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MemoryCoin / [ANN]
« on: May 03, 2014, 09:19:11 am »
The plan is to deploy a pool of pools on every major continent. The objective is to identify our major p2pool nodes, to ease the process of mining configuration, and to have unified easy-to-remember domain names. This does not mean that the other nodes which are not covered by these names are less significant in any sense. These domain names in the union will be maintained and always correspond to valid pool addresses.



The domain name of each p2pool nodes follows the regular expression
where [continent] can be north-america, asia, europe, etc. For example, is a valid name.

How to use

Without loss of generality, assume that you are located at Mexico, and your MMC address is "ADDRESS". Configure your yam-mmc.cfg as
Code: [Select]
mine = stratum+tcp://[email protected]:8080/mmc
mine = stratum+tcp://[email protected]:8080/mmc
mine = stratum+tcp://[email protected]:8080/mmc
In another reality, you are located at China, and your MMC address is "ADDRESS". Then, configure your yam-mmc.cfg as
Code: [Select]
mine = stratum+tcp://[email protected]:8080/mmc
mine = stratum+tcp://[email protected]:8080/mmc
mine = stratum+tcp://[email protected]:8080/mmc
Notice that each continent may have a different number of pools. You may want to order them based on your personal preference, pool fee, stability, etc.

Requirements to join

  • Static IP address which is constant across time
  • P2Pool on port 8080 based on KB's code
  • Fee <= 1%
  • The maintainer is willing to keep it for a long run
  • The maintainer is able to track the recent developments by KB and update efficiently

How to join

  • Setup your P2Pool node following the guide
  • Leave your static IP address in this thread
  • Optionally, update your PTR record
  • There is no long-term contract. We kick out inactive nodes from time to time

Updating list

Domain Name Alternative Name IPV4 Fee Location
1%New York
North Virginia

MemoryCoin / Bter has halted CNY deposit
« on: April 05, 2014, 03:31:43 am »
Dear all, bter has halted CNY deposit due to GOV policy. Basically MMC/CNY volatility is greatly suppressed. This presents an opportunity to "raise" alternative exchanges and form a real market.  They
include but not limited to  (not recommended ATM)

If you are buying,  place your limit orders at alternative exchanges. Don't be fooled by the 0.05% transaction fee difference, price is what really matters, isn't it? When the price at bter falls, sellers will go to other exchanges to fill the buying orders (higher price out there) This provide strong support. You don't want the price continuing falling after buying, do you? Bots on the other hand, cannot step out of bter to continue selling, because they are bter bots rather than global bots. Even human, sometimes does not care to step out of the familiar old exchange.

We (community dedicated members and investors who would like see MMC price rising) march on all alternative exchanges. This is much easier, because the thin volume there. We slowly drive the MMC/BTC price up, while the strong support at alternative exchanges behind us. You will find out the real human bears (sellers) are not that strong when the bots are excluded. Intuitively, our strategy is like this

_________                             __________     /\
                |                           |                       |
 bittrex      |                           |     poloniex      |
                |_______________|                       |   Price GO!
                           bter                                    |
                    (bots stuck here)

What do you think?

MemoryCoin / New Exchange:
« on: March 30, 2014, 05:23:45 am »
MemoryCoin has just been added to

I got the news from BTT. Thanks to all who have been voting and communicating.

If you would like to invest, I am sure you can find some cheap MMCs there in recent days  8)

MemoryCoin / Looking for Zhi-Jian-Ren 执剑人
« on: March 27, 2014, 04:29:41 pm »
Hi community,

I am looking for someone who can be referred to as Zhi-Jian-Ren (执剑人). It is Chinese words. Literally it means "the one who holds the sword". The one should hold large amounts of MMC, at least 100k (10万), preferred larger. I know there are already more than one such share-holders. He or she should not be one of the CXOs or be running for candidacy.  He or she should be a honorable and intelligent member of the community who actions based on the interest of MemoryCoin. His or her function is as important as the core team, which is listed as follows

1. Fire an officer at anytime. This is fun. We don't need to wait for 1 week or more to fire some compromised position. Two hours is enough. This also makes the core team more functional.
2. Giving more opportunity to all candidates. For example, someone has less votes but is still contributing to the community. Why not give him or her some share, directly from the block-chain? This will give us several active officers for each position at the same time.
3. Defend the voting system. You know, this happened in the past. We need powerful votes within the community to defend the positions, if necessary.

This is a fun game. Right? It is a bit risky, but Zhi-Jian-Ren holds large amounts of MMC and is somehow guaranteed to function according to the best interest of MemoryCoin. This is a cool title awarded by the community but not by the block-chain. If the guy or gal is compromised, the title is lost and the community can go against him or her.

I am looking forward to your thoughts, and comments by future Zhi-Jian-Rens.

MemoryCoin / New exchange:
« on: March 20, 2014, 07:09:22 am »
After several email conversations with Bill, a founder of Bittrex LLC
MMC was just added to last night 8) The platform
is based in Vegas. For MMC, it supports both BTC and LTC trading.
The trading URLs are



The commission fee is constantly 0.25%. To withdraw MMC, one need to
pay 0.1MMC transaction fee. The minimum trading size is 1MMC.

