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Technical Support / Graphene-ui stuck in "loading balance claims" ubuntu
« on: October 15, 2015, 03:36:50 pm »
Hi! I'll explain a bit my situation: I left windows completely few weeks ago and I'm having huge problems with linux and his absence of "double-click" installers hehe, anyways, I think I managed to build everything following instructions which I found in the bitshares github page but I still have some problems:

1- I successfully installed bitshares 0.9.3, recovered my backup wallet from windows and exported it with wallet_export_keys command from the console. The problem is that 0.9.3 chain isn't syncing, I only can check my transactions because they are from the genesis claims from protoshares and angelshares, so... can I still use 0.9.3 chain or is already dead? "It says severe network problem: Delegates participation is less than 60%...blah blah"

2- When I import the keys obtained following the previously described method, the web wallet keeps saying "loading balance claims" for hours, and there where only 211 keys when I choose the file with the keys, I followed this instructions , I can check the blockexplorer and everything up to date, but no my balance :S

Thanks and sorry if this issue is already mentioned, I'm not following this forum very often and is really hard for me to find the information I need  :-[

Marketplace / [WTS] 50PTS @ 0.015 BTC each [SOLD]
« on: November 15, 2013, 11:18:41 am »
You send first or use scrow  :) "I'll pay the fee"

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