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Technical Support / Re: bittrex-deposits
« on: July 28, 2017, 02:25:38 am »
Because open.steem is an iou.  Your open.steem goes to open ledgers wallet. The then release the real steem from their steem wallet and send it to the address you specified with the memo you specifield.  Just like centralised exchanges except they don't  tell you that you trading iou on their systems.

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Random Discussion / Re: EOS Price
« on: July 02, 2017, 08:46:50 pm »

That's one of the beauties of having a year long ICO. It gives to speculators a chance to get in early and the doubters time to see if the are right.

It's not that complicated, and common sense dictates that you should not send your life savings ahead of actually performing small transactions and testing backup procedures to ensure that your funds remain accessible.

It is complicated. Don't attack people for not understanding it all out once. That's another problem with our community. We have had years of using this system so we understand the structure, but someone new to crypto of coming from another coin is not going to get at first. 

We claim that  for pro trader and not average ppl but that isn't true. Pro traders are not going to tolerate a bad interface. There are to many other options out there.  I have been in Bitshares since AnglShares and this has been one of my pet peeves about the system.

General Discussion / Should BTS DEX buy into the EOS ICO?
« on: June 24, 2017, 04:19:41 am »
Do you guys think bitshares as a DEX participate in the EOS ICO? This could be done through the secondary market on the DEX. The committee  could buy EOS tokens. This way the platform as a whole can have stake in the EOS platform which can be used if/when ITS decides to migrate over.

General Discussion / Re: Hello BTS
« on: May 22, 2017, 06:59:30 pm »

Welcome! Glad you made it.

General Discussion / Re: bitGold-bitSilver-bitBTC
« on: May 18, 2017, 05:32:05 pm »

Why does the shorter have to short bitusd? They could just buy bitusd with bts or any other asset they have on the exchange and use the bitusd to short gold.

I have no problem with the deal in its terms. I just want know if Munich paid their half in bts. Since it was a 50/50 contract. If Munich paid less then we should be returned the difference.

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General Discussion / Re: LTM made up almost 1/3 of DAC revenue
« on: April 24, 2017, 04:46:53 pm »
I understand the motivation for the LTM fees structure but never liked the breakdown. Here is an idea.

10%/40%/50%  All Referrers(weighted)/LTM/network


Not the margin trading but in general, the whole system. Do they show proof of reserves for their system? I don't know. 

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] roelandp
« on: April 20, 2017, 05:27:13 pm »
[member=31]fav[/member], i noticed that Blockfolio has the following pairs from Bitshares: BTS / BTC, BTS / CNY, PTS/BTC. You want them to have the Dex added as one of the exchanges to make them watch for?

[member=12185]Pheonike[/member] would this be an app were you can glance your bitshares portfolio iaw your account_balances? Sounds like a fun app / site to make. I can see when I can put some time in this. It is totally possible with the cli_wallet / websocket.

Yeah, Just be able to track account balances.  Just add the account name and track profit/loss.


You must also remember that when exchanges like POLO are providing leverage, all those transaction are just number in a database.  They are running a fractional reserve .  We bitshares cannot have a fractional reserve. Most of those can't cover all the deposits on hand. Bitshares can not run a fractional reserve. It was deigned to be the direct opposite. The systematic risk is too high. We can't Fudge the numbers like other places do.

Poloniex an exchanges like that in general like that system because the can front run the trades and make a killing. Stuff like that won't be possible on because it's all on the blockchain.

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General Discussion / Re: Professional Price Feeds for DEX
« on: April 20, 2017, 03:50:32 am »
Hey @sakhan in my Witness proposal you asked me to reply. I was already monitoring this chat, but a bit busy with the pricefeed scripts themselves atm :) Btw, this discussion has been talked about in the forums before, see for example with some interesting chats and opinions:,23607.0.html

How I feel about pricescripts and how they should come to life? First off, as the white paper [section 2.2] states, pricefeeds are important to have a fair price for settlements of Smartcoins on the Dex. It is important to have accurate information, but the software has some build in fault resistance as you can conclude from that paragraph.

I think setting up a trustworthy pricefeed for your witness means:
1. Sourcing from markets with enough volume.
2. Sourcing from a multitude of markets.
3. Have limits in place to prevent black swan events or sudden spikes / drops.
4. Adjust parameters to your reasoning and be open about your bias.

In general I am a huge fan of [member=120]xeroc[/member]'s work in python. He made me dive into python (finally). I have been testing his scripts, mainly his multi-source pricefeed script, which had some recent edits by [member=2186]iHashFury[/member] incorporated here.

IMHO [member=120]xeroc[/member]'s script does this and enables you to add as many sources as you like, it also has built in limits which should be monitored and therefore I am writing to expand the script to report to me on my telegram bot with manual verification or rejection of the feed publishing.

Having a paid for account for 1 (live) source won't change that much seeing GRAPHENE_DEFAULT_PRICE_FEED_LIFETIME in the config of 24 hours imho and especially it won't be a good idea to make the price-feeds part of the DEX software being dependent on it, as it would mean having a single point of failure.

Nonetheless I totally follow [member=21490]Thom[/member] to have some decent witness performance overview in place, like we have for Steem / Golos: and where it is easy to see who is missing blocks and how many, and who is slow on updating pricefeeds. This could help judge witnesses and actually vote / unvote them based on factual data and performance.

Alternatively we could all put trust in a machine script / AI and proxy your votes into that dedicated account who then votes / unvotes witnesses based on performance parameters to be set in a BSIP. In Steem it happens all the time once an active witness starts to miss blocks, and he/she is unresponsive, immediately he/she is voted out for the time being to keep the network at 100% participation. After the event is resolved and explained, the witness most always regains their votes.
That would be a great tool for the bitshares network.

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Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] roelandp
« on: April 20, 2017, 03:47:01 am »
Your expertise is welcomed and needed. I would love to see a Blockfolio style app or site dedicated to Bitshares ecosystem.

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