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General Discussion / BlockPay in Serious Trouble
« on: May 04, 2017, 01:02:46 pm »
This is copied from a Steemit post on kencodes blog... Probably the reason behind the torching of BlockPay's market cap today.

@Chris4210 where are you?
Today, my claws come out. I invested my entire life savings into those BLOCKPAY tokens because you promised us that we would get to “share in the rewards from BlockPay transactions as well as value increases from products built by the Company”.
My life savings:
Your promise:
(more promises found on reddit, facebook, twitter, linkedin and more)

The past couple weeks, Development has come to a crawl Chris, this is very damaging as my Developers and I have no idea where the money is. I heard you were starting another company with xeroc and some shark named constantin. Is that true? I even got word that you had my company formally Appraised? Is that true?

I have still not been paid my salary, my bills are past due now, my babies are hungry and you know I sure as hell can’t afford a lawyer to track you down. Barely 2 weeks ago you emailed me and said “Current reserves are around 540 BTC + 25k Euro on Bank account”. Really?

If that is true, then where is all that money?! I see you have been recently taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars, where did all that money go?!

How the hell are we going to be able to continue launching crypto products with no money Chris? A Bitshares Worker Proposal? Your investors never agreed to that!

You agreed (multiple ways) that you would stop trying to take charge of my Developers and Rodrigo’s marketing team too. I guess you fail to remember him yelling at you and hanging up on you?? Even emailing you and telling you to stop it. Obviously that contract has also been breached. My Developers said that you contacted them and stated that you are in charge now and I am leaving my own company? Is that true?!

You agreed (in person with your lawyer/father, and via email) that if more than $2000 was to be expensed that you would get my permission first! Where is the money?!

Your investors deserve to know what I am building, every single week, at a minimum. People love it when I post my weekly technical reports and I will not stop writing them and posting them online to show off what we’re building (including links to our github commits). Apparently, because of this, a couple weeks ago your excuse was “you leave us with no choice but to stop all sales and marketing activities immediately” as if my reports were somehow damaging my own company. You’re kidding, right? If you quit, then why did you start flying around the world on a “BlockPay World Tour”? 1,095 Bitcoins wasn’t enough for you? Now I find out that you are hiding out somewhere in China with your girlfriend. WTF?!
Our commits:
1,095 Bitcoins:

There are currently 762 of us who have trusted you!!!! I’ll be damned if you’re going to steal all of the STEALTH tokens I bought for my company too.
STEALTH tokens:

Attempts to contact you and settle this matter by email, SMS and Telegram have failed. Hopefully this steemit post reaches you. You have left me no choice but to contact the Authorities.

Chris, I was building crypto products before I even met you and refuse to let you destroy my company like this. I gave you 49% of BitShares Munich so that you would pay the bills, and get out there and start marketing the products that I built and continue to build (well, not as of late, obviously).

Going public with this is the right thing to do, as transparency is required Chris! Of course this may damage the value of our BLOCKPAY tokens for a bit, but you have left me no choice. As you are well aware, I have always fought for my rights and I will do so once again. As an activist, I assure you I will not stop until you honor the contracts you have made with us, let us see your accounting, pay all of our invoices, answer my questions above, and settle this with me immediately. Since you Follow my blog here on, we all know you have been notified. Just as before, I will also send you this notice via email, SMS and Telegram.

More posts to come. Stay tuned, this may get bumpy."

General Discussion / Why there is so little trading volume on the DEX
« on: February 06, 2016, 04:42:47 pm »
For a while now people have been trying to figure out why there is so little trading volume on the DEX.  I've traded forex and stocks for over 10 years and have written dozens of trading bots (Expert Advisors) in the mql language.  I've turned $2,500 into $50,000 in 6 months.  I've also turned $50,000 into $20,000 in 6 months as well. I think I have a pretty good idea of what traders need and expect from a platform.

1. Shorting in the DEX is cumbersome and confusing
I recently tried to short using the DEX.  I borrowed CNY and then sold that CNY for BTS.  I ended up getting margin called as BTS fell in price.  I'm ok with being wrong about a position, but I'm very confused with the mechanics of how this happened.  I also had no idea what my position was worth throughout the trade, and I'm not even entirely sure how much I lost.  Shorting needs to be streamlined and simplified.  The borrow/sell thing is too many steps and not knowing the positions value during the trade is borderline scary.

2.Is there a way to put a stop loss or take profit order?
Because right now I can't figure out how to do it.  This means there is no money management ability.  Without the ability to manage a trade, the DEX is unusable for serious traders.  There needs to be at a minim stop loss orders.  There really should be a way to put trailing stops in as well.

3.Indicators are shaky at best
Right now there are 4 indicators and 2 of them are moving averages.  The RSI doesn't appear to be working as the only reading I see on the more liquid markets are 100, 50, or 0.  It looks like an EKG witch tells me something isn't working correctly.  Not all traders use indicators, but many do.