I am already looking forward to the first transactions.

General Discussion / Scientific Advisor Needed?
« on: March 16, 2014, 09:09:18 pm »
Hi community,

You are doing interesting stuff. Whatever you call it, whether you realize it, it is closely related to the scientific area of Artificial Intelligence (AI). If you never heard of it before, you may get some rough idea from the movies "AI" ( and "I, Robot" ( Now, this area has reached a serious level, maybe already beyond what you expect. We have AIs that passed the Turing test, which means that it is not distinguishable from real human by certain interfaces. We could also expect that Hinton can do some serious stuff at google ( before he retires. I am a researcher of Machine Learning, a top discipline of AI, doing very fundamental stuff such as Riemannian Geometry of statistical distributions. I have good insight into this area. I am not sure but I guess that you may need a scientific advisor to advise you how to write real papers with serious mathematics, at least nicely formatted with LaTeX (?) I would be glad to help, if certain acknowledges are provided. I am not ready to reveal my thinkings and my true identify. So, what I expect is that, people with sharp eyes can see through my text the intrinsic value.

I would also like to mention that I am working 80% on machine learning. The rest 20% is currently occupied by MemoryCoin ( Therefore, MemoryCoin is backed up by real computer scientist. Have a look. It is at least more related to what you are doing.

Thanks for your attention.


MemoryCoin / Unverified New Exchange for MMC (CAUTION!!!)
« on: March 05, 2014, 09:35:38 am »
This morning I got notified about a new exchange.
I just googled around and found some previous records of their service phone. ???
Please do not trade there (I deleted the URL temporarily) without me further updating here.

MemoryCoin / [CMO] Team 8
« on: March 01, 2014, 12:15:06 am »
Hi there, I am tomorrow. This is my statement of candidacy for the MemoryCoin CMO.

Who am I?
I am a 31 year old researcher based in Switzerland. I am specialized in artificial
intelligence and data analysis. I guess we don't need to embed a "brain" into the
block-chain. So why a scientist for CMO? Let's say that we are accurate, honest,
and have strict disciplines. I am also an experienced forex trader and the head of
team 8.

What is team 8?
It is a symbol. 8 stands for UTC+8, the Beijing time. We are a group of talented
Chinese. We are well trained in computer science. All graduated from top universities.
The main members are working in large business and research labs based in mainland
China. They also belong to my start-up. They are
jangbi, senior researcher, specialized in quantum computing
cassidy, senior researcher and engineer, specialized in networking and investment

What we already did?
  • Organization of two round of giveaways and the QQ group
  • Various posts in Chinese forums since the release of MMC (90% of the MMC Chinese stuff are by us)
  • Most of these works is supported by seraphim, the current CSO.

[UPDATE] March 14, 2014
We expanded on social networks including twitter/weibo/QQ. Since March 3, our weibo has been followed by 63 individuals, including some large nodes. We are updating everyday and making our voices. We are giving small amount of MMCs in these social networks as well as the bitcointalk forum. I am making contacts. Most are ineffective or not immediately effective. I am not willing to reveal the details. However, as immediate effects, you can already see the update of MMC links on bter, and that MMC is listed in the MintPal vote list. We have refreshed all links on the site and made a Chinese version of the web site. Thanks to svyatoslav who gave me the access. Many people regard that site as the homepage. Hence such efforts make sense.

[UPDATE] March 29, 2014
We have been maintaining social interfaces including twitter and weibo. This is to let the outside know that we have an active community. The sizes of both networks have expended. Based on my communication efforts, MemoryCoin successfully gets accepted into a new exchange,  Together with other members of the executive board, we helped deployed the first orders to activate the trading there. This is an on-going effort. After release of the new homepage, we re-translated some contents. Now the Chinese translation of the homepage is 100% done.

[UPDATE] April 11, 2014
This is our mid-month report. Not two weeks yet, but have to make such a statement. I am personally sad about the leaving of our old friends freetrade and emre. They were discharged in a dishonorable manner without enough acknowledgements and proper communication. In real life, we communicate, we do not just screw people. If seraphim leave as well, I will leave. I am working on MemoryCoin mainly because of the good experience with the friendly community. For several weeks, my friends in team-8 are not involved in the marketing job anymore. Given the current price level, I cannot really support or convince them as they (and myself) have a stressful work in real life. So it is just me. For the past 10 days, I have been updating twitter and weibo as usual. Both networks are expanded. For the record, we have 296 followers on twitter, and 217 fans on weibo. Our facebook page has just gone live. Community members, please like us there. I have been organizing give-aways on these networks to stimulate participation. I started a repository of pdf documents in Chinese. The objective is to establish a "scientific figure" of MemoryCoin community. Being scientific can be basically understood as being good but having a low profile. It is located at For now it is only an election guide, which has already been announced on BTT. I also made a post-ANN in BTC38's official forum It comprehensively assembled our recent progress. I trust the viewers there will be impressed about the decent developments of MemoryCoin as compared with others which make a lot of noise without real stuff. It is also strategic to make an ANN there. I have been trying to reach as much exchanges and merchants. What is visible is that we have been listed in a new exchange, and we have been listed in Crycurex's voting list. I have been placing orders at bittrex so as to make it start pulsing there. I would suggest our core members do the same. Just placing your limit orders at a good price will already help. QQ群内的朋友:最近一个月在国内休假,不能时常上线,请保持信心继续支持MMC,联系方式见本帖结尾。

