the command 'info' in your wallet to find out if you are synced.
Code: [Select]
  "head_block_num": 79157,
  "head_block_id": "00013535c26d36de4378fd2427750b80bd334b17",
  "head_block_age": "3 seconds old",

Code: [Select]
    "id": "1.2.8112",
    "annotations": [],
    "membership_expiration_date": "1969-12-31T23:59:59",
    "registrar": "1.2.8112",
    "referrer": "1.2.8112",
    "lifetime_referrer": "1.2.8112",
    "network_fee_percentage": 2000,
    "lifetime_referrer_fee_percentage": 8000,
    "referrer_rewards_percentage": 0,
    "name": "bitcube",
    "owner": {
      "weight_threshold": 1,
      "account_auths": [],
      "key_auths": [[

Find out your witness id (in this example, '1.6.624') and its public-private key pair.
Code: [Select]
>>> get_witness bitcube
get_witness bitcube
  "id": "1.6.624",
  "witness_account": "1.2.8112",
  "last_aslot": 0,
  "signing_key": "GPH-------------------------------------------------sn",
  "vote_id": "1:623",
  "total_votes": "64885994140",
  "url": ""

>>> dump_private_keys

GPH-------------------------------------------------sn is the public key and 5JN-------------------------------------------------------------------------pp is the private key to the witness.

Tell the world your witness id so that they can vote you in.

[Note: you need to wait for a maintenance period to be voted in.]

Go back to your witness node Command-Prompt Window. Re-run it as a witness now.
Exit your witness by ctrl c

Re-run witness_node.exe with additional parameters so that you can start block production (Note: your witness id and public-private key pair will be used here)

Code: [Select]
witness_node.exe --rpc-endpoint ""  --genesis-json aug-31-test-genesis.json -d testnet -s "" -s "" -s "" -s ""   --witness-id '"1.6.624"' --private-key '["GPH-------------------------------------------------sn","5JN-------------------------------------------------------------------------pp"]'
Alternatively, you can add the same information (your witness id and public-private key pair) to the config.ini file. By doing this, you do not need to run witness_node.exe with the additional parameters.

Code: [Select]
cd c:\graphene\testnet
notepad config.ini

Add these two lines, save and exit

witness-id = "1.6.624"
private-key= ["GPH-------------------------------------------------sn","5JN-------------------------------------------------------------------------pp"]

cd c:\graphene
witness_node.exe --rpc-endpoint ""  --genesis-json aug-31-test-genesis.json -d testnet -s "" -s "" -s "" -s ""

As your witness_node.exe runs, it will produce messages showing the status.

Is there?

General Discussion / Peter Todd about privacy
« on: March 25, 2015, 04:43:12 pm »

Peter: "We're going to find out the hard way that Bitcoin will get outcompeted by currencies like Monero and Zerocash if we don't act to get better anonymity and privacy into Bitcoin itself."

TITAN is useful. :)

General Discussion / BTS 0.8.1 is forking
« on: March 25, 2015, 09:48:00 am »
About 25% delegates are affected by it.  My delegate went into a folked chain.  Can the devs look into it?

General Discussion / Darkcoin rebranding
« on: March 21, 2015, 07:58:34 am »
Darkcoin has overtaken (temporary?) BitShares in coinmarketcap.

General Discussion / Yunbi's two delegates back at the top
« on: March 18, 2015, 11:24:38 am »
Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

1) First started with :

2) Bter revealed:

3) Bter announcement in weibo -


In short:
"Hackers made use of the time we were restocking our hot wallet from cold wallet. They stole all the BTC from the Bter's cold wallet."

