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MemoryCoin / Hard-Fork has taken place. V3 is active!
« on: November 05, 2014, 01:11:21 pm »
For details and download information, please find the Memorycoin Wallet Thread here:

Thanks to everyone who waited for it!
More details about this hard-fork are coming up very soon.

MemoryCoin / Mining Pools and Code Status
« on: October 29, 2014, 01:21:00 pm »
I don't believe that MMCPOOL and 1GH got the memo about our change in source status. The source is staying open, however a few changes we implemented still had some crucial testing to do to make sure the network won't collapse.

The current source, which was updated to reflect pre-v3 conditions while we hammer these bugs out, are located on the github repo:

For now, the most active pool on the network is located at:

If you would like to take advantage of the decrease in network power due to the shutdown of GPU pools, please redirect your miners.

How to connect on YAM:
mine = stratum+tcp://[email protected]:8080/mmc
mine = stratum+tcp://[email protected]:8080/mmc

mine = stratum+tcp://[email protected]:80/mmc

How to connect on minerd:
minerd.exe --url --user YOURADDRESS --threads x
minerd.exe --url --user YOURADDRESS --threads x

minerd.exe --url --user YOURADDRESS -threads x

How to view Pool Stats:

MemoryCoin / V3 Hard Fork
« on: October 20, 2014, 04:15:34 pm »
Hello Memorycoin Community.

If you had not noticed that the block height is within 300 blocks of  reaching our announced hard-fork checkpoint, without precompiled executables available for download.

On behalf of the Memorycoin Dev. Team, we must push the hard-fork block point by 1680 blocks, or one week.
This will ensure that exchange operators and pools can update their source and compile in a reasonable amount of time.

I'd like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding for the supply issues that we are aiming to fix, and the code is pretty much ready. I don't think exchanges were informed about this hard-fork date, and the network could face problems if the node was not updated by the hard-fork height.

Long Live MMC

MemoryCoin / Memorycoin Update v3.0 - The Market Correction is Coming!
« on: October 03, 2014, 03:39:53 pm »
Hello Memorycoin Community, passive followers, and greetings to the cryptocurrency community. On behalf of the Memorycoin Dev. Team, we are pleased to announce several changes to the Memorycoin code to be rolled in an update called v3.0, fixing some crucial flaws and optimizing the code. Many of these changes have been in development for a while and even with a limited pay, we were able to push these through without an issue.

First of all I’d like to compliment FreeTrade for his astute coding when he created Memorycoin and possibly Lottoshares as well. There were several things problematic with the Memorycoin code by FreeTrade, outlined very shortly below to reduce trolling:
•   Grant Awards only reward 5.66% of supply.
•   10 million coin cap supersedes the 2.15 minimum block value.
•   Grant awards were not calculated against this 10 million cap and there was unexpected hyperinflation.
•   10 million coin cap will be hit within weeks of after the first year.
•   2% inflation cannot work if there is 10 million coin cap.

There are several things we’re going to change in the v3.0 update:
•   Source code will be OPEN to the public, still only to developed by the Memorycoin Dev. Team.
o   Note: Precompiled executables will be provided, as well as virus checks.
o   Exchange Operators that are not willing to accept our precompiled executables on their servers will be provided the source code in order to scrutinize and compile for themselves.
•   Officer Discussion Board for the development of the coin is now closed to the public and only disclosed to shareholders and other team members.
•   Grant awards will now reward 6.00% of supply.
•   The 10 million market cap will now be hit after the first year, through reducing the block reductions until the 52nd week.
•   2.00% of the supply will be computed and supplied at a constant rate for the next years.
o   200,000 MMC will be minted between the 53rd and 102nd week since the coin launch.
•   In order to optimize the block-chain, we’re increasing block time to eight minutes. The supply will be increased by 33% to satisfy the same supply period, but also relying on a decreased reduction to reach 10 million coins by the 52nd week.
•   We are increasing the interval of grant block reward times to every 8 hours, as opposed to every 2 hours to reduce block-chain bloat – also making elections more competitive to candidates who appeal to different regions in the world (3 elections per day).
•   Temporal Block Retargeting (Faster difficulty changes in order to reduce multi-pool or potentially aggressive mining.)
•   The new Memorycoin executables will be uploaded and distributed within the next week.

