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Technical Support / Bitshares 4.0 wallet? How to install?
« on: September 08, 2020, 07:46:43 pm »
I haven't been on here in a while.  I want to update to the latest bitshares wallet.  But when I go to it says 4.0 is released and only has a github link.  Do I get the wallet from there?  And how to install?

I also tried going to but get a "Application initialization issues" message.

Bitspark [closed] / Maxine Ryan, co-founder of bitspark on bloomberg
« on: December 14, 2017, 08:22:05 pm »
Bloomberg interviews two women in blockchain, one of which is Maxine Ryan, co-founder of bitspark.  She mentions what bitspark does.  Good interview.

General Discussion / basecoin vs bitUSD as a price stable cryptocurrency
« on: October 14, 2017, 12:07:18 am »
Looks like basecoin is getting a lot of backing from crypto investors.  It's trying to create a decentralized stable cryptocurrency pegged to an instrument such as the USD, CPI,  or a basket of currencies.  Here's the whitepaper:

It tries to peg its currency using economic supply/demand theory touted by central banks.  It uses 3 tokens to help expand or contract the supply:  basecoin, base bonds, and base shares.

Sounds nice but how these tokens interact in the real world is another question.  It even gives drawbacks of bitshares' bitUSD;  don't agree w/ the first point.

Even if basecoin doesn't work perfectly it may get more traction than bitUSD just because of the people backing it.

Once stealth gets into bitshares, then any crypto coin can have stealth as long as it has its equivalent OPEN.<yourcoin> UIA.  I'd like to see stealth marketed & promoted this way to the crypto world. 

It also makes bitshares a pseudo sidechain in that you move YOURCOIN to OPEN.yourcoin, do 3300 txn/sec on the bitshares blockchain, and then move it back out to a YOURCOIN wallet.

Just went to and noticed a lot of the previous trading pairs are gone.  Can't even buy or trade bitshares.  Is this something temporary.  If not, what happened?

Technical Support / where are all the OPEN.STEEM fees going?
« on: July 13, 2016, 03:13:35 am »
What's the breakdown of the fees dispersion for something like OPEN.STEEM?  Are the fees going partly to OpenLedger, delegates, and the rest burned?  I can't find any documentation on the percentage breakdowns.

I read the white paper on Rootstock:

I think it has a good chance of succeeding.  It has a key dev on their term via Sergio Lerner and now is getting large funding from the likes of the Digital Currency Group (ie. Barry Silbert):

It's a game changer for bitcoin.  It's solves scalability, enables micro-transactions, gives it turing-complete capabilities, etc.  It would threaten Ethereum because there's no need to go through their network. 

So why would anyone then use Bitshares?  Just create a sidechain based on Rootstock, fork Bitshares and wham!  You just instantly created a bitcoin trading platform that can do 100k txn/sec and has all the other great BTS features.

The only way to head this off is to get a bitcoin sidechain working for bitshares before Rootstock takes hold.  Bitshares has zero network effect right now, so a migration to a copied bitshares w/ bitcoin security wouldn't be hard to imagine.

I know bytemaster believes bitshares should let others get sidechains going, but it would be a mistake if there's no immediate plan for someone to do so.  We've all discussed the positive game-changing effect a bitcoin sidechain would have on bitshares.  But there's now a threat that I think makes it imperative.

I downloaded BitShares-light 2.0.160217 and tried to create a new account.  I input an account name and password, then when I hit "create account" I get the following:

Failed to create account:
kingslanding9999 - 0 exception:
unspecified 10 assert_exception: Assert Exception itr->get_balance() >= -delta:
Insufficient Balance: openledger's balance of 3.72320 BTS is less than required 95.31054 BTS

Is this a problem for Bitshares Light or openledger?

Technical Support / hiding transactions GUI
« on: November 06, 2015, 03:27:42 am »
Is there a way to hide my GUI transactions if someone clicks on my account name from the accounts section?  I'm using the bitshares light wallet.  On the website, the privacy feature states:

"Only those you authorize can see your accounts. We make our ledgers public for transparency, but you can keep yours private."

It seems to imply I can hide my transactions.

bytemaster mentioned in a recent hangout that bitshares is starting to get profitable (ie. more shares burned by fees than created).  Can someone should build an indicator & chart that measures how much bitshares is profitable  and post it on the website?  It could show both with and without referral fees if possible.  I know seeing that number go higher would motivate me as an investor.  It would be a great promotion for the referral program.  And if the number goes down.... well, we've got more work to do. :)

Anyone having problems installing BitShares-2.15.286-66c18c6-win64-cli-tools.exe for windows?  I'm using Windows 7 and it looks like it completes installing but there's no executable (ie.  bitshares_client.exe is not created and no icons were created).

Saw this on bloomberg:

Peertracks solves all the problems the article addresses.  This is what caught my eye:

The initial suggestion came from Wallach, of Spotify. Last December, he posted an essay on Medium called Bitcoin for Rockstars that laid out the basics of a blockchain-based royalty distribution system. Several startups are already working on early versions of the idea, said Barry Silbert, a prominent investor in Bitcoin, though none are ready for prime time. The design and consulting firm IDEO was also drawn to the idea of blockchain, and is running an incubator for startups that want to use the technology for applications in various industries, including home buying, health, and music.

It'd be awesome if Peertracks could get some additional funding from more outside sources. 

As a refresher, here's Wallach's essay Bitcoin for Rockers (written Dec 2014):

I haven't updated my bitshares client since v0.4.24.  What's the best way to get to v0.9.2?  Should I just back up the wallet as a json file & then download v0.9.2?  Or should I be able to update directly from the client?

When I run v0.4.24, I can only get 1 network connection sporadically.  The other times I get no connection.  And the blocks aren't updating.   When I "check for updates" the message "no new updates are available" shows up.

Technical Support / can't finish syncing
« on: November 17, 2014, 02:54:53 pm »
I installed 0.2.24 and it syncs most of the way but it slows down at the very end.  It gets to the point where as soon as a block is synced, a new block comes along.  So it never finishes.

I tried reinstalling, removing the bitshares dir except the wallet dir, resetting the database (via killing the process), and still get the same thing.  I'm running on Windows 8.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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