[UPDATE] May 2, 2014
I have been communicating a lot with the crypto world. Roughly, out of 10 contacts, we got 1 result. As noticeable developments, we got into, an online profile manager. I have invited to setup a p2pool located at I also contributed a European p2pool node located at I brought the domain, aiming at a p2pool union on every major continent. Now we already have 4 nodes and are looking forward to more. You can see the web-interface at You are welcome to contribute your local p2pool node and earn some pool fees. I have also contacted and successfully got MemoryCoin back on their web-site (thanks to the bug-fix by KillerByte). We have several ongoing projects which can be seen on the new forum No luck for exchange in the term. I do have kept an eye on the new exchange, made the first transaction, and tried to active the trading there. As usual, I have been keep maintaining the social interfaces and organized give-aways there. We now have 333 followers on twitter, a big step forward as compared to half a month ago. If you are looking at this, please follow us on

[UPDATE] May 23, 2014
For the last period, I was extremely busy due to my day job. This will be the case for at least the next 2 weeks. As noticeable developments in the current period, I got MemoryCoin into altcoincalendar. I continue operating my p2pool node and server.

What we will do?
this is only a draft. We adapt when things roll on
. Expanding on the largest social networks in China: weibo and QQ.
. Technical writing and maximally extend each voice
. MMC-bounties web-site with simple interface to let anybody take a task and earn MMC.
. Keep maintaining the cn homepage
. Organizing giveaways in the form of games to promote MMC
. Report in this thread every two weeks
. Incubating and implementing good ideas

How do we honor and support the currently ongoing work?
The current contributors are welcome to join my team. They will be rewarded
in the form of bounties for their ongoing work. Specifically, I fully support the
current on-going development of the fantastic new homepage. I welcome the
CMO candidates who are not elected to apply (limited) fund from me to support
their long-term projects.

How to be involved?
If interested, please send your profile to my email address (see contact). I intend
to maintain a core team of less than 8 people (surely they are not limited to be
at UTC+8). My team members will get salary from me. After the release of the
mmc-bounties web site, more people in the community can be involved.

How to vote?
send .00000001MMC to MVTEcmosdhUoFCZkZ3T4zi14j1ZCogp2DM

How to un-vote?
send .00000001MMC to any other candidate, including
robonix MVTEcmof6MJKAhDBt4cByffKJBX2KEnnJH
itsik78   MVTEcmodH7do4V47ht1U9AXQKMouqYNAYM
or, send .00000001MMC MVTEcmo1111111111111111111115e9dK3 to vote for no one

Why the campaign?
We respect the current work. It is great. I just feel that the MMC
block-chain need some new blood to revive it. I am willing to play
the role to make the position more competitive.

How to make a contact?
mailto:[email protected]

Chinese version
用中文说两句. (我们中文言简意赅, 不再逐句翻译) 记忆币是一个根红苗正的币.
参数, 理念, 团队, 大多数山寨币都难望其项背. 本人三十出头, 居住在瑞士, 主业是搞
机器学习研究的, 作风严谨踏实. 背后有一支科班出身的创业小团队, 都是十多年的老朋
友, 个个都很棒. 从去年记忆币发布至今, 我们用业余时间负责中文翻译宣传.

现在本人竞选记忆币CMO. 计划简要如下. 一) 发展微博等社交网络, 让更多人知道记忆
币的核心理念. DAC币是个还没有为大众所知的极大的卖点. 二) 招贤纳士, 让MMC的推广
软文出现在各大论坛. 三) 记忆币悬赏网站. 让更多人能为社区做贡献并领取MMC奖金.
四) 维护中文主页 五) 继续赠币游戏, 发展龙骑士(拥护者, 搜索即知).

票数=记忆币数量. 比如说您有100个MMC,就算100票
将您打算用来投票的记忆币转到一个地址(须本地钱包). 然后用这个地址
发送0.00000001MMC (小数点后七个零) 到 MVTEcmosdhUoFCZkZ3T4zi14j1ZCogp2DM

联系: 请加入官方QQ群 147059306 参与讨论
本人(唯一)正式联系方式 [email protected]

Hi community, I started this thread to let people to spend their APM (see StarCraft) and to get MMC listed in more alternative exchanges, whatever the size (trading volume) they have.


We just got listed in today. After registration, you can see the Bitcoin donation address 164jcbtUqq6Dar3H6PBvwCgkYZveyvSY3Y. Please do verify this address on your own account at Crycurex before sending your bitcoins. As they said, "When coin gets 0.2 BTC or more in donations, it will be added to our list." However, on their forum post , they said the threshold is 0.3 BTC. Therefore we need to donate around 0.3BTCx450USD/BTC=135USD to get on it. Note, this exchange currently has no volume, so wait (do not donate) unless you can not.