There are more changes to be made, and will be rolled in the next v3.1 update including some of the following:
•   Grant Database optimization.
•   Votes of Decay, encourage competition between running candidates.
•   Proxy Voting, and Resignation Options.
•   More shareholder features: Yields over time to combat inflation.

The market correction is coming! Hoard all of  the MMC and mine while supply is still high!


MemoryCoin / Temporary Offline [Back Online]
« on: September 06, 2014, 09:10:24 pm »
Hello Memorycoin Community,
The website has suddenly become offline - I've contacted FreeTrade to redirect his DNS records to our servers so that we may continue hosting the website.

Sorry about the inconvenience - We'll get the site back up as soon as possible.

MemoryCoin / Two New Positions Available
« on: June 28, 2014, 10:37:30 am »
We're looking for two new positions as some of our officers have decided to leave for other concerns and create room for new potential candidates!

We need a new Chief Technical Officer and Chief Marketing Officer as soon as possible.
Each candidate elected by the block-chain will receive 1% of all MMC Minted during their term.

Basic jobs done by both open roles:

CTO – Chief Technology Officer
Managing the source, binaries, development.

CMO – Chief Marketing Officer
Maintaining the website, marketing and communications about the coin.

Don't be scared!

Post your candidacy thread here.

MemoryCoin / [CHA] Memorycoin Foundation
« on: June 14, 2014, 12:44:23 am »
Memorycoin Foundation Charity
Where each contribution promotes the success of Memorycoin.

  The Memorycoin Foundation is a charity that aims to provide monetary funds to all mediums working towards promotion of the coin. The Foundation's prime resilience is that it is versatile and will incorporate all block-chain paid payments to areas which are necessary for the survival, improvement, and to promote a long-term sustaining increase in the coin's value.

   Usages of block-chain rewards from elections may go towards promoting Developer's funds to keep servers churning, bonuses to developers for hard work, and contributions to the entire network (free services) to all Memorycoin holders.

   A finite amount of paid proportion of the Block-Chain will go towards an allocation of funds that will provide market sustainability and more volume through exchanges to promote the circulation and livelihood of the coin.

  Another portion of block-chain rewards given to the Memorycoin Foundation Charity will go towards paying developers to provide adequate performance and satisfaction by the community.

  Coins will never be held for too long and will be utilized on a normal basis. The reserve amount in the charity will go towards maintaining a positive balance and allowing funds to be represented in other areas that have not been designated yet.

   This foundation is aimed at creating adhesive ground for Memorycoin to grow. Memorycoin is destined to be a coin that has as much exposure as the heart of cryptocurrency itself. This currency is not a ponzi pump scheme, unlike bitcoin, where the only main purpose of it is to waste electricity to mine it and to buy more expensive mining equipment in order to make some sort of ROI.

    Memorycoin should present retrospective values to newcomers that will keep them coming for more only because it is truly moving forward and always improving itself.

   The Memorycoin Foundation Charity utilizes reserve voting power to candidates that contribute excellency to the future of the charity's values and visions. Votes will go towards developers who have ideas to promote the exposure and long-term stability of the coin.

100% of all coins sent to address 'MCFLuvFdLaJQ4nzWJJD2MKVh5g1vo11caK' will count towards funding the Memorycoin Foundation Charity.

To vote for the Memorycoin Foundation Charity on Block-Chain held elections
Please Send 0.00000001 MMC to 'MVTEchaETFZ8oUtNJCagkvjneuNWDgNzba'

Current Vote Status
Thank you all for your votes.
The MCF Charity now has 131,822 more Votes (MMC Voting Power) until it is elected.


