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MemoryCoin / Poll: DAO v2.0
« on: March 09, 2014, 09:57:23 pm »
Sigh - no replies, a few views:

I know I'm long-winded, and it's more blog-material...which I'm slowly building...but come on people! This is a forum! You know...discussion? Not just "help me! miner no digz!"  MMC should be econo-academic.

Here's an idea - make a support forum for MMC and crypto in general - submit question, receive "quote" to resolve issue in support for pay. Site requires new MMC wallet, which is used as "reputation" among sites...can adapt system to other cXo roles...MMC job board in / mentoring / tutoring for pay...starting with authors? hint, hint?

Vote above for my next long-winded chapter (up to 3)...

MemoryCoin / I, Operator: The DAO of Trading
« on: March 08, 2014, 10:25:06 pm »
Thread Intro:

So, Itsik and others have asked me to write an article for letstalkbitcoin or such...I don't know that site too well.  This is my home.  Plus, publishing instills a "what should i do" sense of anxiety. Instead, I'll ramble on in some posts here and someone else can base or edit a full article on this...

I've been in crypto for over a year.  IRL, a mechanical systems licensing regulatory economics training besides budgeting, but control volumes, systems, politics, and legalese combined with self-taught anarcho-capitalism.  My posts go on forever, and sometimes people miss the point...combined, these are meant to form the basis for a working philosophy / novel...we'll see.  A friend calls them "Shaggy Dog Stories":

I'll call them "Uncle Max's Fun-time Chat-a-longs".  First is based on Adam's great paper, specifically the paragraph:

Everybody Plays by the Rules, Even The Creator
Just like Bitcoin, DACs and DACPs are consensus driven, rules-based systems.  To be part of the system is to follow the rules, so there can be no pre-mining, no individuals with privileged status at all.  Privilege is the antithesis of efficiency, and these structures seek efficiency above all things.   

My thoughts in response:

I, Operator: The DAO of Trading

For all intents and purposes, bitcoin is a commercial failure and has only risen on the waves of being the first popular cryptocurrency.  But the real value is not BTC/USD, but in the unrecognized potential of distrubuted accounting system technology in general - i.e., the altcoins. 

There is "what a coin does" and "what a coin is used" for.  There is also "who uses the coin".  Bitcoin is just a general system of account - who transferred what to who.  We use it for financial value transmission...but it doesn't "do" much else, besides control the money supply.  Namecoin was the first "functional" altcoin.  All this is the software, or "DAC" realm.

The DACP realm - Adam describes as "a sense of permanence"...which is close.  I'd say more an evolving "objective truth" sense to it.  That's "what it the coin is (intended to be) used for" - bitcoin is value transmission, so is LTC and FTC on a faster scale.  NMC and XPM are intended for something else by their users - promote uncensored DNS and prime number search.  Beyond just the "network code" of the DAC, there's the "network objective" - the goal of its users.

In the example of Protoshares, their DACP starts with their SCSL license - 10% of future spinoffs.  It's community goal is more value - profitz.  For MMC, it starts with the Manifesto - 5% for elected nonprofit charities and community projects.  Sure, one affects future stock price, but which is easier for accounting / commercial separation of transactions? 

No one seems to care about anything about a coin besides ticker...but not all are equal.  BTC was a...mistake.  Meant as, probably, a demo concept and not even proof of concept...Grand success for crypto, but time to move on...How do we do that?

BTC's value grew over started from nothing, really - just volunteer labor.  Pretty much all coins start with some value injection nowadays - labor, private capital...or "premining".  In what I would call "headless" coins - it's the intangible developer and community labor.  In DACs, it's an IPO, initial project funding, blockchain spinoff / dividend / etc.  A 100% premined coin is called a "private corporation"...or, "my wallet".

So, skip the premine stuff.  Yes, an initial distortion, but important part is how it was used, not where it came from / etc...Let's move on.