4) How can a cold wallet be compromised? A user commented on bct:
Hacking a properly created cold wallet is impossible however it may not have been a properly created cold wallet
a) the wallet may have been created using compromised software (given how long the wallet has existed this is unlikely)
b) the randomly generated keys in the wallet may have had poor entropy (also unlikely)
c) the wallet was compromised due to poor signing with repeat k values (unlikely but can be verified from transaction history)
d) despite the company calling it a 'cold wallet' is wasn't a cold wallet* at all and was compromised just as any other hot wallet would be
e) someone (most likely an employee) with physical access to the cold wallet data file stole the coins

* A 'cold wallet' would be a private key or keys created by an offline machine and the private keys are never used on a machine that is or has been connected to the internet.  Signing of transactions should be done offline as well.  If you create a 'cold wallet' and then move it to a computer which is connected to the internet then it is no longer a cold wallet. 

5) Track the fund flow here

6) Community discussing a deal to buy Bter

7) Bter CEO Han Lin interviewed by yang yang news agency. Interview conducted in Chinese.

In the interview, Han Lin mentioned he is the only person holding the key to cold wallet.

During the latest telephone interview with Bter CEO Han Lin, he said that this 7000+ BTC is all of their BTC cold storage reserve, now they end up with 200 BTC in their other hot wallet atm. Also he commented the hacker has been very professional, so it's hard to trace him and reclaim the lost fund.

Right now they still have no idea what method the hacker used to hack, as a result they still suspend all altcoin wallets because they don't want to risk it.

8-) Bter has resumed operation on 21 Feb 2015. They are preparing to release CNY, USD and NXT withdrawal.

9)  From bter website:


We're tracking the hacker with the help of some platforms , it will be hard , but we'll try . We're working with multiple parties to compensate our users by any viable means . Even if we couldn't recover the funds , we'll be preparing a plan to pay back with the full amount . We'll be enabling CNY withdraw soon . Thanks again for your encourage and support . "

10) CNY and USD withdrawal enabled on Bter

Bter is tracking down the thief who used a mixer to hide his stolen coins.

From Bter -

"Please help us to get touch with the BitcoinFog ( ,http://foggeddriztrcar2.onion ) operator. Email us at: [email protected]"
Modify message

11) Bter says:


"There is a rumour saying 'bter has sold its domain name for USD10,000'. If you think about it, it is a stupid rumour. We have recently actively handled millions of CNY and USD withdrawals, with a minimum withdrawal lowered to 1 yuan. We ensure withdrawal clearance for all properly-completed forms within 24 hours. How could we sell our name for just USD10 grand and run away? CNY withdrawal has been smooth. We will handled virtual currencies soon."

Bter's announcement in English :

"We have handled a large volume of CNY and USD withdrawals and we are going to handle the altcoins in the next step."

12) NXT assets (SuperNET, etc.) withdrawal enabled

13) Bter: "我们决定与合作伙伴一起重构比特儿后台,彻底解决虚拟币钱包安全问题,重启比特儿运营,提供更多功能更好的服务,偿还用户损失。更多细节很快发布,真心感谢您的支持。"

We decided to work with our partners to rebuild the backend platform, completely resolve the wallet issue, reactivate bter operation. We would provide more features with better services, repair users' losses. More details to come. Sincerely, thank you for your support.

Bter: "We have decided to rebuild BTER's backend, completely solve the wallets security issue and re-enable all the tradings."

14) Bter: "Sorry for the long wait. We will solve the security issue completely and get all altcoins online and enable the withdrawals in a week."

15) Bter: We are deploying our new trading system with the safest ever cold wallet solution. we will finish it in 24-48 hours.

16) Bter: "患难见真情,感谢宝二爷在BTER最需要支持的时刻无畏非议来访BTER,也感谢所有通过各种方式一直支持我们的朋友,我们将重新站起来并走的更远"

"A friend in need is a friend indeed. Thanks to Bao who braved against all negative publicity to visit us and in a time when Bter needs support most. Thanks to friends of Bter who support us through various channels/methods.  We will stand again and we will travel far."

