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Search Market is nearly unusable on Core 2 2 GHz machine with 4 Gb RAM (Win7 64-bit).

When "Bit" typed in the "Search Market" field client starts intense calculations, CPU load between 50 and 100%, and BitShares.exe process memory usage is 1.5 Gb.

Terminating BitShares.exe process leaves database in unstable state and requires restore from backup.

Is there alternate way of searching by asset name and/or browsing available assets?

MemoryCoin / yam M7o release
« on: April 03, 2014, 09:29:39 pm »

New M7o version of yam miner is available. It supports more MMC pools, extra protocols and has many other enhancements.
yam M7o has better connection handling for NAT and firewall setups, support for special chars in usernames/passwords and better pool compatibility.
Native support for MMC P2Pool and MMC-specific stratum protocol in yam M7o reduces rejects, provides more backup connections and better miner uptime.
Note that MMC P2Pool support in yam M7o provided for testing purposes - features can be changed or added as P2Pool software will mature.
Support for gpools MMC mining pool has been removed from yam M7o default config.

3 is not finding any blocks since very long time (actually, no single block found since I added support for it in yam). Contact form is also disabled.

I am considering to remove support for from yam defaul config to avoid misleading.

Any objections? If none, I will remove it from M7o in favour of P2Pool.

MemoryCoin / New YAM version release
« on: January 27, 2014, 08:14:08 am »
Updated M7k version of yam miner is available. It contains reduced memory mode for MMC, improved performance and connection stability.
M7k version of yam allows efficient CPU mining of MemoryCoin with all threads even with 1Gb RAM used for mining.
yam M7k runs significantly faster on AVX2 CPUs (Haswell) and has improved CPU load profile for overclocked configurations.
yam M7k fixes disconnect issues with some MMC mining pools that use get work protocol.

As usual, download at!h0tkXSxZ!f62uoUXogkxQmP2xO8Ib-g


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