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Meta / Local skype meeting Norway.
« on: January 22, 2014, 01:04:01 pm »
Going to create a Skype meeting for those interested near the region where I live. Already got some great feedback and questions on a Norwegian forum and on facebook so I thought I would take it one step further with an E-conference in Norwegian.

So far I've made a plan talking about Keyhotee and protoshares as a start.
Under this I will try to explain how Keyhotee work and why it's needed. Also going to talk about protoshares, dividends and how to mine.

Anything else you feel I should add for the first séance?




MemoryWallet refers to the concept of storing your MemoryCoins in your mind just by memorizing a chosen passphrase which links to your address.
The phrase is turned into a 256-bit private key with a hashing or key derivation algorithm. That private key is then used to compute a MemoryCoin address, or a deterministic sequence of addresses.
MemoryCoins can be sent to that address. In order to access the MemoryCoins, one must recompute the private key with the same phrase. The private key is imported into a wallet, and the coins can be sent.
You can get a MemoryCoin wallet here:
The site we will be using is: 
What we basically will be making is a new wallet/address to store your MemoryCoins. The reason we are doing this is because if you lose your pc with your wallet and even lose the backup (in a fire for example) you can retrieve your wallet by going to the link and entering your passphrase.

Let’s go away from all the technical stuff now and let’s start doing something.

After downloading and installing the wallet go to
You could use the site now, but for security reasons it's recommended to do the following steps on your local machine. Scroll all the way down, in the right hand corner you will see a link called Download as Zip. Click that link and save the folder on your computer or on an empty flash drive.
When that is done double-click or drop the file called index.html in your web browser. Now you need to choose MMC (MemoryCoin) from the top right hand corner (or any other coin you would like to generate an address for).
If you are paranoid because of key loggers and Trojans you should this on a fresh installed pc without connecting it to the internet, or you could just plug out your internet while you are making your wallet, or use a Linux live USB/CD. I would recommend unplugging your internet connection while generating the wallet.

The next thing you need to do is to think of a secure passphrase.  It should be a long phrase and should be complex. A short password, a simple phrase or something picked out of the bible or any other form of public literature is likely to be stolen by hackers who use computers to quickly try combinations, also called brute-force guessing.
An example of a passphrase that is too simple is already preset in the generator: correct horse battery staple. Or something out of the bible: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
These sentences as explained above can easily be guessed, so they are not safe!
An example of a good passphrase (not so good now since it's public now): commodore 46 is bookshelf and abbreviations in total this excludes the doctor Sheldon cooper monolog hey p1r4te.
A long sentence that is easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess.


Adding numbers, punctuation, phonetics and misspellings is essential, because otherwise it is very easy to bruteforce with a dictionary attack. Some people have even gone as far as to load thousands of quote pages into bruteforcers that get all the famous quotes from books and movies..

The address is: MSSco62jAtCRL7Q64jp1tf9CLhH6SnyisR
this is your new public address, all you need to receive MemoryCoin
The private key is: 6zkU548Yzv72wgQUnnyte5XvCHnUfzdLeqDL33WPLL2DfpozHX6
Your private key should be kept a secret and not shared with anyone!
(Note that this address is not used by anyone, and it's not recommended to use it because of obvious reasons)
Now that the address is generated anyone can transfer MemoryCoin to it. You will not be able to access those MemoryCoins until you import the private key to a wallet using the command: importprivkey YOURPRIVATEKEY
To insert this command open your MemoryCoin wallet, press help, and enter the console.

Voila your wallet just got you personal MemoryWallet you can use to receive and send MemoryCoin!

Feedback is appreciated, wrote this guide and followed the instructions myself with no previous experience with MemoryWallet so I think everyone will be able to do so if desired by following this guide I’ve written.

Got any questions regarding this subject? Pm me or just post here.



MemoryCoin / No more cloudmining at digital ocean it seems.
« on: December 30, 2013, 12:14:42 pm »
No more Cloudmining at Digital Ocean?

I just logged in to my Digital Ocean account to find that most of the servers were locked and i could not create more than 5 droplets with..pretty bad cpu's.

Contacted Digital Ocean support to question this as i had not recieved any information regarding this ''lockdown''

Here is the response i got:

here has been a response to your ticket:


Cryptocurrency mining is very CPU intensive, and due to the shared nature of our CPU allocations large-scale cryptocurrency mining will seriously affect the quality of service we can provide to the neighbouring servers on the same hypervisors as servers running cryptocurrency mining operations.

So, while we do not specifically prohibit cryptocurrency mining, we do restrict accounts doing so to prevent large-scale operations from affecting our infrastructure.

Therefore, at this time, we do not provide droplet limit increases to accounts currently engaging in this activity.  This includes opening additional accounts for the purpose of mining.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but we have to do our best to provide fair usage for all our users.

Also, I noticed that your Droplets are currently powered off. Servers that are powered off still incur hourly charges. When your server is off, the hypervisor continues to reserve your share of CPU, RAM and disk (as well as the IP for your virtual server), so you will be charged for the droplet even if it is powered off.

If you would like to discontinue using a droplet while preserving it for later use, we recommend taking a snapshot of the droplet and then destroying it.

When you are ready to use it again, you can create a new droplet from that snapshot. The only difference would be a new IP address.

Support Team

MemoryCoin / Bugged, or just a sync issue?
« on: December 23, 2013, 09:17:35 am »
Good morning and merry Christmas!