MemoryCoin / Memorycoin Shareholders Please Read
« on: June 10, 2014, 09:59:00 pm »
If you are located on the top 100 MMC richest list, please PM me for access to the real-time Developer Chat.

This will allow your investment to be carefully valuated for expectations.


MemoryCoin / Memorycoin Logo Feedback
« on: June 04, 2014, 09:11:55 am »
Below are some logos I've modified by our logo winner, just a peek. Let me know your concerns and thoughts.

All in One

RAM Techno

Full Nerves



MemoryCoin / [ANN] Memorycoin v3 in the Works
« on: May 30, 2014, 03:46:51 am »
Hello all, Memorycoin v3 is in the works. If you are registered for our meeting, all of its details will be presented and your input will be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to join into the meeting and review the presentation of Memorycoin v3 on May 31st, please PM me your email address.

I only coined v3 because we will be overhauling the entire code.

Most importantly, your balances will be carried over, and the value of MMC is expected to rise or stay the same.

The only details I will spill:
Supply will unfortunately increase purely on the basis of psychological reasons to adopt.

Memorycoin v3 is expected to be introduced in a hard-fork block within a specific amount of time. ( ETA: > 4 weeks from May 31st.)


MemoryCoin / [ANN] Top Hits - Memorycoin Music Radio Station
« on: May 23, 2014, 01:59:16 am »
Top Hits - Memorycoin Music Radio Station

Over 100 Songs on this playlist!

  • There are no advertisements.
  • Actively Maintained playlist.
  • High Quality Songs.
  • Offshore: Streamed from the Netherlands.
  • Available in different formats for listeners picky about bandwidth.
  • Working? Working out? Driving? Upgrade anything that you do anywhere!
  • Radio Streams are run on port 443 to bypass almost all firewalls.

Memorycoin loves music lovers! Spread the joy!


AAC 256K (HQ)
AAC-HE 56K (Mobile)
MP3 256K (HQ)
MP3 96K (Mobile)

Original Thread located at Memorycoin Square Forums

MemoryCoin / [TUT] What is a Hard-Fork and How Will it Affect me?
« on: May 06, 2014, 09:13:26 pm »
A Hard Fork, What is That?

Listed on

Cryptocurrency developers rarely have to hard-fork their code. A hard-fork is a term that is described to apply changes to the block-chain network. Usually developers signify a certain block to apply a certain change to the code for modifications in how future blocks are found and stored in the block-chain.

  • The Developer finds a system-intensive bug in the code, but rather than reverting all changes in the network, he decides to announce this change to the community after a certain block has been reached.
  • The Developer picks 'x' block to apply changes to the block-chain network. At this time, all nodes are still functional and everything will still go the way it has been designed to.
  • The Developer announces the hard-fork to the community and that they must update their clients or else all changes to the network after the certain block will become obsolete.

When the network reaches past the hard-fork block - Several things will happen:
  • Updated Clients will continue to work, with the modified changes applied.
  • Out of Date Clients will see a reduction in nodes, an extreme decrease in Mining Difficulty,a significant drop in connections.
  • Out of Date Clients become an 'outlaw' to the updated nodes. They can no longer communicate to updated nodes. 
  • Out-dated nodes will communicate on an 'outlaw' network that is not accepted by the newest nodes.

  • Any changes applied to the out-of-date clients will not be accepted by the updated clients, and vice-versa. This is a fork in the block-chain, where the block-chain splits into two separate paths.
  • If you commit changes on the old client, they will be accepted, but only to other 'outlaw' nodes. You must update your client to the version that is accepted by the hard-fork. Only then will your changes really take effect.

MemoryCoin / [ANN] Planned Hard-Fork
« on: April 29, 2014, 05:22:55 pm »
The Hard-Fork is set to take place in 14 days (3360 Blocks)
  • This fork fixes the KGW Time-Warp Bug.

The team and I are working closely to announce this update to the community so all Memorycoin clients may be updated on time.


Update your wallets here [Only Windows, Mac (Mavericks), and Linux are available, other OS X builds coming ASAP.]

