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Ronny Boesing from OpenLedger would like to gauge the communities interest in listing the new Peerplays token (PPY) on the Bitshares Dex. Given this token is not a native asset on the Bitshares network (anymore); OpenLedger would facilitate this via a gateway service and the token would trade as Open.PPY

So... would like to see the token of our newest Graphene sibling trading on the Bitshares DEX??

Please vote and feel free to leave a comment below

Thank you for taking the time to consider this exciting addition to the Network.

General Discussion / Bitshares State of the Network Report
« on: May 24, 2017, 02:01:10 pm »
Hello All,

The latest Bitshares State of the Network (BSotN) report for 26th of June 2018 can be found via the link below


Hi All, sorry for the click bait; but wanted to get your attention.

If anyone has an LTB (LetsTalkBitcoin) account; i would appreciate an upvote on my comment and/or if you could add your own comment; relating to Bitshares worker proposals which Amanda sadly neglected mention after doing such a great job conveying the importance of governance models (in Dash); suggesting that Dash's worker proposal/ Budget items and voting mechanism is the first and only (loosely conveyed) self sustaining blockchain that can pay for its own development and project from the protocol level.

both Dash and Bitshares voting/worker systems were developed at the same time, weather Dash or Bitshares was first i do not care about, but i would like it known that we also have a system of governance that allows shareholders freedom to vote on a larger number of items.... try voting out a Dash masternode when they turn bad...

Thanks for your support.

OMG!!! - is it nearly here?

I noticed that in the testnet we have proposed transaction which actually propose's transfers on a second account, also notice that if i have granted account 'a' permission higher than the threshold to account 'b' then account 'a' can transfer funds from account b - it works no issue :)

if i 'propose' a transaction from account 'a' to transfer fund from account 'b', then account 'b' is notified about a proposed transaction initiated by account 'a', but i cannot find how to approve this transaction... any ideas?

either way i'm pretty excited :)

Their proposed card sounds really cool (BM as a wizard with a book of Graphene magic), but they are asking for input from the community, either to add the the card proposed above or others such as an idea reflecting on DEX, Voting, Speed etc..

Just posting this to make sure members know about it; as it is in the Marketing section which at least for me is not in my frequently visited list.

Please see the actual thread linked below:,21898.0.html

Technical Support / Options currently available for UIA creator
« on: November 02, 2015, 01:25:42 pm »
Can someone please post a screenshot of what options are available if you are the issuer of a UIA? (is there a settings page for the UIA creator.?.)

I can see what is available to create one (SYM,DESC,Supply...) but would like to see what options are available once creation has occurred.


General Discussion / Bytemaster and Adam B. Levine on a New LTB podcast
« on: November 01, 2015, 03:35:54 pm »
not sure if I missed a post but I have been hanging out for this since BM mentioned it a few weeks ago,

here it is:

Enjoy, 50+ mins so get some popcorn

I haven't used the services but looks nice enough, local Bitcoins with the support of a major player and a nice app to go with it.
They also lock in exchange rate when sending, so i guess that means Abra have to do the hedging and take the FX risk, if they we pushing Smartcoins around then nobody need to worry about volatility and can open up the ability to quickly interchange to other assets and customers can hold their value in whatever is most attractive to them... would also be another on/off ramp for Bitshares.

I guess we would need more liquidity on our exchange, but what comes first egg or chicken - don't ask me i have no more knowledge than any other egg or chicken guesser.

reminds me of *cough* BitCash *cough*

any thoughts or updates anyone?;  BM?

General Discussion / Big BitUSD Shorts?? 3million BTS
« on: September 02, 2015, 07:36:16 am »
Hi All,
Noticed some big shorts on bitsharesblocks (6x 500k BTS / 6x $1475 BitUSD )

Can someone please help me under stand the short positions pictured below and the idea of shorting to one self, its away been something i have not be able to get my head around. if anyway has a good way of thinking about it and or can help me user stand what happened here. ELI5 if you have too :)

is it likely that the person making those trades i bullish on Bitshares? or is it the other way round?

5 of 6 shorts shown below:


Lots of chatter about BTS and bitAssets, looks like 4-5 people involved. also 35BTC buy wall at .00001776

PoloniEX / BTER / Bittrex order books combined - blue/red graphs in bottom left corner shows buy/sell support for 50% in either direction.

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