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Become a member of the committee Smart Assets Derivatives for Nasdaq shares.
We create the comet as a committee that controls the bit of Asset, bitUSD, bitCNY ..., which will manage smart  Assets for Nasdaq shares, as well as the account, issuer of the derivative.
 The account will be assigned multi-signatures, so that any action with smart assets will require the approval of the committee.
As a reward, the members of the committee will be divided by the profit from the volume of trades in Derivatives for the shares of Nasdaq.
Initially, I propose to gather a committee with 7 participants, in which there will be 3 votes to make a decision.
Initially, there will be one AMAZONCOM smart asset in the management, because Two independent accounts are publish Feeds to this smart asset.

Commission for transactions with a smart asset AMAZONCOM is 0.2%. It is she who will be divided among the members of the committee.

Obligations of the participant:
Publish Feeds for a smart asset AMAZONCOM (please., Learn how to do it yourself)
Confirm transactions (once a month to distribute profits between members of the committee)

unfortunately, practice showed that when smart assets are managed by one or two accounts, and quotes also gives one account - this leads to manipulation with both Feeds and with the asset itself. This was done with the smart assets of FACEBOOKCOM and APPLECOM

In order to get fully reliable smart assets - we create our own committee of seven accounts (in the future it is desirable to expand it to 15 accounts), which will independently publish quotations and confirm any change in the smart asset using a multi-signature account

Initially, you should not do this with a view to making a profit, since the volume of trades in smart asset derivatives for Nasdaq shares is very low.

Become a member of the committee, take part in the development of Bitshares

If you want to become a member of the committee, specify your account here and you will be added to publish the quotations and receive a share in the account of the issuer with a multi-signature
Also you can read here to understand more  -

中文(Chinese) / 納斯達克在Bitshares的股票
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Deutsch (German) / Aktien von Nasdaq in Bitschares
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Handeln Sie mit dem Smart Asset AMAZONCOM
1 AMAZONCOM - AMAZON.COM, INC von NASDAQ (AMZN) AMAZONCOM ist ein Derivat für die AMAZON.COM, INC Aktie. Feeds werden von der Nasdaq-Börse zugewiesen.
Feeds auf der BTS werden von derörse veröffentlicht.
BTS-Notierungen von der Bitshares-Börse werden demnächst hinzugefügt, um einen durchschnittlichen Börsenkurs für alle Börsen zu erhalten

Manchmal kann es aufgrund der Differenz zwischen dem BTS-Preis an der Bitshares-Börse und der Poloniex-Börse zu Kursunterschieden zwischen dem Nasdaq-Umtausch und der Bitshares-Umtauschbörse kommen.

Wenn Sie Feeds für ein Smart Asset AMAZONCOM veröffentlichen möchten, geben Sie bitte hier Ihren Namen Bitshares an und Sie werden zur Veröffentlichung der Feeds in die Whitelist aufgenommen

中文(Chinese) / 纳斯达克在Bitshares的股票
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Trade in the smart asset AMAZONCOM
1 AMAZONCOM - AMAZON.COM, INC by NASDAQ (AMZN) AMAZONCOM is a derivative for the AMAZON.COM, INC share. Feeds are assigned from the Nasdaq exchange.
Feeds on the BTS are published from the exchange.
BTS quotes from the Bitshares exchange will soon be added, to obtain an average market quotation for all exchanges

Sometimes there may be differences in the price of the AMAZONCOM smart asset in dollars between the Nasdaq exchange and the Bitshares exchange, due to the difference in the BTS price on the Bitshares exchange and the Poloniex exchange.

If you want to publish Feeds for a smart asset AMAZONCOM, please indicate here your name Bitshares, and you will be added to the white list for publication of Feeds

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