Fork is now in effect.

MemoryCoin / [ANN] Exchange Decentralization
« on: April 08, 2014, 01:14:00 am »
This topic promotes exchange decentralization.

   Preventing another situation like [["Bitcoin's Mtgox Insolvency"]] is a must. We are trying to avoid the devaluation of our coin's integrity if an exchange unfortunately closes. (It will ultimately hurt everyone in the end.)

All exchanges carry the ultimate risk of being closed down for any reason.

Please, do not trust your coins on the exchange's account. Keep the portion you want to keep in your wallet, and vote for your candidates. Bear in mind that the freeze in CNY deposits on BTer is a huge warning to investors seeking to find a comfortable trading ground.

     I'd like to promote Bittrex, an all welcoming exchange that promotes alt-coin trading such as ours. Their belief in working with multitudes of other coins is great for the online cryptocurrency community.
BTC/MMC Bittrex Exchange

     Please feel free to read their Bio: they are located in the US and will be able to provide adequate support for our coin if any situation calls for it.
About Bittrex

  Also read our CMO's message here.

Let's see that balance go down...

Agran's Top 100 Richest Addresses
Code: [Select]
last processed block: 27164 (april 8, 2014, 02:07 utc)
total coin in the system: 6 284 841.70305292 mmc (326.06 btc / 145 772.20 usd )
#1 MVgvtTcrX7A7pW96su5ipfGMReE1f5DzKS 2 650 000.00100000 mmc (137.48 btc / 61 464.77 usd )

CEO of Memorycoin
MMC-Square Forums Link

MemoryCoin / Manebjorn's Interview with Delinquency
« on: April 04, 2014, 01:35:05 am »
The original post is located over at our community forums at,16.msg52.html#new

1. Outline your plans and a basic time frame for implementation.

I have an aggressive plan for Memory Coin and it will be dependent on the team's willingness to participate. Within a few hours of becoming CEO, I was introduced to their collaborative tool, slack. Slack is a very easy real-time messaging system, great for communication but not for getting work done. I've had the chance to personally message most of the active members on our team, and they are certainly delighted to have me working with them.

Memory Coin has really captivated me from the start. It was a coin made for the “economically and financially” marginalized. This means that anyone can start mining, and big investors who start mining operations won't see a particularly huge advantage over normal miners.

I'd honestly like to equip Memory Coin with capabilities of infecting the world through social media and the internet. So say, you didn't even know what Bitcoin was and wanted to learn about Memory Coin? We would have to design our applications to be presentable to them. This means modifying Memory Coin's user interface and website to actually appeal to 'your grandmother'. The phrase 'your grandmother' refers to a computer-dumb person who barely uses a computer. I feel that since Memory Coin was created for the purpose of everyone, it should be understood by everyone in the best way possible as well.

Within a few days, I'd like to create some detailed guides on how Memory Coin works, and why it will survive. These guides will ultimately be worked on by the community and developer team so that it's easily interpreted by an ordinary person and in almost every language. We'll also have a guide on the unique structure of the coin and why it will succeed other coins.
   In the same timeframe, I launched I invested slightly in an expensive reserved instance on an Amazon EC2 becayse I knew that it worth it! This website is going to be our new home, and we know that the website just can't remain a forums forever. Since all of the memory coin projects are open source, we plan on hosting them on our server, including a p2pool, Electrum server, and host the memory wallet code.

I'm still getting to know everybody on the team. Our team's relationship with each other is crucial to the success of the coin. I'd expect this learning process to take a few more days because there are four other members and I have only reached out to a few of them.

I have plans to create several Memorycoin Videos in the next week and am committed to working with our community to help publicize Memorycoin.

2. How do you feel the transition has went?

The transition of becoming CEO was exhilarating. There were different emotions going through my mind. I kept thinking about how running against FreeTrade might put me on his bad side. That's why I left a whole paragraph about him and how I wanted to make sure I had nothing against him, and that I had the same ideas as he did as CEO.

