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DAC PLAY / Name registration 7 digits?
« on: March 31, 2015, 01:38:54 pm »
Install of windows wallets went great.

Clicked the link to register my name and FB gave a error saying it wasn't setup properly

I then tried G+ which worked but it says my Play name needs to be 7 digits?

Not sure if its a bug or not but the client should not let you to make a 6 digit name and then not be able to register it.

Cryptosmith would like to start outside testing by accepting a limited number of customers before a launch to the general public.

Couple of things to keep in mind.

-Bitsilver and Bitgold are currently the only accepted forms of payment. Their are other options listed but you will be kicked back to the start page if trying to pay in anything other then Bitsilver and Bitgold.
Cryptosmith now accepts Bitusd,Bitcny,Biteur,Bitsilver and Bitgold

-All packages are shipped USPS tacked,insured and signature confirmation required. I am thinking of allowing tracked but not insured, no signature confirmation so that users can save on shipping cost's, please feel free to weigh in with your opinion on this.

-After a successful launch here in the US I will begin working to allow international orders.

If you are interested in purchasing physical gold and or silver in any amount please PM me thanks.


Found this video interesting only 7 mins and explains why it may be worth renouncing your citizenship and how much it could cost you.

Born into debt would probably be a better title.

We are a team of crypto-enthusiasts that have been working on solving one of the biggest problems facing mass-adoption of the blockchain: entry barriers. The absolute largest hurdle to gaining a steady stream of new users is the lack of a fiat-gateway and so this is the one problem that we have set out to solve. Currently we are partnered with a central European bank that will enable instant deposits and withdrawals of Euros and also allow for USD deposits and withdraws via wire-transfer. Additionally we are currently in talks with banks in two other countries to create a more robust environment and enable more people to transfer funds through us instantly.

What we are offering is the greatest way to lower the entry barrier for Bitshares and enable users to buy and sell  Bitshares and BitAssets near instantly with their fiat funds. This will open up new opportunities for the entire Bitshares community and attract many new users as well as merchants.

On board we have a solid development and legal team that has created the infrastructure for a Fiat Gateway for Bitshares. We are now seeking funding to bring this platform to the Bitshares community. We are looking for investors with $50,000+ in capital ready to invest in such a project. Interested parties will be presented our entire business plan, legal documents and a preview of the exchange and past projects we have worked on as well as projected estimates of rate of return on their investment.

At this point in time I feel its important to inform everyone I am no longer apart of this project. I had a disagreement over what I see as a transparency issue with the gateway owners and we deiced to part ways.

This in no way means that it is a bad investment just that I didn't feel comfortable going forward. If anyone would like to get in touch with the owners they are still welcome to PM me and I can pass their contact info to you. Thanks.

I am proud to formally announce that work has begun on the first site to convert a bitasset to its physical form:

The goal of Cryptosmith is simple, leverage Bitsilver's pegging against is real world counterpart for physical redeem-ability. This will site will act as a exit ramp only and will serve to show every merchant out their what can be done with bitasset's. While our competitor's want to "help" you hold your precious metals at the cost of storage fees and added counter-party risk, our goal is to get your precious metals to you safely and quickly.

When a user visit's our site they can expect a pure and simple shopping experience. From your product selection, to the time your precious metal hits your door rest assured that you are in good hands. As such all packages are tracked, insured and signature confirmation is required.

At launch we are pleased to announce shipping to the following countries:
Hong Kong SAR China
Isle of Man
New Zealand
South Africa
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States
Vatican city

We would like to offer gold as well and are looking into it, for now I would like to leave it at that.

At Cryptosmith we proud to say we only accept bitasset's, no fiat, no Bitcoin, no Alts.

Stay tuned to this thread for updates as they come and remember to support

I would like to start this thread to post project updates on Lamassu bit asset integration. My goal is to get voted in, and to continue projects like this while providing a format for regular updates on said projects.

December- Contact made in with a soft yes to integration.Bit assets (cny,usd and eur) were mentioned and welcomed but project stalled out due to lack of a developer.

January- Contact made with a non core developer who wishes to remain anonymous, I agreed and respect his choice as long as work is published on Github during development.

February- Reach back out to Lamassu now armed with a developer to work on the project. They have been very fast to respond and a meeting is scheduled for our and their developer to meet so that work may actually begin.

2/8/15- Meeting held today between my self,a bitshares dev and a dev from lamassu. This was a important meeting because it gave us some specific details on what they expect from us and gave us another opportunity to push the assets and assets only for a listing option. We are waiting on word from their ceo about menu changes and out of the box support.