We just got listed in the voting list of MintPal (
Here is the voting web page
Note, only registered users with a trade history are permitted to vote.
Every user is limited to 5 votes per hour. This means that
we need 70k/(24*5) = 583 "People Day" to get to the very top.
In other words, if we get 100 people keep voting. We can reach the
top in one week.
If you already have a MintPal account, please vote for MMC regularly.

Allcrypt (Mission Accomplished) is a new exchange in incubation.
Currently it is selecting popular coins based on voting and donation.
I will not donate as I am not sure if it is a scam or not ::)
However, it does not harm that you just go there and vote for MMC!!!!
MMC is eager for new exchange and you can help with minimal efforts.
Just follow these simple steps:

1> go to
2> Click on the small green arrow on the line of MMC for 10 times
3> (Optionally) Change some other IPs, repeat 2 again
4> Come back tomorrow, and do step 2-3
5> Come back the day after tomorrow, and vote again
6> ....
7> MMC gets selected

General Discussion / Switzerland - Bitshares Meetup
« on: February 22, 2014, 09:55:36 pm »
Hey, I guess you know the meaning of organizing such meet-ups in Switzerland. The rule is quite simple, we get more than 7 people who are motivated to participate in a BTS meeting/workshop/party and we go!! Now it is already ONE. We could fix the details like the exact time and place, the form of the meet-up, etc... when we got enough signups. I will be glad to help coordinate.

Please reply if you are interested in a meet-up in Switzerland.;D

MemoryCoin / A list of suggestions to all MMC Pools
« on: February 22, 2014, 06:58:18 pm »
This post aims at maintaining a list of suggestions to improve all MMC pools (currently including but not limited to mmcpool, 1gh and dwarfpool), so that both the pool owners and the users can benefit. This is a live post, which means that I will assemble the collected suggestions and update the original post. If you are a miner and would like certain features of the pools, please reply with your suggestions. If you are a pool owner, please consider our collected suggestions to improve your service.

1) Please support port 80. MMC is a CPU coin. Many people have spare, sometimes huge, CPU power behind the firewall. More users will come if 80 is supported.

2) Please include alternative languages including spanish, chinese, french, german... The pool-site is usually very small and such translation does not require much effort. It would be of great help of miners who do not speak English.
3) (for new pools like dwarfpool and others) It would be great pleasure to see you more active on the forum and organize activities like temporarily reduce the pool fee, giving additional award for miners, organizing games, ... so that the computational power can be more balanced. It is good for both the community and the pool owners.

编辑 (2014年二月十九日):

可免费获得0.5MMC. 龙骑士奖励加倍. 详见

新年依始, 本人代表记忆币 ( 社区祝大家马年吉祥, 马到成功!
闲话略去不讲, 下面赠币游戏开始

【龙马出击 -- 游戏规则】

即刻起至正月十五(2月14号北京时间23:59), 大家可以按如下步骤参与MMC赠币活动. 一句话:
在mmcpool挖记忆币满24小时后回帖留地址. 下面详细解释windows用户的操作方法,
  • 下载记忆币客户端
安装成功后, 在菜单"mining"中选择"launch pool miner"即可. 客户端会另开启一个命
令行窗口, 并提示开始在默认矿池MMCPool( 挖矿

  • 连续挖矿24小时
注意不要断开网络连接哦. 记忆币是CPU币, 所以您看到CPU满了不必惊慌. 简单的说, 您一
直开着电脑就行了...可以查看命令行窗口检查挖矿状态. 挖矿中您可以到 输入钱包地址, 并检查当前收益.

  • 挖满24小时之后, 回复此贴并留下地址
最晚在正月十五夜间回复地址. 最先回复的491名网友将得到奖励。 我们会用脚本检查回帖的精确
时间, 不满24小时或者中间间断过长则得不到奖励,考虑到计算误差, 建议满24小时15分钟后再回帖.

【龙马出击 -- 游戏奖励】

奖励基于回帖顺序, 与您贡献的算力无关, 每贴包含的地址在发帖时刻须在mmcpool
(而不是另外两个矿池)挖满24小时, 否则无效. 最终解释权本人所有.

  • 最先挖满24小时并回复此贴的3个地址, 将被授予永久荣誉称号"龙骑"(dragon knight)
    他们的地址及ID将在记忆币主页公布, 在记忆币后续推广活动中将会有绝对特殊的优待.
  • 最先挖满24小时并回复此贴的91个地址 (包括三位龙骑士), 每人奖励 5 MMC
  • 第92-191个地址, 每人奖励 2.5 MMC
  • 第192-491个地址, 每人奖励 1 MMC
  • 水木龙骑士请回复此贴, 即可保留龙骑称号

【龙马出击 -- 常见问题】

> 凭什么给你挖矿啊?
挖出的MMC将打到您自己的钱包里. 也就是说, 您不仅会得到免费赠币, 还会得到您自己挖出的MMC.
挖出的MMC多少取决于您的CPU型号, 见这里