Back to DACP - it starts with a "mission statement" that the community uses to guide its general operations.  In a corporation - this is the departments and procedures / etc.  But neither the DAC nor DACP are...people.  So how can they be an economic system?

The last part of the system, what is missing from adam's paper - is the user.  At various levels - developer, miner, merchant, trader, consumer, outsider.  I call this the operator of the corporation - who it markets to - the Distributed Autonomous Operator.

That is, essentially, all of us in various degrees.  Anyone doing this for a while has performed in each role.  Anyone trying commercially has to balance all roles.  MMC has done a pretty good job classifying the different "professional" roles that each of us play...although their descriptions are kind of sparse.

But, I think we've also created a new discipline.  Professionally, we have to balance a number of existing disciplines.  But, just like in other sciences like math and physics, the rules change as you approach limits - i.e., distributed economic system management. Each DAO performs many different tasks, in many disciplines, with many different demands begging to be the most profitable...ADHD with 20 part-time jobs...

So, for a DAO / DACP to be has to "engage" it's DAOs...  Each coin is a pachinko machine with flashing lights and whistles trying to attract new money from passers-by...including the MMC officers and their employees / etc.  Everyone is free and autonomous with no repercussions - you have to beg, trust, and hope in the markets and the person on the other end of the transaction...

I believe that, in the end, every cryptocurrency transaction should come down to a peer-to-peer transfer between trusted individuals.  Not all...just the system or chain of transfers.  That's the only way to safely exchange funds in such a wild west system.  I've lost funds so many ways...the only times I've gotten them back was face-to-face, or from good people with good community reps.

Which brings me to the MMC officer positions as an example of a "trust schema" in a coin system...but first - systems.

Talking systems will drive you crazy.  I was mechanical systems, not general "systems engineering" more common in IT / software (b/c of more complex supplier / client webs).  But, everything is related, and word meanings change everywhere depending on who you are or what system you are sound crazy to everyone.  But, every Supersystem has a System with Subsystems and all are Super/subsystems of others / etc...  "Safety" in one department means "under budget" in another department, etc... So, you need to think in basic units / building blocks and extend up to full macro-network. 

Anyways, MMC Officers as part of DACP - the election process is much more than a "free coinz" scramble that it was in the beginning.  That was ugly, but needed, kinda like any IPO.  I do regret that it "spoiled" some interest in voting.  You'd think CMO would make a website with simple "make a blockchain poll" features, but...only so much time.

Another sidenote: I loathe the "community development" and "paid development" terms...we're an elected development team trying to support and build a community.  It's not a "give us your code / money", it should be a "give us your idea and we'll help you build it" - an MMC Academy...

Aside from personal politics, voting in a general coding sense is the first thing you need for an altchain - "I am different".  Namecoin / etc, are forks in the code.  MMC 2.0, BTS, etc are both code forks, and "funding forks".  I can make a similar spin-off / fork by voting within the MMC addresses to form a "closed" network.  Can also use voting for basic selection and rank algorithms - user preferences, blockchain cookies, community ratings, etc.

But in politics, it focuses the DACP.  It's an evolving "what is this coin used for" by the example set by the officers.  I'd prefer it to be more evolving, and treated as "running / funding programs" vs. people - even if it's the same person's programs...think of them as terms.

But, it's better than BTC - money laundering, drugs, etc...all that can be done in the shadows of the "unlicensed" non-DACP-approved MMC network.  But, we also have the approved / licensed uses supported by the officers (and those who follow / run / support the elections).

So, there you have it:


Client software, user license and community practices, community of users.

Any questions?

MemoryCoin / Custom MMC addresses
« on: March 08, 2014, 12:20:59 am »
For custom vanity addresses, download vanitygen and run:

vanitygen64 -X 50 -k -o output.txt Mprefix

Where this will search for addresses with that prefix


vanitygen64 -X 50 -k -o max.txt MAX

You should then get a "found pattern" message with the address and private key.


