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General Discussion / Is it time to close the curtains?
« on: October 04, 2014, 04:47:02 am »
No doubt this forum has been priceless for everything happened so far but I think at one point a decision needs to be made about its future. Not to close the forum but to make it invite only or hide it from the masses.

There's so much talent and ideas here and discussions should continue, but since BitSharesX is shaping up rather nicely and it's about to get promoted to the world wouldn't it be better to start something new aimed at end users? This goes for DNS and Music as well. I think the people who actually can contribute to something are already here and those who aren't will find their ways via invites.

I think it's another small but necessary step to get rid of the shady and sometimes amateurish appearance which the whole cryptoworld is suffering from (as seen from the world outside). It's a business and when people are doing some research on all this (Google) they should be presented with facts and numbers, not with endless discussions of uncertainties. Most end users would only care about functionality, privacy and profits, not about how it's made.

I think we should continue using this as development and behind-the-scenes forum and come up with a unified front for all others. Of course all user accounts can be migrated to the new environment but it should act as a real product support forum with a suggestion box while the real work is being done here.

Just my thoughts, looking forward hearing your opinions.

Marketplace / 10 DACZine subscribers = 100BTSX
« on: September 12, 2014, 01:39:03 am »
Hi all,

We're doing promotion for our daily DACZine newsletter and giving away 100BTSX to each member who can refer 10 subscribers to our news service. Please keep it fair, we need real subscribers not ones who signup and opt-out after a day or two. More info is to be found here


[edit]I'm sorry to cross-post this message but I think this is a better place for it[/edit]

General Discussion / DACZine - 100 BTSX Bounty available for referrals!
« on: September 08, 2014, 09:12:56 pm »
Hi guys and girls!

We've created DACZine and hope this will be of use for some of you. Gathering information scattered
around the forums and various other websites is quite time consuming and often a point of discussion for
newcomers or people who've been away for a while. We hope this service will help you keep staying up to
date with the latest (development) news and interesting articles without taking too much of your valuable time.

What is it?
Well it's basically an semi-automated newsletter service and front-end for you to browse older news.
We'll send out at least one newsletter a week containing all important news from the previous week sorted
by various categories. If you like you can also opt-in for newsflashes which will be sent on a more
regular basis to hear about things instantly when they become available. RSS support is also available.

What will you publish?
We collect most content ourselves and you have the option to submit an article or news message yourself
via our website. Newsletters will also contain 'official' messages by the I3 team and other DAC developers if they
wish to have them published to our readers. Of course you can also notify us if you think we've missed something
in a previous release.

When will this become available?
The platform is up and running and we're now collection articles for our first release. You can sign up or
submit your content via our website

When will you send the first newsletter?
It's scheduled one week from now (September 15) to allow you to submit more content and allow us to fix some
more nasty bugs.

Can I help?
Yes! We would be most grateful that if you like this service to spread the word and promote it wherever you can. The
larger our subscribers base the better our content and platform will become. Basically your support is all we need to
get going! Donations are welcomed of course but better wait with that until we've proven ourselves useful to you ;)

I have a question/comment
Please contact us via our website or just write it below this post if that's easier for you.

We're setting up a new mail server right as we speak, email confirmations might not arrive now but we
will make sure to activate your account manually if this is the case.

DACZine - Keeping you in the loop!

General Discussion / This is weird
« on: August 26, 2014, 07:11:06 pm »
Just imported my PTS wallet but not sure if this was the cause because that seem to go well (received genesis block rewards)

However the following two problems arose:

  • It doesn't process further then block 322981
  • I try to export my wallet but receive the message 'This program stopped working' and quits

I have exported my wallet before so that wont be a major issue to me but I'm not sure if I update
to the newest version (now running 0.4.4) I will lose my genesis block rewards? Cause that would
be a major problem for me.

