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BitShares PTS / [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: November 08, 2013, 10:34:43 pm »

this is the official announcement for my protoshares mining sub-pool for
i'm the guy who runs (obviously)

thanks to all supporters

Some stats/features:
  • 2.5% fee
  • no registration needed, username is your protoshares-address
  • beta testing phase (i'll work on every little bug/problem ASAP)
  • custom protocol & miner (based on ptspool miner based on my xpm miner)
  • i'm currently working on the payout system, at the moment it's proportional  (but this will change)
  • your payout will be executed, when blocks are confirmed (delay of 120 blocks) and you reach 0.1 PTS
  • high end visual stunning plain-text web interface

Link: <-- for your browser / see mining below

Client / Miner:

linux / github: source code here
windows binary: v0.5 x32 HOTFIX-1 -> (32 Bit, fast™!) up to 3 threads
windows binary: v0.5 x64 HOTFIX-1 -> (64 Bit, faster™!!)
windows binary: v0.7 x64 RC1 -> (64 Bit, AVX/SSE/SPHLIB experimental, fastererer™!!!) *UPDATED-#3* incl. 'rejections-on-a-block-workaround-by-reconnecting'-fix
(containing GENERIC (INTEL&AMD) , SSE4 and AVX version (INTEL&AMD))

mac: try (thx to spoonman)

build notes: compilation needs boost lib & yasm

some notes:
a) it's not possible to completely erase the rejection rate problem (especially at the current low blocktime)
b) important: i changed the hashrate counter to count only valid iterations of the mining process (which v0.1, 0.2 & 0.3, and propably alpha miner? don't do!!!), thus your displayed hashrate is lower now --- but due to the changes i made for the rejection rate the miner is more effictive --- long story short: please only compare v0.4 against v0.4+ or use the amount of submitted valid shares per hour (or similiar) regarding mining performance
c) i'll look into the occasional random crashs next... give me some time
d) "b" applies for v0.5 and higher too :)

v0.4 or lower
Code: [Select]
ptsminer -poolip=<_SHUT_DOWN_> -poolport=1337 -pooluser=<your-pts-payout-address> -genproclimit=<threads-to-use>
ptsminer -poolip=<_SHUT_DOWN_> -poolport=1337 -pooluser=PbfspbvSWxYqrp3DpRH7bsrmEqzY3418Ap -genproclimit=4

Code: [Select]
ptsminer <your-pts-payout-address> <threads-to-use>
ptsminer PbfspbvSWxYqrp3DpRH7bsrmEqzY3418Ap 4

github only

Code: [Select]
choose <version> depending on your CPU and mining implementation you want to use

usage: ptsminer_<version>.exe <payout-address> <threads-to-use> [memory-option] [mode]

memory-option: integer value - memory usage
                20 -->    4 MB per thread (not recommended)
                21 -->    8 MB per thread (not recommended)
                22 -->   16 MB per thread (not recommended)
                23 -->   32 MB per thread (not recommended)
                24 -->   64 MB per thread (not recommended)
                25 -->  128 MB per thread
                26 -->  256 MB per thread
                27 -->  512 MB per thread (default)
                28 --> 1024 MB per thread
                29 --> 2048 MB per thread
                30 --> 4096 MB per thread

mode: string - mining implementation
                avx --> use AVX (ptsminer_avx.exe)
                sse4 --> use SSE4 (ptsminer_avx.exe & ptsminer_sse4.exe)
                sph --> use SPHLIB (ptsminer_avx.exe, ptsminer_sse4.exe, ptsminer_amd.exe & ptsminer_intel.exe)

ptsminer_avx.exe PbfspbvSWxYqrp3DpRH7bsrmEqzY3418Ap 4
using AVX on 4 threads and 512 MByte RAM per thread (default)

ptsminer_sse4.exe PbfspbvSWxYqrp3DpRH7bsrmEqzY3418Ap 8 28
using SSE4 on 8 threads and 1024 MByte RAM per thread

ptsminer_intel.exe PbfspbvSWxYqrp3DpRH7bsrmEqzY3418Ap 2 25 sph
using SPHLIB on 2 threads and 128 MByte RAM per thread

ptsminer_avx.exe PbfspbvSWxYqrp3DpRH7bsrmEqzY3418Ap 12 24 sph
using SPHLIB on 12 threads and 64 MByte RAM per thread


We are not responsible for any damage to your computer system or data with our provided
service and software and in no event will we be responsible for any consequential, incidental,
or indirect damages arising out of the use or inability to use our service or software.

Any known issues?
not by now

Why ''?
Everybody loves beer, that's why. (Ok, almost everybody)

Has the server crashed again?
If the status page isn't available: yup - something really bad happened. We're still in beta/testing phase, don't panic, everything will be ok!!

AVX instruction set on Amazon EC2:
AVX instructions are supported only when HVM virtualization is used. There are HVM versions of the Amazon Linux AMI and Ubuntu AMI available. Unfortunately AVX cannot be used with a PV Linux AMI due to incompatibilities with some Linux kernels regarding XSAVE instructions.

A list of HVM Amazon Linux AMI IDs is available here:

- xolokram, glhf

wanna donate?
BTC: 1S4kxaF4ro17qThUz4hQwAoiXzCWdzwdb
XPM: AJhA1PGbNM94ZmsJvVVM5FfbE9SdxiMzgd
PTS: PbfspbvSWxYqrp3DpRH7bsrmEqzY3418Ap

just fyi: i'll fix that asap...
ah i just noticed (thx to defragger) that the hashrate counter is not adding the counter when a new block just came in before a result was calculated
thus the hashrate will be lower for v0.2 than v0.1 --- in other words: currently only finished mining iterations are considered in the hashrate calculation.

- xolokram

/APPENDIX: here's a fix (someone said bounty??) for the original protoshares client to increase the solo mining performance...
nvm, nobody cares

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