1) I've never gotten oclvanitygen to work...just spits out GPU Hash / CPU Hash / found delta strings and keeps going...suggestions?

2) The -v option gives the public keys and a longer private key in "ASN1" format?? What are these for?

3) Can pool mining an address be combined with coin mining somehow?  Not sure how that would be useful, really...

MemoryCoin / Market Price Poll
« on: March 07, 2014, 07:44:49 pm »
Survey of market prices.

5 votes per users.

A mix of some movie metaphors...

MemoryCoin / MMCBANK - Max's MMC4USD
« on: March 07, 2014, 05:57:54 pm »
To help me fund other evil plans:

I will buy MMC for Paypal.

My reserves / stocks are limited - so priority goes to officers first, then miners of If people are interested, PM me for personal payment details or reply with general questions.

US only.

This is "person-to-person"...not a full-time we can negotiate.  I think BTER/Bitstamp bid prices + 10% for development is fair...

Large orders may require ID / etc verification in a tiered approach by either me or another customer / officer I trust.

MemoryCoin / MaxMine - MMC4GPUs [Officers and Miners]
« on: March 07, 2014, 05:52:40 pm »
I just ordered another batch of parts.  Mostly 270s / 7870s - I like to do older / discount / variety to compare detailed stats - power, thermal, etc.  Will have a single card open-case test rig and benchmark. 

Any donations for my credit card bill?  I'm also accepting old gpus (69X0, 78X0 or 279s, etc), cpus, and laptops - anything I collect will be refurbed, tested, and donated to...someone?

To help me repay, on a trial basis at first:

I will order anything from in exchange for MMC and a 10% handling fee for further development.

If people are interested, PM me for personal payment details or reply with general questions.

My reserves / stocks are limited - so priority goes to officers first, then miners of

US only.

This is "person-to-person"...not a full-time we can negotiate.

I like "dueling deposits"...We basically each pay 2x as much, w/ one half reserved for us to trade / compete with until product arrives, and is fine...then we compare how we both traded during that time...

Large orders may require ID / etc verification in a tiered approach by either me or another customer / officer I trust.

MemoryCoin / Officer Roles
« on: March 06, 2014, 09:21:04 pm »
Been a crazy few weeks...nice to see some new faces.
 New website is awesome - cant wait to see whats new...


Sure, people have their own "if I were student body president, there'd be cupcakes every Monday and no school on friday!"...but .org needs a stronger skeleton.

Add base responsibilities for internal / external resources and interfaces with other cXos. Have a candidate fill in the blanks...campaigning is leadership - where are we going...managing is implementing...

New coin users - start with Delinquency's MMC mining guide:

His guide is specific to MMC and may fill in some gaps in this guide for common elements.  After becoming familiar with MMC, mining, etc, new MMC users may look to branch out and can use / modify the script below to explore other altcoins - and brag about MMC in their forums....

This guide is an updated version of what I started with - scrypt mining - before landing at MMC.  It uses CGminer, which no longer supports scrypt, and so rebuilds the last scrypt version below for Ubuntu 13.10.

Works with a fresh install (see elsewhere for Ubuntu LiveUSB installation).  You will need to manually download some drivers / libraries to your Ubuntu desktop (see folders / comments in script) from AMD, as discussed in the cgminer documentation.  AMD changes the URLs around a bit, so try a google search to navigate the AMD site.  Then, unzip to the folders used in the script below, and run....for about 2 hrs.

Each should be written as a full script - one for installation, one to launch cgminer.  In ubuntu, create new file, cut-and-paste, save, right-click, properties, permissions tab -> allow to execute as program (or chmod +x).  Also, open file manager, under properties, behavior tab -> programs execute in terminal / ask each time.