> 直接赠币就行了嘛,费这事干嘛啊?
天下没有免费的午餐. 我们的主要目的是让您通过这个游戏更了解记忆币. 以及现在这个时机挖MMC的
丰厚收益. 简单的赠币没有太大娱乐性, 过年了乐呵乐呵 :-)

> CPU挖矿是否有利可图?
是的! 就本人了解, 记忆币是目前收益最佳的CPU币. 一台 i7-4770k 机器全速每天可以挖 24MMC.
只用4核, 在毫不影响您电脑体验的情况下, 可以上述一半的效率产矿. 请参见

> 这点奖励值多少钱啊?
当前价格请参照 您可以看到, 相对其他赠币活动, 本游戏的奖励
非常丰厚. 我们极不推荐您兑现, 记忆币升值潜力巨大, 请参考此贴

> 得到的奖励, 从哪能兑现
您可以到比特儿 ( 换成人民币或者比特币.

> 收益相对的风险在哪里?
注意不要用公司电脑, 以免被老板叫去谈话. 此类事件记忆币概不负责 :D

> 我能不能加入多轮?
为了让更多网友参与, 本轮活动每个id仅可加入一次. 每个钱包地址也只能加入一次. 如果您觉得有意思,
请关注本版面. 记忆币会推出后续活动.

> 想了解记忆币更多信息

> 我用linux, 怎么加入游戏?
您属于高级用户, 请到http://mmcpool.com并下载yam挖矿程序,配置时请务必选择mmcpool矿池

> 我的cpu很烂, 贡献不了多少算力, 能加入游戏吗?
能! 我们只算您在mmcpool挖矿的时间. 我们更欢迎普通网友加入游戏.

> 什么时候发奖金?
您回帖后, 我们会尽快确认, 分批次发出奖金, 并更新此贴

> 龙骑士有什么好处?
我们计划进行一个系列的中文推广游戏. 龙骑士名额极其稀少. 而且是终身荣誉, 将在记忆币首页公布.
在系列游戏中, 龙骑士待遇较一般参与者更为优厚. 在记忆币中国的各类活动中均会考虑特殊优待.

> 为什么是491个奖励名额? 为什么有的人直接就是龙骑士了?
本活动原在水木社区 首发,但是受到管理人员的恶意排挤. 不得不退出该平台.
在这次活动中, 有九位网友鼎力相助, 因此只要他们在我们论坛注册并回复此贴, 即可直接得到龙骑士
称号. 我们希望记忆币社区能够记住历史, 在历史中吸取教训, 并强大起来.

【龙马出击 -- 背景故事】

故事是这样开始的, 世界原本混沌. 过了几万年, 清气上升结为天, 浊气下沉凝为地. 地上有三片大陆,
"依季"在北, "魔窟"在南. 南北一水之隔, 物种却截然不同. 北陆天高, 南国地泽. 汪洋外另有一片小岛.
此岛聚合天地灵气, 几千石头幻化成几千矮人. 一日, 矮人争论地方还是地圆, 一辩即是百年. 后分为两
派, 说地方者往北, 说地圆者往南. 北陆天高兽多, 矮人猎兽为生, 愈发魁梧. 南国地泽物灵, 矮人耕田
织布, 繁衍生息. 相安无事又过了百年. 一日北陆大君兴起, 追一兽至界河, 遂发箭射之, 此兽为南国驯
化, 南行百里方猝. 南国人心忿忿, 南国君言 "何以至此". 遂战. 一战又是百年. 北陆人凶悍, 魔窟生灵
涂炭, 世间力量失衡. 南国军溃败至海. 谋士出海寻神兽助战, 十年寻得十匹龙马. 此马日行千里, 夜行
万里, 其疾如风, 侵略如火. 南国君十年逃窜, 草木皆兵. 见龙马一凛,曰"战!" (待续)

依季 --; 魔窟 --; 矮人: 记忆币发行一个来月, 已经有三大
矿池. 这次活动的首要目的是让各位网友了解记忆币, 还有一个小小目的, 就是请大家帮助支持mmcpool


meeme                  M8YtQfxV4asLELWeUyQAUKNY79DFYm1cvj
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hiver                     MQV8VMm4dxRzTej8mkZLfmzdqciH8E1kAb


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5 zerowind MAQhgtmo24TYfCPdtehCz44DnXjufvsp1W
6 george2 MKx19bF6rTEQkqm8NWMDPf8gBAfa4zBKVd
7 ziggy MJZRt8gT6oURjSJ1ZARKMaozJFajPmtB3a
8 xing M9zE4CTr4EZmG8NDCoQ6UnC2kjVxGkJpJA

中文(Chinese) / 记忆币 Memorycoin YaM 挖矿程序 all-in-one 脚本
« on: January 25, 2014, 01:10:17 pm »
问: 什么是yam挖矿程序?
答: 它是目前最快的记忆币CPU挖矿程序.

问: 这个脚本有什么用?
答: 将下载解压启动挖矿等繁琐的过程简化到一个命令.