Kind regards,

General Discussion / Global watchmen DAC
« on: March 15, 2014, 03:43:13 pm »
You've seen it often before '$x reward for the tip which leads to solve case y'. Theses 'bounties' are set by your local authorities and only for cases on which they think are the most important, of course there are many more cases which can benefit from this reward system and I think it fits perfectly for a DAC. I could see such system especially usefull in the field of hacks, child abuse, stolen coins, scams and other dark things which are happending on the internet.

How does it work?
First of all a police report should be obtained or make your case verifyable in other ways (news reports, server logs etc) . Then a 'crowd sourcing' campaign can be started to raise money from the shareholders who are willing to solve this case. Now at this point everyone can help solve this case depending on your specific skills and submit their tips to the system. All tips are being collected and are visibile to anyone. The shareholders can vote on which tip(s) have led
to solve it and the 'detectives' get paid out based on the % of their contribution leading to solve it. A name, address and phone number obviously leads to a larger payout then an IP address. For each case a clear goal should be stated by the submitter (Get a name, get a country, etc).

What does it solve?
It helps solve all cases which are not being picked up by the police, do not have the right priority according to them or are still unsolved after an x amount of time. You can then turn to our system and ask for help because crime should be punished sooner or later.

Who can make use of it?
White hat hackers, internet dectives and amateurs with time on their hands and love to dig into things. Of course anyone can submit a case regarding of their
background and skills. I could even see a time when official authorities will turn to this system for unsolved cold cases.

How shareholders will get paid?
Unsolved cases will return to the share holders proportionally to their all-time contribution and they have a take on transaction fees. Of course we could also let the case submitter pay for the case so there's more profit or have the case submitter put up an upfront-bounty which will become avaible if the case is solved. There are many ways to make this profitable really.

Why it should be build?
To help people who have been a victim of any crime and yet another great way of showing what a DAC can do for our community.

General Discussion / Texas Bitcoin Conference
« on: March 06, 2014, 08:20:52 pm »
Looking forward to hear more about the event, how was BitShares received by the audience, interesting meetings, news etc! Thanks

Just wondering..

Marketplace / [WTS] 75 PTS @ 16 USD
« on: February 26, 2014, 01:57:55 pm »
75 PTS for sale until 28 Feb , PayPal only with trusted Escrow .

100 USD fixed fee for escrow processor.

@ The end of each day the price may in/decrease and I will update the topic.

Keyhotee / Keyhotee names uniqueness
« on: January 24, 2014, 12:30:29 am »
I read about it a while back but couldn't find the specific thread anymore. Just to verify:

Will 'JohnDoe' be the same as 'johndoe' or do caps also add uniqueness of names?

A small suggestion would be not to allow spaces (or any special character) at the
beginning/end of names to help fight impersonators. Of course you can also check
reputations points and registration date but for the average Joe it will be easily


I happen to have a Keyhotee ID with an ö in it. Same thing goes for that, it would
be wise to threat ö and o as the same character to prevent copycats.

Keyhotee / Introducing KIDARC - Keyhotee ID Advanced Reputation Check
« on: January 02, 2014, 10:27:53 pm »
I'm happy to announce the introduction and small preview to KIDARC, a fancy shortcut for the boring "Keyhotee ID Advanced Reputation Check" name.

KIDARC will function as an addition to Keyhotee's reputation to get user information in more detail to know who you're
dealing with and to make sure fraud get's punished by the community and the good people get rewarded. It will (hopefully) also be
helping Keyhotee to get more activity going, meet new people and gain more attention.