Code: [Select]
#Based on's guide, with updates

#cgminer / AMD install starting from Ubuntu 13.10 new install

#install AMD video drivers
sudo apt-get -y install fglrx-updates fglrx-amdcccle-updates
fglrx-updates-dev && sudo apt-get -y update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade

#dependencies, etc to build/run cgminer and ssh
sudo apt-get -y install build-essential libcurl4-gnutls-dev yasm
libncurses5-dev git autoconf automake openssh-server byobu curl

#Update gpu config (reboot required) - necessary each time GPUs change
sudo aticonfig --lsa
sudo aticonfig --adapter=all --initial
#sudo reboot

#GPU status after initial config
#sudo aticonfig --adapter=all --odgt

#Install and build cgminer 3.7.2 for Scrypt
# See
#1. manually download AMD SDK (e.g., to ~/Desktop/AMDSDK), view Readme, and run install script
#2. manually download AMD SDL (e.g., to Desktop/AMDSDL). Copy /include/*.h to cgminer/ADL_SDK/
#Get CGMINER 3.7.2 and build
tar jxvf cgminer-3.7.2-x86_64-built.tar.bz2
rm *.bz2
mv cgminer-3.7.2 ~/Desktop/cgminer
 cd cgminer
CFLAGS="-O2 -Wall -march=native -I/opt/AMDAPP/include"
LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib" ./configure --enable-scrypt

This is my script to launch cgminer for middlecoin - replace with your settings:
Code: [Select]
export DISPLAY=:0
cd ~/Desktop/cgminer
./cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u
12s3ZEkjBbLRpMayaCXtjAaKDE5D84gFT5 -p x -I 15,17 --auto-fan
--temp-target 84 --gpu-engine 800 --gpu-memclock 300

MemoryCoin / BTer MMC/CNY/BTC Markets
« on: February 11, 2014, 02:08:59 pm »
For those who may not know, there is a larger volume CNY market for most virtual currencies at (See CNY on top nav menu), along with what may be the more visibile MMC/BTC market.

Bter is pretty much the only MMC exchange based on market percentage.  What do people think about having such a large percentage of overall exchange traffic be MMC/CNY, or MMC/fiat in general? 

It seems like we're competing with BTC / other coins, and arbitrage b/n MMC/CNY and BTC/CNY seems to have a large market impact...MMC/BTC spread is larger than MMC/CNY spread.  Could probably say MMC is just a global money sink to CNY at this point.  Is Itsik marketing to CNY users?

What would happen if overall MMC network were more (or only) MMC/altcoin exchanges – e.g., if we de-listed from Bter's MMC/CNY market, added to cryptsy, or "re-directed" traffic to poloniex, et al?

BTW: Here's the page to trade your BTER points:

MemoryCoin / Petition - MMCBank - Community Trust & Fiat Exchange
« on: February 05, 2014, 01:41:08 am »
To support MAXCAT development for P2P trust-based exchange standards. send 1 Satoshi to:

MtGox "unverified" my account's AML registration.  I registered some domain names at domains4bitcoins and used the mtgox merchant check out.  Now I can't withdraw USD or BTC until I mail notarized and apostilled ID docs.  No more scanning and waiting 2 days.  An apostille requries a 6-hr round-trip to the state capital or a $300 online service fee.  To access my virtual currency in a distributed global economy...What happened?

CampBX had just added ACH bank withdrawals a few months ago.  Now their ACH and wire transfer provider has suspended service to CampBX.  BTC-e refuses to work with US banks.  The IRS has no clear tax guidance on virtual currencies.  All this pushes the economic empowerment offered by virtual currencies farther and farther away from the individual by reducing accessibility and increasing barriers to entry for the small business.

People forget about the non-MVTE voting applications in MMC.  For example, it can be used to show community support for anything the owner of the address states and valued based on community reputation.  It can be used to create and/or promote "sub-memes" or individual campaigns for community involvement within MMC.  It can also be used to show person-to-person "trust" or "approval" between individual accounts on the MMC blockchain.