2/23/15-Heard back from Lamassu, If anyone has any knowledge how the problem stated below could be over come I would love to get back in touch with them, with a solution. Please pm so the information doesn't get lost, thanks.
"we weren't able to see a way of parsing BitShares account QR codes to pass along to the server. At the moment, our development resources keep us from actively developing support for other projects. If you do have recommendations for how to enable parsing on the machine of other coin addresses, such as a more extensible npm package than, we'd be happy to take a look."

Stay tuned for future updates including progress on talks. No secret sauce, just the facts as they come.

中文(Chinese) / delegate.verbaltech 业务发展
« on: February 06, 2015, 02:15:49 pm »



所以我请求你的支持。请给delegate.verbaltech  投票,谢谢。




我很强烈地相信Gentso和我会成为一个很好的团队,所以我鼓励你给 delegate.verbaltech  投票去支持Gentso的销售努力,也是支持由专注和有能力的软件开发者去维护的一个受托人节点。

Big thank you to btswildpig and the team at BTServiceGroup show them support   

Stakeholder Proposals / Business development delegate
« on: January 29, 2015, 08:04:21 pm »
Over the past month and a half I have been working with the BitShares marketing team. My goal has been to convert cold call emails into meetings so I may present solutions to their business needs. They can be merchants looking for a better payment system, exchanges asking about what makes BitShares, and our bit assets, different, and emerging technology companies. More than just promoting the protocol, a hardware solution may be the best answer to their need to secure stake and promote voting. I scour the forums here and on Nullstreet on a near daily basis to gather new insight on how to approach the many different target markets. I have personally reached out to 30+ companies and have been able to convert four to meetings. Of those four, three have lead to integration or a partnership in some way. Another five resulted in potential leads.


   I would like to continue doing the above as a paid delegate. This would allow me to increase the amount of time I am already devoting to the business development front.  Helping to forge important partnerships is very time consuming, yet also required to ensure the success of the BitShares platform. I am therefore campaigning for a 100% paid delegate position. Such a position enables me to increase my availability for meetings that I setup or to act as a backup or a lead for those who may be uncomfortable or unavailable to speak to potential partners.

   As a delegate, I promise not to “share price watch” - using the excuse that because share price is down, it only buys half the time that it used to. The importance of having someone experienced in sales and business development on hand and accountable to help present the message to a potential partner cannot be overstated. Many potential partners do not have the time to read a white paper or check the forums.


It is because of everything stated in this platform that I ask for your support. Please vote for delegate.verbaltech.  Thank you!
所以我请求你的支持。请给delegate.verbaltech  投票,谢谢。

You know me here on the forums as Thom;u=21490, and I'll be handling the technical side of gentso's delegate. My business plan is to support gentso in his efforts to sell the advantages of the BitShares platform to as many organizations as possible, so we all benefit.

I've known gentso from my earliest posts here on the forum, and recently he reached out to ask my help with the technical issues of running a delegate node. I have over 3 decades of software development experience in a wide variety of fields, and am very comfortable with most operating systems, be they Mac, Windows or *nix (linux/unix). My focus will be on the reliability of the delegate node, which involves decisions about which VPS to use, where in the world it's located, a backup VPS, and monitoring so that in the event of a failure for whatever reason the backup can be activated to keep block production optimal.


Although I've been a software developer in the past, I do not intend on getting back into the thick of software development or providing tools such as svk's most excellent BitSharesBlocks.  However, if I need to adjust some scripts or build a custom linux kernel to optimize reliable and trustworthy block production, I can and will do so. I quite expect though, that such tweaking will not be required or will be relatively minor, but I will do whatever it takes to run a dependable node, including providing timely price feeds.

You may have heard that I'm writing a book, The Coming BitShares Revolution. I will soon be posting details in the forum about my plan to promote the book. I mention this as a way of introducing my technical skills and personal perspective -  which I write about in the Preface to the book. Until I'm ready to post those details, you may read the preview at this URL:

I strongly believe gentso and I will make a great team and so I encourage you to vote for delegate.verbaltech to support gentso's sales efforts but also to support a well managed delegate node by a dedicated and competent software professional.
我很强烈地相信Gentso和我会成为一个很好的团队,所以我鼓励你给 delegate.verbaltech  投票去支持Gentso的销售努力,也是支持由专注和有能力的软件开发者去维护的一个受托人节点。

Big thank you to btswildpig and the team at BTServiceGroup show them support

General Discussion / a question about shorting
« on: January 26, 2015, 01:32:25 pm »
So I have been playing with shorting and I recently tried to cover 2 small orders. I did not have enough bitUSD to cover the orders. I did have more then enough in collateral for the orders. When you click the cover button I assumed that it would market sell the needed bts held in collateral to cover the order.I found that this was not the case instead all I got was a insufficient funds message.

