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General Discussion / Re: Oct 13th: Predicting BTS Price At 2.0 "LIFTOFF"
« on: September 21, 2015, 12:29:48 am »
Since I wrote that post a couple days ago, the market cap has climbed by $4M.  I think the "investors" I referred to in that earlier post are the ones coming into BTS now because they recognize VALUE.  My goodness...BTS is the best crypto there and IMHO hugely under valued. 

So let me just share with all that read this post that "the (BTS) train is leaving the station" so you'd better get on board now as $.04/share is just around the bend.

General Discussion / Re: Oct 13th: Predicting BTS Price At 2.0 "LIFTOFF"
« on: September 18, 2015, 03:18:39 pm »
Actually I am not interested in "fantasizing" about the price... I'm just curious as to what this informed Community anticipates that the "market forces" will do to the price.  Seems to me that 2.0 represents such a turning point in terms of the actual attainment of a mega target.  To me, accomplishing that is a "game changer" and changes how BTS will be viewed and who buys it.  Other announcements provide exciting potential for the future but the release of 2.0 changes everything instantly.

Perhaps my target price is way overly optimistic.  However, I didn't write the post to be a cheerleader or pump up anything but rather to get a sense of what the community thinks.  A couple responses opened my eyes to some things I had not considered.  STILL, I believe that speculators will start to be out numbered by prudent investors and users that will recognize BTS as the best technology with the brightest future.  When that happens, yes, I think the market cap makes a MAJOR move higher.

General Discussion / Oct 13th: Predicting BTS Price At 2.0 "LIFTOFF"
« on: September 18, 2015, 12:58:12 pm »
In terms of BTS price, I am curious as to what this Community anticipates what value "the market" will give to BTS at Bitshares 2.0 launch.  I ask the reader of this to consider that earlier all time high price of over $.04 ( which translated to a market capitalization of over $100,000,000 ) was back at a time when so much about Bitshares technology was speculation and lofty goals.  ByteMaster and his Team did their best to lay out a BTS roadmap in terms of its features and capabilities and it seems that not only have they succeeded it attaining those, but they have taken all of this to an even higher level.  Just consider what Graphene has meant in terms of flat out awesome technology, but also, all of the spin offs in terms of these other initiates, PLAY, IDENTIBIT, LOTTO, MUSE, VOTE, etc, etc, etc.

ByteMaster and Team are delivering on their promises...they have walked the walk....they have done so with impeccable openness, dedication, and honesty.  They will be delivering to the world this great new blockchain technology that WILL change the world and provide a referral system that will drive adoption.  After that, the masses will learn of power of Bitshares 2.0.

So I raise the question to this Comminity (and the world) just what will the value of BTS be on 2.0 launch day? What could it be?  WHAT SHOULD IT BE? 

I will go first by suggesting that WHO SELL NOW with the FINISH line in sight, or should a say, the START line in sight?  What "investor" would sell now?  Those individual that aren't investors, but have a day trader mentality, will get run over by a wave of true investors and everyday users who buy BTS 2.0 for its value, functionality, and growth potential.

So I will anticipate that on October 13th, the price of BTS WILL BE DOUBLE ITS ALL TIME HIGH.  So I'm predicting the price will be at .08 each and a market cap over $200,000,000.  A week later, $.10/BTS.

What do YOU think the price will be and WHY?

General Discussion / Re: BTER Withdrawals
« on: December 14, 2014, 08:00:45 pm »
Because of this issue, I wasn't able to withdraw BTS shares to my personal wallet before the 7pm EST snapshots.  So the question I have is whether I will be able to receive the shares earned associated with the snapshot.  Anyone know whether BTER will elect to facilitate those shares being delivered to my account within BTER or will they elect to keep them because my BTS were stored on their exchange at the time of the snapshots? 

So if I have 100 PTS before the snapshot, how many will I have afterward?  I read of the 1:1 but then saw a post stating the total outstanding will be 1 billion and that ones % of the total PTS SHARES won't change, but as I understand it, the number of shares will increase.  Is that right?  If so, 100 shares pre snapshot will equal how many post snapshot?  Thanks in advance.

DAC PLAY / Re: Official Announcement for BitShares PLAY Allocation
« on: November 15, 2014, 07:40:42 pm »
AGS was used to fund the "life-giving" grant to PLAY could it not get the larger allocation for which BM is advocates?  Doing so is simply the fairest option there is and would be respectful of those who made it possible for you to pursue your dream.

Hackerfish...please directly address why you do not support BM's, and many others, strong belief that PLAY allocation SHOULD more handsomely reward AGS over BTS.  THANK YOU.

General Discussion / Re: BitShares the Platform
« on: October 26, 2014, 04:51:43 pm »
In my earlier post, I was specifically referencing Stan' post:

I love metaphors.  They can take one set of facts and completely change which branch of government wants to arrest you.  They can change you from a fan to a foe in one flash of insight.  Or vice versa.  Dr. Charles Evans had a fun time with this in his delightful classic blog post "A bitRose by any Other Name".

Most of us, who are familiar enough with Bitcoin to explain it to others, know that there are no ‘coins’ to be ‘mined’, as if coins were mined in the real world. Ore is mined, and coins are minted, which has nothing to do with how they smell or taste. These are similes and analogies. To fixate on their literal meanings is foolish, if not disingenuous.