These are just basic GUI things that are preventing traders from using the DEX.  It doesn't even include the inability to use leverage.  Just fixing the 3 things above will bring much more utility and liquidity to the dex.  I will guarantee it.  The people that originally designed the DEX were not traders.  They thought poloniex was a good interface to base their platform on.  Unfortunately, poloniex is not a good platform.  A professional trader would never use Poloniex.  Poloniex's platform is modeled off some cheap retail trading platform.

How do we fix this??
Right now we are consumed by petty fee debates and if we should keep calling ourselves DPOS.  These things are not that important right now.  It's not what will drive mainstream traders to the BTS platform.  What is needed is A PLUGIN FOR METATRADER 4.  While it isn't the most sophisticated trading platform, it's the most widely used and known.  It's also light years ahead of the current DEX.  What I propose is that instead of @dannotestein and blocktrades using a worker proposal to fix basic blockchain bugs, rather is work on creating a plugin for MT4.  They are already an exchange and have a good understanding of BTS.  I know it's not as easy as fixing "bad coding techniques", but getting this plugin for BTS would do more to improve the market cap and utility than anything else.

General Discussion / When will the first business make BTS it's backbone?
« on: January 18, 2016, 09:52:57 pm »
We have been frequently told that BTS is this great platform to build business's on, but so far we havn't seen any examples of that.  Yes there is Muse, but that hasn't launched and it's a separate chain.  Same thing with identabit.  We were told CCEDK would utilize bts for their back end, but that also hasn't happened.

I know it's only been 3 months since launch, but why have we not seen 1 implementation yet?  We've seen announcements, but those either failed or have gone dark.  If this platform was so great, wouldn't CNX find way to use BTS in a more integral way, other than using worker proposals to aquire funding?

OPENPOS is probably the closest we have gotten to something exclusively using BTS, but even that isn't using BTS as it's "backbone".

When we had 1.0, DACX was planning on using bts as it's backbone.  There was talk of overstock as well.  We were talking of using the raised funds to create/buy a credit union.  We have heard nothing close to this with 2.0 and i'm wondering why.

General Discussion / Bravo... So much success
« on: January 07, 2016, 08:56:04 pm »

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Indian Summer Announcements
« on: May 21, 2015, 12:54:25 AM »

Indian Summer Announcements

Just when you thought Summer was finally over and it was safe to come back to the forum!

ANNOUNCEMENT 13 - Upcoming Public Appearances

Upcoming Public Appearances

ANNOUNCEMENT 14 - PeerTracks and MUSE - Snapshot and Launch Countdown

PeerTracks and MUSE - Snapshot and Launch Countdown

Previous dozen announcements from those long Summer Nights...


ANNOUNCEMENT 2 - The BitShares Exchange Network
CCEDK to Publish its Order Book on the BitShares Blockchain

ANNOUNCEMENT 3 - Banx Capital Joins BitShares Exchange Network and BanxShares are Upgrading to BitShares 2.0

ANNOUNCEMENT 4 - Peak Venture Group Adopts BitShares Network
Peak Venture Group Adopts BitShares Network

ANNOUNCEMENT 5 - Nuclear Bunker Data Center Joins BitShares Exchange Network
Nuclear Bunker Data Center Joins BitShares Exchange Network

ANNOUNCEMENT 6 - Low Cost BitShares ATM Offers New On and Off Ramps
Low Cost BitShares ATM Offers New On and Off Ramps

ANNOUNCEMENT 7 - Cryptonomex Begins Licensing Technology To Partner Chains
Cryptonomex Begins Licensing BitShares 2.0 Technology To Partner Chains

ANNOUNCEMENT 8 - IDentabit Will Sharedrop on BitShares Community
IDentabit Will Sharedrop on BitShares Community

ANNOUNCEMENT 9 - Pitchfork Countdown Could Begin Next Week
Pitchfork Countdown Could Begin Next Week

ANNOUNCEMENT 10 - BitShares 2.0 PitchFork Date is Tuesday, October 13, 2015
ANNOUNCEMENT 10 - BitShares 2.0 PitchFork Date is Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT 11 - LottoShares to Debut on BitShares 2.0
ANNOUNCEMENT 11 - LottoShares to Debut on BitShares 2.0

ANNOUNCEMENT 12 - OpenLedger Debuts Today
ANNOUNCEMENT 12 - OpenLedger Debuts Today - Forbes Article
« Last Edit: October 08, 2015, 12:16:28 AM by Stan »

What a successful summer!!!

General Discussion / 3rd Party Trading Interfaces Using the bitshares DEX
« on: November 04, 2015, 07:25:02 pm »
Recently there has been discussion of using metatrader 4 as a interface for traders.  The features metatrader 4 has are what traders need.  Without these features we will find it hard pressed to attract traders.

-multitude of indicators (MACD, Moving averages, ichimoku, Stochastics, CCI... etc)
-customized indicator scripts
-Dynamic Scaling of the price chart
-Ability to pan and zoom on the chart
-live feed of Profit and Loss for each open position
-Ability to write expert advisors for robotic trading
-2 Click trading from the chart window
-Ability to change chart type (bar colors, lines, OHLC charts, background)

Since our dex fails at meeting any of these above criteria, I believe we need to turn to a third party solution.  The Dex will still be the backbone and provide the feeds and liquidity, but the third party will have a much cleaner and user friendly look.