Is this a bug or is it supposed to be this way? If it is supposed to be this why can someone please explain why.

DAC PLAY / Play featured on Coindesk
« on: January 22, 2015, 02:49:32 pm »
Just in case this article snuck by anyone
I think it was a bit poorly titled, it should have mentioned play but it does outline it use and over all value.

Technical Support / [SOLVED] Power failure while running wallet bts MIA
« on: January 19, 2015, 02:29:08 am »
So I had a power failure while running the wallet. Sadly when I rebooted the wallet would not start (error 10001). No worries I have a back up json and copy of the wallet folder.

I re install but no BTS. I have a UIA That I purchased but the bts is gone. I had played with shorting for the first time about 2 days ago but I closed my position yesterday.

I do have a few transactions listed as unknown but judging from the date it was from playing with the shorting.

Any help to fix this would be great, thanks

General Discussion / Marketing of assets fail
« on: January 14, 2015, 02:46:32 pm »
I have been actively talking with partners for over a month now. Everything from crypto to crypto exchanges, gateways,merchants anyone who will listen. I have noticed that everyone wants to add bts but no one wants to add the assets.

Lets take a recent partner for example. When talking to the head of their marketing department they immediately asked what features make bitshares different then other crypto's. To be honest I was a bit taken back and this question prompted me to ask if they were adding any bitassets. They paused for a min and I could immediately tell they had no idea what I was talking about. They then confirmed that they are not but that they would seriously consider adding them in the future.This is a nice way of saying probably never.

I suppose the funniest part of the above is that nubits which has nushares and is comparable in this case, has nubits (their product/asset) listed for over a month. I am pretty sure they didn't even know nubits was a asset and tbh doesn't care. The fail is on our part and the presentation of our products or lack their of. You see the truth of the situation is this, these partner businesses don't have the time or will to research every alt beating down their door to be added. They (often times) will not list many pairings (bts, bitUSD,bitBTC,bitCNY) etc.... They expect that when we come to them, the asset or share that we promote or suggest right out of the gate is the one they are going to add simple as that.

How do we fix it? If you read the above and agree that their is a problem then you should now be asking that very question. The answer is surprisingly simple. DON'T TALK ABOUT BITSHARES TALK ABOUT THE PRODUCT. Bitshares is for investors and investors will find us IF we have a good product that is being used. We do have a good product, it is not being used. Who wants to invest in shares of a company if they have no one using their product? A open email, reach out to a partner should be along the lines of

Hi such and such I am blah from blah and I would like the opportunity to sit down and talk with you about bitUSD and what it can do for you. You then meet with them on skype and talk their ear off about the assets not the company.......or let gentso sit and talk their ear off, your call.

Am I beating a dead horse yet?

General Discussion / What are Github commits?
« on: January 05, 2015, 10:36:38 pm »
If you google the above term it gives you answers based on you trying to learn to use github.

I have no interest in that. I am trying to get a working understanding of what commits actually are and more importantly if we as users/shareholders can use them as some sort of metric.I would ideally

like to be able to have a rough gauge of what devs are working on and how often. I can see part of this (I think) by looking at the branch the commit is going to.

With Dev's now having to come onto the forum and make a case for their delegates this could make their job easier if folks like me understand Github.

Any thoughts or ideas on bridging the Dev/shareholder divide would be greatly appreciated.

I was recently talking with a exchange about adding BTS and some of its market pegged assets. Adding BTS was of course a no brainier for them but the market pegged assets are a slightly trickier sell.With many 2.0's their has been a clear shift, from creating coins of different flavors to the creation of assets. Every one has a asset and we all want to explain why our asset is better then other players.

The idea that the MPA are backed by 300%bts was easy to understand and accepted by the exchange. Delegates, price feeds and the creation of the MPA's through the matching of shorts and longs were also easily understood by the exchange. The question then became, What happens to MPA's if BTS loses alot of value very quickly? How does the internal exchange handle the MPA's and how would this effect a external exchange that allows trading of these pairs?

Or am I completely off the mark and should be pushing a exchange to use UIA to trade IOU's of our MPA's? Thought's? 

General Discussion / three-factor biometric authentication.....for 20 bucks
« on: December 29, 2014, 05:18:26 pm »

How secure and cool is this. It uses a phone,password and bio-metric scanner. Doesn't store any info and each scan generate's a unique key. No yubikey,2fa,password manager needed.

Bitshares mobile wallet+hyprkey+liquid exchange=merchant adoption=mass adoption

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