I also thought that it would be hard to be elected, amongst other things. I didn't think it was that easy to catch shareholder's votes. I assumed that I had to do things such as provide for the community first before they voted for me. All I gave them were words, ideas, but no developments. In the end, I knew that I had convinced the community because I actually got elected as CEO in a short amount of time.
The transition of joining our collaborative board was simply easy. I got used to the software (slack). I had a situation with attempting to contact everyone on the team and being criticized by a candidate at the time. It was hard for them to change to the new CEO as well, as they were used to minding their own terms and doing their own business – and I didn't like the fact that we all had a redundancy of websites. Everyone wasn't working together and projects were not being completed.

I'm not going to give up because someone has mocked me or disrespected me. If we all want Memorycoin to succeed, the team and I have to put more work on development and collaboration, and that's exactly what I want to achieve as CEO.

Being CEO is a big responsibility. Whatever I decide to publish has a direct impact on the community around us. Whether its good or bad will be reflected on the market price. As CEO and part of the main team of five other talented individuals voted by the block chain, I think that I can't affect the coin as much as if one of the others have release information that may change the valuation of MMC.

As CEO, I will not call for trading halts on exchanges unless there is an absolute necessity to. I can't think of any instances off the top of my head, because I have never had to deal with it. Just because trading is still open and causes more volatility in the market during a news or important release doesn't mean people have to trade it and aren't always exposed to the event risk involved. People trading just before and during the release because of very mixed expectations.

3. How do you feel about being CEO?

I enjoy every minute of being CEO. We all know it's a hard job and knowing that the community believes in my ideas excels and motivates me. Even if I get voted off the team, I'll still be working hard to continue campaigning towards becoming CEO again. Shareholders need to know how consistent people are in their expectations for development in Memorycoin. Technically, the next candidate is going to receive less payment each block from the reducing block reward so I don't see any problem with serving my term to its fullest.

Sometimes being CEO puts too much pressure on me and I just know that if it stresses me out too much, I can just hit the gym and lift heavier weights to reduce stress (This method always works). After long days of working; I'm only human, I get stressed out just like anybody else. I worry sometimes because if I screw up, the coin can take a hit, but I just try to tell myself that everything I do or attempt to accomplish are just steps closer to helping aiding the adoption of Memorycoin. It's important to not do anything wrong because little things can make big changesto the future of Memorycoin.

4. How has Memorycoin and Bitcoin changed your life?

Cryptocurrencies are the future. I truly believe that only the best currencies cannot fluctuate as much as 1% within a week unless there is a serious problem with the system. In contrast to normal currency, the banks print the money, and not physically. Most of the money is printed electronically. This is happening all the time on forex markets as huge banks who wish to profit aim to minimize and/or increase profits by trading for another currency. I do trade the forex markets and know exactly what moves a currency.

BTC/Fiat is a huge disaster. I've never seen such drastic changes in price that has depressed all cryptocurrencies as a whole. Bitcoin has taken a hit with the shutdown of the major exchange mtgox, but it was obviously MT (Empty) to close down to hackers emptying their reserves. You could have seen this happening from a mile away – their banks were shut down in the US and withdrawals already took more than three weeks to process. Now with all these issues with China and the US trying to tax our gains on profits from bitcoin, the community is really mixed on how bitcoin can survive in the future.
Anyway, I never really invested into bitcoin, but I played a part in my role as a miner. Mining bitcoins were very easy especially when the difficulty was low and before ASICs came out, and since there were some websites that accepted bitcoin in exchange for their services, I just sent my bitcoins to their payment address and got what I needed without having to use a credit card. If I had known of the potential price spike of bitcoin to over $1,000, I would have held every one of them.

Memorycoin was definitely a big hit when it came out. However, the past haunted the present. People who already opposed the coin and the maker already started their campaign to corrupt the coin. It was just bad to have someone do that to any coin but I truly believe that in the end, Memorycoin will eventually lead to greatness.

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