I believe the MMC community should promote individual person-to-person exchanges and trades based on an individual's out-of-network trust in an address and in-network MMC network history.  I believe we can develop standard community methods to build distributed trust and overcome "scammer FUD" and chargeback issues on a person-to-person scale.

For example, never sell virtual currency over paypal.  If you buy, receive virtual first.  We all know why, someone else write a wiki guide to explain to our newbs.  But, personally, I think I would trust selling to FreeTrade in small amounts, relative to history and trust.  I "know where he lives" - on this forum.  I can vote publicly and raise a campaign to hassle him, etc.  Or, someone could make a...ahem..."security deposit" with me, and the community or I could trust them to different degrees to say...mail an R9 290x with payment upon receipt  (P2P MOD: MMC on Delivery).  If I break that trust...they have both me and Freetrade to come blame :P 

I propose a first step of posting some other ideas for "how would I trust Max with my MMC" exchange methods below.  We could maybe develop a list of "P2P trust-based" problems and methods that an MMC "KYC" web development community could employ to overcome exchange and pool weaknesses, etc.  We could assign an MMC address to vote for it and support further development - petition community development, etc.

I like the name: Max's Community Acceptable Trust Standards, or...MAXCATS :)

Reply below with ideas, or vote to show MAXCAT pride and promote community development.

Send 1 Satoshi to:

MemoryCoin / Gorilla Charity - Memory Horses
« on: February 02, 2014, 02:38:24 pm »
Memory Horse: A version of the LiveCD miner distribution, where you have to mine to use the OS, on older donated / refurbed laptops.  Individual MMC members collect, refurb, and setup and ship to charities / MMC distributors / etc. 

Donated older GPUs may also work if you have to mine for so long on any or one MMC pool before you're "pledged" - extend a "hardware" credit?

Individuals could collect as distributors, or crowd-manage through a website (.org?).

Guerilla Charity: I like the idea of shipping Qty 50 un-announced to a random charity - "Now you have to hand these out and sign up for MMC!" 

MemoryCoin / Officer Roles???
« on: January 31, 2014, 09:03:30 pm »
So, I was writing a parody of the Executive Board for !dwafpool! and there's not much on .org:

We got CXOs and now DEOs and DNAs and WTFs?  I dunno...we make this up as we go along people...

Any ideas? Leave 'em below.  I'll start with mine, of course:

MMC relies on community history and social trust to overcome charge-backs and work-now/pay-later obstacles and build person-to-person commercial relationships in distributed networks.  Each individual acts in each XO discipline for their own accounts to some degree, but are better in some. (OMG! 1-9 Satoshi to rate, rank, and search!)

CXOs are elected for a certain discipline / campaign program, receive public funds and require a degree of disclosure, and execute private projects for mutual benefit of other members.

DXA and DXOs may be appointed by each CXO for effective public management.  Efficient management requires both inward, tactical, and analytical management as well as outward, strategery, and inconceivable leadership.  A DXA is more "transactional" while a DXO is more transformational:

Any individual may hold more than one CX or DX position.  Bots may threaten candidacies, but will the community shall arise and chase them off with torches and pitchforks.


Here's what I got so far for a better shorter write-up of the .org page.  Leave comments or suggestions:

CTO – Chief Technology Officer
Managing the source, binaries, development

DTA – Support officer deployment, standardization, and version control of tenchnical applications and platforms for public usage.

DTO – Support officer development, standardization, and version control of technical applications and platforms for commercial usage.

CNO – Chief Network Officer
Dealing with network services for the coin, block explorers, pools, faucets, attacks
DNA – Support network deployment, standardize network data metrics, and maintain network statistics for public usage.

DNO – Support network development, evaluate global market networks, promote network economics for commercial usage.

CMO – Chief Marketing Officer
Maintaining the website, marketing and communications about the coin.

