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General Discussion / Oct 13th: Predicting BTS Price At 2.0 "LIFTOFF"
« on: September 18, 2015, 12:58:12 pm »
In terms of BTS price, I am curious as to what this Community anticipates what value "the market" will give to BTS at Bitshares 2.0 launch.  I ask the reader of this to consider that earlier all time high price of over $.04 ( which translated to a market capitalization of over $100,000,000 ) was back at a time when so much about Bitshares technology was speculation and lofty goals.  ByteMaster and his Team did their best to lay out a BTS roadmap in terms of its features and capabilities and it seems that not only have they succeeded it attaining those, but they have taken all of this to an even higher level.  Just consider what Graphene has meant in terms of flat out awesome technology, but also, all of the spin offs in terms of these other initiates, PLAY, IDENTIBIT, LOTTO, MUSE, VOTE, etc, etc, etc.

ByteMaster and Team are delivering on their promises...they have walked the walk....they have done so with impeccable openness, dedication, and honesty.  They will be delivering to the world this great new blockchain technology that WILL change the world and provide a referral system that will drive adoption.  After that, the masses will learn of power of Bitshares 2.0.

So I raise the question to this Comminity (and the world) just what will the value of BTS be on 2.0 launch day? What could it be?  WHAT SHOULD IT BE? 

I will go first by suggesting that WHO SELL NOW with the FINISH line in sight, or should a say, the START line in sight?  What "investor" would sell now?  Those individual that aren't investors, but have a day trader mentality, will get run over by a wave of true investors and everyday users who buy BTS 2.0 for its value, functionality, and growth potential.

So I will anticipate that on October 13th, the price of BTS WILL BE DOUBLE ITS ALL TIME HIGH.  So I'm predicting the price will be at .08 each and a market cap over $200,000,000.  A week later, $.10/BTS.

What do YOU think the price will be and WHY?

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