本人制做了一个all-in-one脚本, 代码在

比较适合新手迅速上手在云端挖矿, 以及了解挖矿的必要条件.
登陆云端(dedicated server, amazon ec2等)后,
先安装git, wget, screen (这里以debian/ubuntu为例)
Code: [Select]
# apt-get update
# apt-get install wget git screen

之后, 按如下步骤即可立即开始挖矿...
Code: [Select]
# git clone
# cd minemmc
# chmod a+x minemmc
(然后编辑minemmc 修改FILE和ADDRESS)
# ./minemmc

目前可用, 但是还不够完善, 会持续更新.

作者观点不代表译者观点. 翻译会随原文更新.

-- 序 --

本文不代表投资建议. 人们给投资建议时常这么说, 本文也这么起头吧. 估计是过去哪个家伙投资失败后
投诉了建议者, 导致现在没人敢随便建议了. 如果您喜欢打官司, 建议买国库券就行了, 什么种类的都行.
那个最安全, 但是笔者对此也不付责任 -- 本文并不是投资建议.

【比特币 Bitcoin】

估计您已经听说比特币非常棒. 本文假设读者已经理解比特币的相关概
念, 这里就不再强调它的优势, 包括大众认可, 网络媒体宣传, 以及其
首创优势等等. 本文将考察几个它没有解决好的关键问题 -- 山寨币要

>问题一 通货膨胀 - 比特币如何应付通货膨胀?
别听经济学毕业新生吹嘘通胀紧缩. 现下比特币通货膨胀明显 -- 目前
近9%. 对于想让比特币"涨到月亮上"的支持者们, 这是个大麻烦. 原因

每天有3,600比特币被挖出. 这需要每天3百万美元 (3600乘以800) 流入

假如谨慎想要100倍的回报. 这需要1比特币从8百美元涨到8万美元. 维
持此汇率需要的代价是 -- 每天3亿美元得进入市场! 这不太可能. 交易
平台和市场还不具备应付这些资金的能力. 这个问题随时间会淡化, 每
四年挖出的比特币会减半. 但是老实说, 想当亿万富翁的也等不了那么

>问题二 开发 - 正在进行中的开发, 推广以及货币保护如何获得经济支持?

现在比特币有100亿美元的市值, 很多公司和服务趋之若鹜, 但是多少资本
会投入到开发核心技术和用户体验上? 少的可怜! 比特币基金依赖于捐助
和开源社区的帮助. 比特币大款应该资助开发核心技术. 然而没有机制
保证该协作, 依赖某个中间人来协调也不太可能. 相关的法律, 游说, 公
关开销谁来买单? 恐怕没有人.

>问题三 去中心化 - 比特币怎样持续保证去中心化?
从两个方面讲比特币正变得更加中心化 - 大矿池以及专业硬件. 中央政策
不欢迎比特币阻挠资本流动和货币控制. 出台政策之一封杀了挖矿硬件 --
ASIC -- 高度专业化的硬件. 任何企图控制比特币市场的政府将由此开刀.
封锁消息的哥们儿, 美国国家安全局都知道人们内裤的颜色了! 矿池是另
外一个严峻的问题, 如果集中火力关闭主要矿池, 将导致大规模瘫痪.

>总结: 推荐, 10倍回报是有可能的 – 除了上述问题, 比特币毕竟是市场主
导以及最安全的数字货币. 如果您打算投资虚拟货币, 建议投 50% 于此.
短期回报10倍是有可能的. 价格暴涨的几率会逐渐减少.

【夸克币 Quark】

早在2013年七月就有人推荐我夸克币. 自那以来其价格增长了50倍. 我们来看看它的情况.

>问题一 通货膨胀: 这个问题解决了, 大部分夸克币已经挖完了. 目前通胀约为 0.5%. 有流言蜚语抱怨
"预分配" (pre-mine) -- 这绝对是个好兆头. 对于不公平的预分配, 人们不会抱怨而会直接忽略. 有人抱怨说明
他们后悔没有及早加入. 夸克币做的不错! (3分/3分)

>问题二 开发: 基于捐助的社区开发 -- 和比特币面临同样的问题 (0分/3分)

>问题三 去中心化: 夸克币试图通过算法复杂性解决硬件中心化问题. 其工作证明复杂, GPU编程很难
因此不适合用GPU挖矿. FPGA和ASIC开发也受阻挠, 如果回报够高它们迟早会出现. 总的来说, 可圈可点.

>总结 (5分/10分) 100倍回报还是有可能的.

【质数币 Primecoin】

质数币刚刚问世的时候笔者激动不已. 其工作证明的实际价值(发现质数)足以让它在虚拟货币市场占据一席之地.

