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with the protoshares client & your wallet

check your wallet / client, block #29557

you can thank me later

- xolokram


sorry, btc2084, if i've overlooked your previous post.

i haven't looked into memorycoins atm.

the pool of course owns a protoshares wallet that should be convertable into a memorycoin wallet. but the pool "only" holds the unpaid payouts from the miners caused by the payout barrier, which is something like 250 PTS in total, thanks to the high demand of a very low payout barrier <-- sorry, i had to mention this :)

so we've like 25 MMC (just a guess, as this has to be checked for block #32000)

and we would have to find a way to convert everything (on a fair basis) for the several hundreds of payout address on the pool.

so my impression at the moment: it's a low priority issue
sorry, if this is not really statisfying.

you'll have to wait until the first round, you've participated in, ends (aka block has been found), which already happened now :)
so i guess you've seen it

unfortunately yes, what i've seen so far is that Intel's CPUs are more efficient & faster than AMD's CPUs.

- xolokram

ps. thx jabbaah & donschoe

can you provide us (or PM me) the command line you're running?

sounds reasonable


sorry for the late reply
i'm ok with xram4 or be5r

- xolokram


as donschoe said, is a third party page for beeeeer
it's not the official page & it could probably contain some bugs (and this pretty much looks like a bug)

i'm not sure how Sy's calculating his values & i dont understand why he's getting negative values out of the original data

- xolokram

ps. did you check the actual payouts from the pool (using the official page) against your wallet transactions? i mean that's probably the most important part of this "issue"?!

you know that you're  paid proportional per block?

hi and welcome back
that problem sounds strange, are you losing your connection that often?
i'll look in this problem, but i honestly think it's more your connection than something with the pool/miner

nothing happens, until someone's able to give me a clear evidence of a typo (PM'ing me the correct address & a verifiable signature) or something like this
every now and then i post invalid mining addresses (there are more than just this one the pool) in this thread and hope for some useful answers... i guess it's time again to do this :)

- xolokram

BitShares PTS / Re: [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: December 31, 2013, 12:39:44 pm »
(altough i'm probably too late for some of you)
happy new year

it is/was a part of primecoin miner (which is the base source code of this miner)
it's ignored by the pts pool
will think about the URI thing

i know

that is a invalid protoshares address. the pool (and everyone else) is not able to send a payout to this address, but someone mined on it...
and it's not the payout for 1 found block, it's the sum of all payouts until then. check the "add" field for the payouts for one block.

- xolokram

BitShares PTS / Re: [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: December 28, 2013, 01:38:04 pm »
shars != block

BitShares PTS / Re: [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: December 28, 2013, 07:40:55 am »
good morning, backend is down, i'm working on it.

it should be ok now
i'm sorry for the inconvenience

BitShares PTS / Re: [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: December 27, 2013, 07:19:48 pm »
when you start the ptsminer_EDIT-ME.bat you should edit the ptsminer_EDIT-ME.bat before, and -not- the ptsminer_HELP.txt

/EDIT: i'll just use this post as this is getting a little bit messy here

BitShares PTS / Re: [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: December 27, 2013, 07:02:00 pm »
this is the PTS miner, for the PTS pool
please use a PTS address to connect to the server, not your XPM (primecoin) address!!

@the rest:
i'm trying to get to every point/issue and PM within the next days

please post useful miner / console outputs and try to search the thread before

c/m = collisions per minute (the actual calculation that's done for pts)
sh/m = submitted shares per minute

the rejection rate is a known issue

- xolokram

BitShares PTS / Re: [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: December 23, 2013, 01:35:14 pm »
Code: [Select]
ld returned 1 exit statusshouldn't be the last line you get, can you post the line before that?

btw. thank you

- xolokram

BitShares PTS / Re: [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: December 23, 2013, 11:47:56 am »
what error message do you get?

yep, pool is pretty small (<4%) and the ptsminer is not the most efficient one :(
size of the pool shouldnt be an issue (as long as it's not very small), because bigger pools means more people to share the reward with
most important thing is the efficiency of the miner, which is a little bit suffering on beeeeer's pts pool due to the current rejection problem
i'll try to sort out this problem in the near future (@sdmented: feel free to wait for that or help us now :) )

no pool fees atm (along with less tech support :) ) for the next few days
happy holidays

- xolokram

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