For this I suggest we use Metatrader 4.  This is the defacto acceptable program used for forex & cfd trading.  I have contacted metatrader in regards to setting up and licensing the terminal for bitshares.  I know a license can cost upwards of $100k, but there are companies offering to sell their licenses so there may be a cheaper option.

What I envision:
-website that hosts the metatrader introduction and download page.  Also has a link (with referral code) to create a bts wallet.
-newly created wallet links to downloaded metatrader platform
-password and credentials created for accessing account in metatrader
-user sends funds(crypto) to bts wallet and metatrader reflects those funds
-user trades markets in metatrader through bitshares API.  Metatrader gets price data from bitshares API.
-users can cash out or access their funds by going to the original website and logging into the wallet through there.

There are 3rd party open source solutions available that may be able to be used as.

I would suggest that we use metatrader 4 because the majority of forex traders are familiar with it.  I have traded for 9 years on many platforms and in many different markets.  Metatrader has been my favorite platform and has been the most reliable and robust.

I would like to get the communities input on using a 3rd party for trading and how we would fund a license purchase of MT4.

option 1 - individual buys the entire license and sets it up so he is the referrer during wallet creation.  Enjoys all the referral fees.
option 2 - issue a UIA for people who would like to support the purchase of the license.  All referalls fee's go into a pool to buy back the UIA's.
option 3 - worker proposal.  But since this isn't a change to the code, I don't believe this is appropriate.
option 4- ??

Technical Support / More Internet Explorer Problems
« on: November 01, 2015, 05:38:31 pm »
Whenever I go into the trade tab and click on brownie.pts I get stuck on the trading screen. No chart shows up either.  Also I can't navigate to any other tabs either without hitting refresh.

Technical Support / Worker proposals
« on: October 31, 2015, 05:45:43 am »
I'm just wondering who other than crytponomex will ever submit a worker proposal to add a feature to the code.  Would the community ever support someone else modifying the code? Maybe if toast offered, but I highly doubt anyone from the outside would be voted in.  It's like cnx has a monopoly over all code changes, and I don't see that changing.  How long would it take an outsider to decipher and understand the code well enough to make productive changes?

Technical Support / Stuck on loading screen in IE
« on: October 22, 2015, 03:13:35 am »
When I try to load the openledger exchange all I get is the "Loading..." screen.  This only happens in Internet Explorer, but works fine in chrome.  My actual wallet is in IE.  Anyone else having this problem?

I have around 2,200 in open short positions.  Is there a way to tell in the current wallet how much BTS I have tied up in collateral?  I would like to know how much BTS i would get back from my collateral if were liquidated right away.

General Discussion / Lets speculate what bank cnx is talking too
« on: August 29, 2015, 02:14:55 pm »
Even bough bm won't tell us much about the bank he has been in talks with, I think it would be kind of fun to take some guesses.  Also, how big do you guys think this bank is? Will you be disappointed if it is a smaller bank? Does it have to be a U.S. Bank, or could it be a lesser known European or Canadian bank?  Do you think they will integrate only Bitshares or multiple cryptos?

My guess is it's USAA. I just read an article on coin desk and they seem to be very open and have already experimented with several chains. My guess is they try several then pick one. Maybe stellar is on their short list and this so why they have been rising?

Stakeholder Proposals / Whats going on with the DACX delegate?
« on: July 31, 2015, 04:18:12 pm »
I've noticed this delegate has been dropping down the ranks recently.  I haven't read anything about them lately so i'm wondering what the reason is.  Has the chinese group learned something recently?  Is Dacx still planning on working with bts?

General Discussion / SETL now a BTS competitor
« on: July 28, 2015, 06:08:52 pm »
Just read this article on cointelegraph

Basically, they offer 100,000 transactions per second on their own blockchain.  They require all keys to be registered by a regulatory body, which sounds a lot like bts proposed ability to whitelist.

Its making me nervous that all the competitors are popping up as our product continues to have endless upgrades & feature adds without ever having a release.  Even if these competitors don't offer everything bts 2.0 is promising, it seems like there is someone to compete with almost every product bts offers.  I think the ability they have to offer 100k tps really blunts our edge.

General Discussion / bitUSD back on top baby!
« on: July 21, 2015, 08:39:03 pm »
'Merica... Fuck yeah!!

Take that yuan!!

OpenLedger / Is no one using CCEDK or is CMC wrong?
« on: July 14, 2015, 07:13:42 pm »
Just noticed that CCEDK has 0 volume for all its markets on coinmarket cap.  With all the promotion they are doing and with the support from the core devs, you would think that they would at least be doing a dollars worth of trade.

General Discussion / Massive Buy Order on the DEX for bitUSD
« on: June 29, 2015, 06:14:37 pm »
Anyone see this $60,000 buy order for bitUSD on the DEX?  Either someone is very bearish bts, or maybe they are thinking of making payments to people it bitUSD.  Would be great if it's the latter of the two.

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