>问题一 通货膨胀: 这是笔者放弃质数币的原因. 区块奖励的公式是 999/(难度^2). 当前难度大约位于10.4,
因此每个块能挖出大约9个币. 计算能力每提升30倍, 难度增加1. 网络计算能力暴增时, 通胀才会开始慢慢减少.
该货币将保持高通胀.  (0分/3分)

>问题二 开发: 基于捐助的社区开发 -- 面临和比特币同样的问题. 有SunnyKing鼎力相助可以加一分 (1分/3分)

>问题三 去中心化: 类似于夸克币, 得益于算法复杂性而具有GPU抗性. 如果区块奖励足够多导致ASIC问世,
则局势不容乐观. (2分/4分)

+1分 独特的工作证明

>综述: (4分/10分) - 建议买入, 预期10倍回报

【原型股 Protoshares】

这是首个有"后台"支持的货币 – Invictus Innovations 公司保证原型股持有人享受
百分之十所有后续产品的股份. 他们声誉还行, 因此买原型股就相当于投资3I公司的
后续产品. 首席执行官 Dan Larimer 是个天才, 领导一个强大的团队, 从这就可以
看好原型股了. 从山寨币的角度来讲原型股也不错.

>问题一 通货膨胀:  每周区块奖励递减5% , 因此通胀率将低于10%, 明年年底低于
1%. 问题随时间解决.  (2/3)

>问题二 开发: 该货币有商业支持, 从而开发和推广更有保证. 当下公司团队有其他
更要紧的项目, 但是原型股持有人也会从中获利, 因此算不得劣势. (1/3)

>问题三 去中心化: 基于"生日问题", 它采用了一种精密的'momentum'工作证明.
但是, GPU 挖矿代码还没公开, 一旦公开将独占市场. 最终裁决取决于 FPGA/ASIC.
矿池一家独大也是个问题. (2/4)
+2分: 有 Invictus Innovations 在背后支持

>总结 (7/10) 注意该观点是有偏见的, 因为笔者是创始人之一. 因此我不便作
推荐... 反过来说更合适... 因为它值得推荐我才参与其中. 100倍回报是有可能的.

【记忆币 Memorycoin】

注意这里的偏见, 笔者创造了记忆币以应付比特币的各种缺陷. 推荐它并非因为笔者是创始人.
应该反过来说, 它拥有值得推荐的特性我才会创造它. 原因如下.

>问题一 通货膨胀: 挖矿规划和原型股相似, 每周区块奖励递减5%, 因此今年年底之前
通胀将低至百分之十, 之后通胀率将减至2%而非原型股的1%. 问题随时间迎刃而解. (2分/3分)

>问题二 开发: 人们痴迷此币即在于此. 5%的区块奖励专门用于开发和推广. 持有人
类似于股东, 投票决定基金流向. 记忆币开发已经获益良多. 发布仅几周, 记忆币的服务和支持已
经可以披靡莱特币和夸克币 (3分/3分)

>问题三 去中心化: 挖矿算法需用大量内存和最新CPU的特殊指令集. 为了开发出最高效
的挖矿程序, GPU和CPU开发者正在较量. 上周CPU挖矿有了戏剧性的提升. 在项目规划中, 分布式
挖掘得到了极大重视, 中心化挖掘得到了有效控制. 最后这将决定于相关FPGA和ASIC的问世. (3分/4分)

>结论 (8分/10分) 1000倍回报是有可能的! 该币仍在非常初始的阶段, 目前仅有30%于总量
的记忆币被挖出. 核心概念还没有被大众所知晓. 快速建立了开发社区, 在国内市场已经有很大的交易量.

【莱特币 Litecoin】

本来没打算讨论莱特币, 但考虑到它市值位居第二, 所以不得不提.我们看看它如何应对上述问题.

>问题一 通货膨胀: 没有任何努力试图解决通胀问题 -- 这点和比特币的进程一样 (0分/3分)

>问题二 开发: 由捐助支持的社区开发 -- 处于和比特币同样的窘境 (0分/3分)

>问题三 去中心化: 莱特币曾试图解决硬件集中化, 但是以失败告终. 现在挖矿已经需要半专业化的
硬件(GPU), FPGA和ASIC正在开发研制中. (0分/4分)

>结论 (0分) -- 还是别搞这个了. 有意思的是, 竟然有比莱特币还差劲的 -- 莱特币的复制品.

【无限币 Infinitecoin】

无限币这个名字不够确切. 它想表明数量很多(906亿), 但是离无限还差一些. 相反, 现在无限币已经是
限量版了. 它是最早领悟需要控制通货膨胀的货币之一.

>问题一 通货膨胀: 目前 99% 的无限币已经发行, 而区块奖励一直在减半. 通胀目前小于1%. 预计年
底将最终减至0%. (3分/3分)

>问题二 开发: 基于社区的开发. 由于基于莱特币, 它更难融入比特币的新代码. (0分/3分)

>问题三 去中心化: 基于 scrypt 算法 (类莱特币), 因此还是老问题. 它市值大, 但是区块奖励太少导致
难度太小, 进而容易遭受51%或双花 (double spend) 攻击.  如果某人有足够多的 GPU 而能集中足够
的算力, 他(她)就能重写连续多块. 无限币目前的高价或许能导致首次山寨币抢劫事件. (0分/4分)

>综述 (3分/10分) 鉴于其低通胀率, 笔者仍然中意此币. 解决区块链安全仍任重而道远. 没准儿我们将
见证一起大规模攻击至其崩溃. 值得关注, 但是需要补救.