DMA – Support network communications, standardize communication platforms, and coordinate off-site distribution for public usage.

DMO – Support network communications, evaluate new markets, promote network communications for commercial usage.

CSO – Chief Support Officer
Helping users with their problems with the coin, creating resources to help with common problems and issues.

DSA – Support platform deployment, standardize development environments, and maintain instructional guides for public usage.

DSO – Support private application development, evaluate commercially available platforms for new users, promote new user training for commercial usage.

CEO – Chief Executive Officer
Co-ordinating the other officers, setting leadership and direction for the coin.

DEA – Support network communications, standardize productivity and application usage, and maintain and track status  for public usage.

DEO – Support network development, focus network growth, promote underdeveloped sectors for commercial usage.

MemoryCoin / Officers are Tools
« on: January 31, 2014, 03:26:01 pm »
Each officer should list 1-5 of their favorite development tools - news sites, code languages, chart sites, etc - and a short review.  Assign each choice an MMC address, like FT's opinion poll.

Then we can release it onto other sites and people will learn to sign-up for MMC to vote...

MemoryCoin / [ANN] Submission Thread: MMC in One-Line or More
« on: January 30, 2014, 02:12:40 am »
Stolen directly from the PTS slogan thread:

Give Max Your Best MMC Explanation In 1-Sentence or More!

Leave a short MMC slogan below, or 1-5 sentence explanation of MMC, or a link for offsite sittin-n-readin-n-thinkin material.

A 3-5 frame cartoon explanation of MMC may become an official video script...If it can guess the number I'm thinking of...

MemoryCoin / Officer Operations & Policy Standards - MaXTeaM
« on: January 29, 2014, 06:38:00 pm »

The OP will eventually become an FAQ / Voting Guide, but will serve as a campaign thread for now.  Specific sites and program details are discussed below the OP.

Vote to adopt by sending 1 MMC Satoshi to:


MT-OOPS !$001 - Voter Registration

MaXTeaM's (MT) Officer Operating Policies and Standards (OOPS) are user-adopted policies and guidelines.  Vote above to adopt or support usage of this community standard.  A vote from the above is considered approved usage.


MaXTeaM (MT) is MaxPWR's team of amateur and professional volunteer villains creating new unlicensed intellectual property and registering the MMC Manifesto for the first time!  MemoryCoin is the ultimate virtual currency volunteer tech support community.  MaxPWR is their worst enemy - a new username with no network history!
MT-OOPS !$001 - Voter Registration and Voting Preferences for registered MaXTeaM MemoryCoin Addresses.

OOPS Definitions:

(Un)Registered Address - Any address that does (not) vote for an MVTE address
(Un)Licensed Address - Any address is (not) voted for by an MVTE address
Candidate Address - Any address voting for the Manifesto
MaXTeaM (MT) Member - A user or address adopting this standard

MT members must be registered and licensed, and must vote for the Manifesto.

Voting Preferences:

In the long-term, MVTEs should be thought of as "programs" instead of users.  They receive ongoing funding for a bit, get voted out, new programs begin.  Good users stick around and execute more programs, good programs get debugged and re-executed.

Voting Preferences 1-9 should be thought of as "short-term" - "long-term" approval with a program definition, execution, or development.

Any Registered MMC user should vote for the Manifesto addresses.  If you don't want to send votes there, put another candidate in between. The MMC Manifesto is the ultimate goal of any registered candidate Officer.  If the Manifesto program is complete, we no longer need to develop MMC and so the taxed value should be returned to the community.  Other candidate programs are necessary along the way, though, so the Manifesto should be last in preference for active Candidates.



