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i think you'll have to ask crz
this version has a hardcoded IP i think and beeeeer's PTS server is completely shut down

all final payouts are executed:

i will lock this topic in one month (i hope i have the rights to do this here :) ) on 2014-09-18 2014-09-15 and remove the pts part from the website!
you'll still be able to contact me here, on IRC ( @ FreeNode) or at peercointalk

- xolokram, good bye & thank you all :)

Can I use European poolip of Beeeeer instead of US poolip?
How can i set minerid to watch the statistics on Beeeeer?
that's a feature of the primecoin pool

beeeeer's last PTS block has been confirmed yesterday
i'm currently gathering the information & writing the script
i'll execute the final payout in chunks within the next days*

addresses containing less than the network transaction fee (0.0001 PTS) & broken/invalid/banned addresses will be discarded!
this means there will be still around ~2700 addresses to be paid

- xolokram

* = started on 13th of August (unfortunately no friday :D )

well, thank you, Riverhead :)

server will be shut down in ~11 hours DONE
after that i'll work on the final payout for all remaining addresses
although i don't like ETAs: i will execute those payouts (several 100) by the end of this week*
please, be sure that there are no typos in your payout addresses

- xolokram

ps. * = depending on how fast i am & when all remaining blocks (currently: 2) are confirmed

shutdown beeeeer's PTS pool around early August
This is scheduled now for the 7th of August 2014

It will be followed (within a few days) by the last payouts for the remaining addresses.

Which is followed (within a few days/weeks) by the deletion of all Block and Payout information.

Which is then followed (within a few days) by closing/locking this thread.

At least that's the plan  :o

Thank you for the pool and PTS support, its been great!
You're welcome. It was fun (although sometimes very stressful), I learned a lot and I found some very good new friends.

- xolokram

ps. board/raw servers are shut down already and nobody noticed... good :)

Hi everybody,

I wanted to let you know, that I'm planning to shutdown beeeeer's PTS pool around early August (2014).

Thanks for everyone who has supported the pool & its development.

Of course, there will be a final payout for everyone who has some shares left in the payout system/queue.

The exact date (& further details if necessary) will be added in the upcoming week. I'll also add a note to the official website.

- xolokram

we've found a few blocks since then: see
but the last days are extremely sad  :-\

the pool is currently the pure incarnation of "bad luck" :-\
i've checked everything, it's not a bug/problem imho  :o

& the actual blockchain (your link)'ve received payouts (don't know about "reviving payouts" :D )

check / rescan your wallet

- xolokram

thanks for being patient and friendly  :o

shares on beeeeer's pts pool are bound to the current round (the next found block)
beeeeer's pts pool is <1% of the whole network, thus the average block amount per day is: <1
we were pretty unlucky the last 2 days, thus there was no block so far and no new stats for this time interval

i hope this was helpful  :)

- xolokram

wow, long time no "where's my moniz plz"-post


pool update incoming, expect some downtime
done. thank you for your patience.

- xolokram

awww crap, one moment

fixed, running again, i'll have to change the node setup
i hope it won't happen again until this has been done (it'll take some time/effort *urghs*)
sorry, guys

thanks for the information, i'm investigating... brb
(of course while i was sleeping......)

- xolokram

backend (protoshares network) node killed itself destroying its blockchain data
i'll have to rebuild (=receive) the whole blockchain again, this will take a while
payouts/coins are* safe

* = should be :)

ok, everything should be up & fine again
i'm sorry for the inconvenience


i just wanted to let you all know, that I've recently decreased the payout threshold to 0.1 PTS

- xolokram

did you install the appropiate OpenCL/Cuda drivers/libaries for your OS and used hardware? :)
*playing tech support*

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