【狗狗币 Dogecoin】

某个智者曾说过, 市场保持非理性的时间总比你能支撑的时间长. 其言之所指或许就是当下的狗币.
友善的, 酷酷的, 搞笑的人们 (所谓"华尔街腰包客") 都对它产生了浓厚的兴趣.

>问题一 通货膨胀: 目前通胀很明显. 原因是一年后通胀达到大约5%, 区块奖励才会减半.  笔者
个人觉得慢了点, 真实情况或者比这更糟. (2分/3分)

>问题二 开发: 社区开发. 由于基于莱特币, 它更难融入比特币的新代码. 现在各种新项目讨论很
活跃, 但是这些凭一时兴趣的人很容易厌倦. 估计会看到很多虎头蛇尾的工程. (0分/3分)

>问题三 去中心化: 和莱特币面临同样的问题 (1分/4分)

加1分: 首个时髦币 (有新闻价值)

>综述 (4分/10分) 每天需要超过一百万美元流入市场以保持狗币当前汇率. 虽然说价格或许还会翻倍
甚至更多, 买狗币赌博性质较大. 或许某天您醒过来发现没人再买狗币了. 想想"江南币"若是得到广泛
支持该有多滑稽(译者注: 江南style).

隐性金条 【Cryptogenic Bullion】

CB 以其优异的特质一举直达前十名并保持. 它结合了低通胀, 区块链安全, 以及利息支付. 此币基础扎实,

问题一 通货膨胀 十周内94%已经发行, 通胀将低至2%. (其中大部分将以利息的方式支付给CB持有人)
 -- 实际通胀仅在0.5% (3分/3分)

问题二 开发 基于社区开发. 这种情况通常得零分. 但是目前CB拥有两位非常优秀而专注的开发人员, 因此
加一分. (1分/3分)

问题三 去中心化 每天只需低于一千美元来吸收CB货币供应. 这一点和QRK以及IFC比较像, 但是其他币种
没有解决区块链安全的问题, 而CB不仅解决了此问题, 而且解决方案极其聪明. 它采用了权益证明 (proof-of-stake)
简单地说, 就是给CB持有者分发利息从而保证区块链安全. 这样, 只要持有是分散的, 挖矿也是分散的.

综述 (7分/10分) 有希望500倍回报. 此刻, 它是一颗隐藏的宝石. 接下来10周内, 当通胀跌至0.5%时,

最大币 Maxcoin

极大币每30秒产生一个区块, 每年区块奖励减半, 具有略微不同的工作证明 (PoW),
并得 Max Keiser 全力支持。真正的优势只是 Max Keiser. 仅凭高调炒作该币能走
多远, 我们拭目以待. 没准这将成为史上最大的牛皮.

问题一 通货膨胀 每年区块奖励减半 = 可见的将来通胀泛滥. Max, 我很失望. 原以为若有人理解
控制通胀的重要性,那应该是你. (0分/3分)

问题二 开发 糟糕的发布. 和比特币一样的社区开发, 比之更弱的开发团队. (0分/3分)

问题三 去中心化 GPU 和 ASIC 挖矿程序必然出现. 和比特币类似的中心化问题.
Keccak ASIC 发布或许还需一段时间, 加一分. (1分/4分)

受益于 Max Keiser 炒作, 加一分

综述 (2分/10分) – 抱歉. 这可以认定为让傻子们消费比特币的炒作. 缺乏长期潜力.
泡沫能长多大, 合时破灭, 这都说不准.

泽塔币 Zetacoin

泽塔币每 30 秒产生一个区块, 共有一亿六千万个, 每年新加一百万个.

问题一 通胀 泽塔币几乎发布完了, 即将进入低通胀模式, 通胀率为0.625%. (3分/3分)

问题二 开发 和比特币同样的社区开发问题 (0分/3分)

问题三 去中心化 区块生成快而需要专业硬件, 似乎它专门被设计为一种中心化货币
-- 这应该认为是功能而非缺点. 我在想, 当比特币进行小额交易过于昂贵时, 泽塔币
可有用武之地. 随着数字币发展, 去中心化是大势所趋, 某个特定的数字币去中心化
的需求会逐渐减弱. (2分/4分)

综述 (5分/10分) – 有机会获取10倍回报. 它有潜力成为小额交易平台. 即将发布完
并进入低通胀时代, 很有吸引力. 值得参与.

常见问题: 某币确认交易非常快, 为什么不考虑这个因素? 确认速度不是关键标准. 在BitPay用比特币
交易时, 您可以即刻获得确认. 商家将承担双花 (double spend)的风险 -- 这比让交易伙伴等待30秒
甚至更久好多了 -- 笔者更倾向于认为, 过快确认只是一个噱头, 它导致区块链安全系数降低而应被视

由于作者观点以及市场随时在变化, 本文档及翻译将持续更新 -- 请收藏 -- 笔者会加入更多货币和内容
修正. 也欢迎您建议有投资潜力的数字货币 -- 除了货币名字, 请解释它如何应对上文提出的三个问题.

中文(Chinese) / 记忆币中文版闪亮登场!
« on: January 19, 2014, 07:53:19 pm »
翻译的不好, 请多多指教!

记忆币推出仅仅一个多月,已经有九种语言了  :D

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