Some of it's key features are:

  • Only accessible with a valid Keyhotee Auth
  • A case-based dispute solving mechanism including judges and jury
  • Comment, vote on members
  • Profile pages
  • Send gifts to friends to increase reputation
  • A marketplace
  • A job board
  • Forums
  • Community based escrow service
  • See recent activity of members
  • Send messages, funds and send friend requests directly (These actions will open Keyhotee which handles the rest)
  • All notifications from KIDARC will be sent directly to your Keyhotee inbox (We will completely abandon regular mails)
  • An own credit-based currency called ARC's to buy gifts for friends and extra features. Please do note that
    without ARC's you won't miss anything, it will only be used for special features like buying gifts, promoting your ads etc
    to keep funding the platform
  • Keyhotee is all about privacy and so are we. We will never acquire any IP addresses, use HTTPS nor do we keep server logs and when Keyhotee
    will feature it's own browser it will be even better. And you will be able to set a few options such as your country, your friend lists etc
    but all these features can be turned on or off.

Progress is being made fast and we do expect a fully functional beta for Keyhotee founders within 2 weeks from today. Of course
it also depends on Keyhotee's timeline but we will make sure to be ready when it launches to the general public.

Keyhotee founders will get a special treatment including a special badge with your name and will be given priority to
being a case judge and/ or escrow service provider to make some hard earned cash.

Founders who want to be added please send me an email at with your Keyhotee Id (Yes, I
will validate it ;) and you can be sure to be among the first one joining.

Donations are  very much welcomed to speed up the development, it's a personal project next to my daytime work and I have zero funding. All donators will also receive a special badge and your donation amount will be converted 1:1 to ARC's when the platform launches based
on the PTS > USD price at the end of each day (GMT time) . (100 ARC's = 1 USD) . If you donated please send me an email
with the transaction id.

PTS donations: Pu7DUgfVPHXWzD8hbaRzSrMTQq6LBXF8NM

We really want to be THE Keyhotee community platform and will do everything we can to make it fun and useful for
every Keyhotee'er involved. I will keep you all updated on development progress in this thread.

[edit]Preparing for a new preview with new addition including fully working marketplace, voting system and job board[/edit]

If you have any questions, ideas or complaints please do let me know.

Thank you for your time and let's all do our part to make Keyhotee rock the world!

Kind regards,

ps: I suck at 'press releases'

Also Please note that although we keep in close contact with 3I for feature integration this platform is developed independently.

Random Discussion / Merry christmas and a prosperous and healthy new year
« on: December 25, 2013, 12:42:54 am »
Well the title says it all, I'm glad I stumbled upon this great community and I wish everyone happy holidays and an awesome 2014! I've never seen so many groundbreaking ideas coming from one community and I think if everyone contributes to these ideas in any possible way this thing is gonna hit big next year. Cheers and drink responsibly  8)

Keyhotee / Keyhotee ID authentication
« on: December 20, 2013, 09:00:36 pm »
Is there any word on how authentication of users based on their Keyhotee ID would go? I'm planning on building a couple of services were users can sign in only with their Keyhotee ID. It would be great if there's an authentication api available at launch and if not I'm happy to write one which can be easily accessed by others. I understand the general authentication concepts that a browser plugin authenticates with the server , but I'm not quite sure how this translates in real life and when to expect this feature.

Only buying from respected forum members or with Escrow service. Price fixed until December 18th then I'll reconsider the bid. Thanks

Keyhotee / Keyhotee account storage (Possible feature request)
« on: December 11, 2013, 05:32:28 pm »
Please correct me if I'm wrong but let's say my computer crashes or I get hacked. What will happen to my Keyhotee ID, I think I will lose it together with every message or funds I might have at the time? If this is the case it might be a good idea to give advanced users the option to add trustees to their account. So let's say you'll lose it all you could ask your (2 or more) trustees to vouch for you and when they both do everything you'll have does get transferred back to you. I know the initial design doesn't allow ID transfers and I honestly have no idea how the actual implementation would be like but users do get hacked and make mistakes and it would be a shame if that would make them lose everything they have.

[EDIT]I'm sorry there was already a topic covering a similar question, funny that you'll always see it AFTER you click 'Post' :)

General Discussion / Closed
« on: December 11, 2013, 02:26:33 pm »

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