So now, here's a switch of metaphors for you. 
Does it change how you view things?

BitSharesX (BTSX) is shares in a DAC.  BitShares (BTS) is shares in a DAC platform.  A DAC operating system.

This DAC-OS provides (or will provide) a whole bunch of common services that are much less effective if they aren't common services:
A unified basket of stable, robust global currencies (bitAssets)
A unified set of well compensated, best-of-breed delegates.
A unified name system.
A unified secure messaging system.
A unified set of on and off ramps - portals to the fiat world.
A unified marketing message.
A unified consensus-based governing system.
A unified family of tools and wallets.
A unified way for newcomers to make instant friends with everyone already there.
A built-in venture capital system where you can compete for start-up funds - democratically.
New business developers (DAC engineers) shouldn't want to reinvent these things any more than I would want to reinvent my computer's device drivers and operating system.  And what sense would it make to have different competing operating systems, each with a subset of drivers and services?

Gee, I sure wish I could go back in time and invest in MS-DOS. 
An opportunity like that will never come around again.

BitShares takes the whole ecosystem into one DAC friendly free-trade zone with all the services that benefit from network effect already in place.

Any developer who wants to build a business would be crazy to stay on the outside and try to replicate that.  Even if they can pick up the toolkit and get all the functions - the network effect doesn't come with the toolkit!  You get that by joining the club.  You still run your own business with its own custom storefront and Internet presence.  You just skipped a year or two of trying to get traffic to stop by!

Now do you begin to see why it wasn't hard for the VOTE and DNS developers to Seize the Day?

You may have heard many opinions that DAC Developers would never want to honor the old AGS/PTS value proposition, but there are plenty of examples of those who did.  But that value proposition is now unassailable! 

We offer instant network effect.  Built in.

Come build you business in our free trade zone mall.  Join us in free space.  We are the mall developers.  You can be a mall tenant.   We've got lots of real estate for you - all wired up with power, plumbing, internet and customers browsing the halls.  Add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own and get issued shares to match the value you have added to our free trade ecosystem.  And its growing network effect.

You'd be crazy to locate your business outside the mall.  Why start over?

So, the ravenous, irresistible, competition eating monster some have been fearing is now an inviting level business playing field where you can get a huge head start on your business model.  We invite you to be a member rather than a competitor.  We hold out an open hand of friendship and a value proposition that will get better and better over time.

In Free Space Real Estate, its about Location, Location, Location.

And yes, resistance is futile.

General Discussion / Re: BitShares the Platform
« on: October 26, 2014, 04:45:17 pm »
I think this is a BRILLIANT post and I strongly ENCOURAGE everyone to really read this post carefully.  I think BM & Team have locked in on exactly what THE MISSION HAS TO BE.   5% X 500  in my mind, this is a concept that must be strongly marketed going forward.  "BTS:  THE 'DAC OS' "

General Discussion / Re: * SNAPSHOT NOTICE *
« on: October 23, 2014, 03:10:55 am »
I've seen several ratios for AGS to BTSX...where did that end up?

Than in true open source style it could be a "DAN" = "Decentralized Autonomous DAN"

Decentralized Autonomous Network

Hmm.  So many expansions. Makes me start to prefer "Larimer"  as atomic unit of BTSX. It's a name you don't hear that much so there's no confusion what you're talking about.

Good point Riverhead.  Using "DAN" may be a little to "cute/clever" whereas "Larimer" is unique and therefore may create a memorable link between BM and perhaps one day the world's #1 crypto-currency.  BM may become as well known as a Gates, Jobs, and Satoshi and that name last recognition may drive adoption AND obviously Dan has earned has name on that atomic unit designation...IMHO.  "DAN" also works well ...tough call.

General Discussion / Re: Is Bytemaster Satoshi??! :)
« on: September 08, 2014, 04:57:06 pm »

"Digital Asset Notes"

General Discussion / Re: Is Bytemaster Satoshi??! :)
« on: September 08, 2014, 04:48:58 pm »
"DAN" =  "Distributive Asset Note"???? +5%

Or "Distributed Asset Note"

"Distribution Assets Notes"

General Discussion / Re: Our new website is now LIVE!
« on: March 30, 2014, 01:52:29 am »
3i Team...the new website is really sharp and provides a great foundation upon which to build.

I've been monitoring your activities over the past six months and am amazed how far your team has come.  I am impressed with all you are accomplishing and also somewhat amused by some of the negative forum members...or better stated, some of the negative and "cranky" posts.  So I thought I'd take a minute tonight to congratulate the Bitshares Team for your incredible early successes. 

Continued success and a sincere "thank you" for all that you are doing for those of us who have invested in your vision.  And for those on the forum that think this is easy and like to hurl mud from time-to-time let me just "massage" a classic line from JFK and say..."ask not what Bitshares can do for you, but rather, what you can do for Bitshares" (to assist in these guys in leading this revolution in technology).

Keyhotee / Re: Introducing Keyhotee Video
« on: November 07, 2013, 02:00:16 am »
Bytemaster- MEGA kudos on an excellent summary video...if Keyhotee lives up to your assertions, it's going to dominate the web!  Do you think I'm on target with that assessment or are your expectations more conservative?  KEYHOTEE is a name I'm going to follow closely and I'm eager for its release.  It'll  be revolutionary if it can "walk the walk"... God's speed Bytemaster!

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