Bter's friend: "比特儿创始人韩林 创办比特儿两年来 经历过各种风风雨雨 7000币被盗事件属实 平台是目前还是世界最大的二代币平台 拥有海外注册用户9万人 国内注册用户13万人 其中大量用户希望其继续努力 不要倒下! "

"Bter's founder Han Lin developed Bter these two years when through a lot of obstacles and difficulties. The case of 7000 coins stolen is real. Bter is still the world Number Two virtual currency exchange. It has 90,000 foreign registered users and 130000 local users. Most users hope Bter can continue to work hard. Do not fall!"

17) JUA: "JUA聚啊可以为比特儿提供企业级的理财方案,希望比特儿早日重新站起来!"

"JUA can help Bter with enterprise level financial management. Hope Bter make a come back soon!"

18 ) Bter: "我们正在部署全新的交易系统,100%冷钱包资金托管,彻底解决资金安全问题。更快的交易引擎,更友好的界面,更多的功能,预计24-48小时完成,敬请期待,感谢您的支持!"

We are implementing an all-new exchange system. 100% cold wallet trust held. Completely take care of fund safety. Faster exchange engine. More user-friendly interface. More features. Estimate 24-48 hours complete. We seek your patience. Thank you for your support!

19) Bter: "The trading will be enabled soon. Please do double check your balances and the price in your existing orders."

20) Bter: "The previous BTC balance has been moved to BTC-B which will be used as the reference for 100% compensating our user's BTC loss."

21) Bter: "我们将在24小时内开放交易系统,请务必检查您的帐号资金和您的订单。市场已经发生变化,请务必检查您之前所下有效订单的价格,如与您当前期望不符,可立即取消订单。用户之前BTC余额已经转移到 BTC_B(BTC Pending)存储,我们将此作为归还用户之前BTC的依据,归还方案很快发布。"

We will be opening the exchange within 24 hours. Please check your balance and orders. There are changes in the market, please check your order prices. If the prices do not seems right, you may cancel order. Users' BTC balance has been moved to "BTC_B(BTC Pending)". We will use it as a basis for returning BTC. Detailing on the BTC returning will be announced soon.

22) Bter : "Darkcoin's CNY market has been opened at , deposit at … , withdraw at …"

23) Bter: "No trading FEE in all BTER's markets for one month to thank all of you for your support !"

24) Bter: "Continue to operate and pay back to users.Check the details and the payback plan at "

ie Bter's compensation plan to lost btc users.

25) Bter: "500 BTC  has been distributed to support the existing orders and another 500 BTC has been distributed to all users' balances based BTC_B."

26) Bter: "首批1000BTC已经下发到用户帐号,其中500BTC用于支持已有订单,500BTC按照用户BTC_B比例已经分发给受影响的用户。以后我们将持续为受影响用户分发BTC,尽最大努力和最快速度完成100%用户损失补偿。完成补偿后受影响用户还将额外分享BTER半年手续费收入。"

First 1000BTC given to users, of which 500BTC is used to support placed orders, 500BTC to match against BTC_B records of affected users. We will continue to work very hard to pay BTC users in the earliest possible time and with 100% compensation. Affected users will get a bonus of half year BTER fee after being made whole.

27) JUA officially announces its support for Bter's rebuild. 


      a、总注册用户量228312,英文用户90209位 占比39.4%,中文用户138103位占比60.6%
      2、jua第一期援助bter 1000btc长期无息贷款,用于bter当前的恢复工作,不排除后期援助,bter质押55%股份给jua,用于安全保障;

28) Bter: "Most markets are re-enabled now and we are making withdrawals work for more and more coins."

29) PTS withdrawal reported successful.

30) BitUSD, BitGold withdrawal reported successful.

31) BTS Wallet issue fixed.

BTS withdrawal reported successful

32) Bter: "We have upgraded the Crypti (XCR) 's APIs and the wallet is working now. Thank the dev for the help. Waiting for an official new release."
"The Tilecoin (XTC) withdrawal will be re-enabled when the wallet finishes the slow blockchain parsing in 1-2 days."

33) Bter: "BTS,XTC,XM wallets fixed and synced."

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