I'm having some issues with my Memory coin wallet..again :P
I've added many of the nodes from here : 

And my wallet is mining and getting memory coins that won't mature.
Also it's stuck on syncing with 0 Hours left and still out of sync. Tried almost anything so far but no go.

Anyone know a fix for this, or am i doomed?

Meta / Making a Norwegian blog.
« on: December 03, 2013, 10:27:33 am »
I'm considering making a Norwegian blogg about crypto currencies in general but specially Protoshares, Keyhotee, DAC's and Bitshares.

Anyone have a suggestion on what software i should use?
Have tried WordPress earlier and it seems good and easy for a noob without any coding experience.

Skandinavisk (Scandinavian) / Forumets regler
« on: November 19, 2013, 11:19:32 am »
Velkommen til BitShares forum !

Følgende regler gjelder for bruk av:  Meldinger(PM) eller annen kommunikasjon på denne nettsiden.

1.NO TROLLING (Forsøk på å lure eller missvise andre medlemmer med vilje ).

2.Ikke legg ut, eller diskuter om ulovlige emner.

3.Bare en konto per bruker.

4.Ikke overse instruksjoner fra administrator eller moderator . (oversikt over ansatte/medarbeidere finner du her : )

5.Ingen spam.

6.tiny url linker er forbudt.

7.Ikke post- spam eller emne -spam ( poste samme emne eller legge mer enn en gang ).

8.Porno, rasisme , frekk oppførsel etc. er ikke tillatt .

Lovbrudd kan resultere i å bli utestengt fra forumet .
Disse reglene kan endres når som helst.

Hvis du trenger hjelp, kan du bruke " Rapporter til moderator " linken på noen innlegg, eller kontakt noen av forumets administratorer.

Les også her for terms and conditions du godtar som bruker av forumet:

Skandinavisk (Scandinavian) / <<Velkommen!>>
« on: November 18, 2013, 08:42:10 pm »
Jeg ønsker dere velkommen til forumet!

Si gjerne hei til resten av folket i denne tråden :)

Her vil dere finne svar på det meste dere lurer på angående Protoshares samt hva som kommer fra Invictus Innovations Incorporated.


Verdien av Protoshares:

Mer informasjon kommer!

Om dere har mulighet anbefaler jeg dere å gjøre dette.
Vil øke deres bidrag stort, samt at belønningen deres for mining vil bli større.

Windows Guide:

Linux Guide- Ypool:

Skandinavisk (Scandinavian) / Aktuelle mining Pool's.
« on: November 18, 2013, 08:33:33 pm »
Velkommen hit!

Her er en liste over alle Poolene som er kjørende.

Coyote Miner : Bytemaster


mining:   (port: 1337)


Flere vil komme!

Hello good folk!

I just wanted to share this guide, if there is anything you feel need to be added to the below text feel free to PM me!

As SP4RK7 mentions in this thread :

Azure is giving away 29 days of trial:

Sign up there and enter your name, phone and credit info. (everything needed as stated in the form.)

NOTE: They will not charge you for the trial. When you use up your 29 days the trial ends and it's closed. Same goes for when your 200$ spending limit is used up.

After you have created an account log in through the site and press portal on the right hand side of the screen. (blue button.)

This will take you to your management section where you can create and start your virtual machines. 

Press virtual machine in the right menu, and look at the bottom where there is a + and it says new.

Create now 3 machines. Use the xl and large types 2* 8 cores and 1* 4 cores for max profit and length on the trial.

After you have done this and pressed start on the machines, press connect. A file will now download. (It's the shortcut for the virtual machine.)

When it's downloaded log in with the username and password you entered when you created the virtual machine.

This will connect you remotely to the servers desktop.

When you are connected Press the key on the bar with the blue server and the grey toolbox.
The button on the bottom left aka the server manager.

When server manager is open press local server on the left side of the window.
Then properties will open up.
Now find where it says IE enchanted security configuration. It's on by default . Press where it say ON and turn it of in the pop up box then hit the refresh button on the right top side.

When this is done close the server manager window and hit the Windows key.

Open internet explorer and go to this forum/the pool section of the forum and download the miner from there and follow the instructions from the thread creator or the instructions inside the miner.bat file.

Hope this was helpful.



(Tip's are appreciated  8)  )

Other Languages / Norway
« on: November 15, 2013, 07:30:15 am »
Hallo alle sammen og velkommen hit!

Laget denne tråden i håp om at andre landsmenn også sitter her å stalker forumet.

Si hei om du er innom :)

Marketplace / Steam Games for sale. [Updated prices] 21.11
« on: November 15, 2013, 07:14:48 am »
Want to establish some trust on my sheath here on the forum so i will be selling some cheap items at first.
The buy/sell communication will be going on in this thread for everyone to read.

I'm hoping to be trusted enough to continue selling goods in the future for PTS/BTC/LTC.

The items i got for sale now is :

Magicka: Wizard Wars. Instant access to the ongoing alpha/beta/ and the fully released game. 2 items in stock


Worth: 12.99£ on Steam.

Asking price: 1.0 PTS. (Bid.)

Portal. (First game.) 1 item in stock

Worth: 6.99£ on Steam.

Asking price: 0.3 PTS. (Bid.)

Contact me on here for any questions or if you would like to bid on the items.

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