MaXTeaM members are Capitalists and Distributists regarding wealth and the means of production:

In a cooperatively organized industrial network, this requires capital to reach the most promising idea, audience, or market and efficient, quality, reliable program execution.  This requires efficient, economic, and memorable communication and distribution of new value and wealth - a memorycoin - between team-members, shareholders, and the public (See MT-OOPS !$002).  MT members are capitalists, which mean we know best what to do with value.  Each MT member shall vote for themselves first for all Officer Candidate positions and adopt MT-OOPS !$0001.  MT members should define sub-programs, roles or expectations for each of their candidate addresses.  MT members should also vote for at least 2 other Candidates in each discipline as a Deputy Officer and Deputy Analyst (see MT-OOPS !$002).


This OOPS outlines standard guidelines for utilizing MMC voting and preferences to endorse an MT addenda to MMC Manifesto Execution.  This MT addenda may be adopted or modified for the price of a vote to:


Implementation Policy.

1. MT members shall vote for at least 3 Candidate programs or MT-OOPS and the MMC Manifesto last.
2. MT members shall maintain an MVTE addresses for themselves first for all cXo positions.
3. MT members shall define standards and expectations for candidate and deputy positions (other OOPS).
4. MT members shall keep or endorse Campaign OOPS for Candidate programs.
5. MT members may keep separate non-MVTE addresses for each discipline for feedback.


MaXTeaM Mining Union Guild Card

The MaXTeaM Mining Guild is an organization of MaxTeaM sup-programs focused on network development to provide services and p2p trades to MMC mining addresses.  MT-MUG members should vote as shown below.  Voting options and candidate programs are discussed in the replies to this thread.

Voting From: MAXVTEoYhDfWJjvkNm2ZmUhHpYbsPYuybg

MaxPWR Main Public Campaign: MVTEceoftKAgPVbf7BgbqkPaRmKoZdbZRQ
See below for MaxPWR PWRUP Program details.

1. PWRUP MMCPOST – MVTEceoaLsH1iBKvcvuKZT4ht6ctVqG27H
2. MaxPWR (Public Campaign) – MVTEceoftKAgPVbf7BgbqkPaRmKoZdbZRQ
3. FreeTrade (current officer) – MVTEceoTeDMmxFHcRbkMyJGN4ct7ULKkS6
9. MMC Manifesto – MVTEceo1111111111111111111111TvNrt

2. seraphim (current officer) – MVTEcsoL9GvfezMUgEDnhr7ioRAsByuTAv
9. MMC Manifesto – MVTEcso555555555555555555555G6uEbs

2. Killerbyte – MVTEcnogH2ArcvpkYJ66GcErb1iwHhLPN1
9. MMC Manifesto – MVTEcno222222222222222222222B1FB3W


2. itsik78 (current officer) – MVTEcmodH7do4V47ht1U9AXQKMouqYNAYM
9. MMC Manifesto – MVTEcmo1111111111111111111115e9dK3


1. PWRUP ACADEMY – MVTEcto5WrTMifd5E6cS3HhqPwF38JQcoa
2. emre and s4l1h (current officer) – MVTEctogwRCHUvWZyNcqYMbrSdNXrFR6FK
9. MMC Manifesto – MVTEcto1111111111111111111119owJby

1. Horizontality - MVTEchagLNup4HJycBxbxWVXdiXaWLvbDu
2. Peace Geeks - MVTEchao4RjkTTyjMcYf8dnpQ7BqJdNVhr
3. DonSchoe -MVTEcha4La8HeNaewF4oaSFUwaRep8xEyR
9. MMC Manifesto – MVTEcha11111111111111111111116GDGs

[End Update]

Non-Vote Feedback:
(1 – 9 Satoshi):
Address: MAXcha2zTwgXSnwtgmuuUsQ62itg8CB5y4
Address: MAXcsoZvXGDFp5RtKuuU6aPz3eFCFzxxfg
Address: MAXceo2MmhWH3Fg7MqW5TwJjAYC49dK74F
Address: MAXcnoDbDQLiRBorAJ6HkYz6JG2puRSNC6
Address: MAXcmoVfLzJWf1BgATpbgY2sK2M83YcqXR

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