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BitShares PTS / Re: [Giveaway I] Claim your free PTS - rule inside
« on: December 16, 2013, 04:21:14 pm »

Thanks  :)

This PDF never loads, someone mirror it?

BitShares PTS / Re: Coyote Pool 2.0 - One Day Rounds Proportional Payout
« on: December 06, 2013, 02:36:35 pm »
Never received my last payment, approx 0.15-0.2 PTS for PfXkv4rkvQg4qHud5JhFGwBM3tukCHqFPL and I seem to not be on your list....

I was keeping a somewhat close watch on because I was using various cloud services and wanted to see how fast I was racking up PTS.

Keyhotee / Re: $300+ for a Keyhotee Founder ID?
« on: December 03, 2013, 02:58:13 pm »
I think if we get this GPU Miner like we've been told is coming we could get these 10 PTS in time...

I have a 7700 so that is not impressive at all and I see it overall being outpaced by every ex-bitcoin GPU miner frothing at the mouth for a GPU miner.

My free trial VM miners dropped overnight and it is pretty clear from my projections that there is no way I will ever get to 10 PTS so I am just forgetting it.

BitShares PTS / Re: [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: December 02, 2013, 11:08:24 pm »
htop showed me near minimum CPU load and the other command said "there is no screen to be attached".

I still have to start burning through my EC2 coupon so I will try your method with that or the other services I have setup already once I have more time later.

The method for coyote's pool stopped working once I got to Azure, so maybe it is Microsoft's fault..

Keyhotee / Re: $300+ for a Keyhotee Founder ID?
« on: December 02, 2013, 10:02:29 pm »
Anyone who mines for one month can buy one at 10 PTs

I don't think I will make it. I have an i3 and am projecting to get about 2 PTS in the next 20 days, could be 3 if I am lucky. Maybe anyone who has more computing power than me...

I'm trying to understand all of this... I think I read elsewhere that half of the transaction fees will be paid as dividends split up amongst all holders of coins and half will be paid to the miner along with a block.. or that was just an idea, not sure.

Trx fees are paid as dividends and thus 'lost'

Why is that "lost"?


I think maybe this idea is okay if I understand part of it. You might want to explain in the beginning of your paper what "coin-days-destroyed" is because I wasn't familiar with this jargon.

Why is the best chain decided by CDD? You mean because people are using the currency in transactions more than just mining and sitting on them waiting for their price to go up?

How do you decide a minimum mining difficulty, just something arbitrary like coins not incurring time until after the first 24 hours as mentioned in the paper?

BitShares PTS / Re: [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: December 02, 2013, 08:49:45 pm »
Did you cd into the directory?

Code: [Select]
cd ~/ptsminer/src
If not, clone ptsminer again.

Did I cd when? I thought I was setting up a file to run on autostart, but I want to make sure it is working. I basically followed the instructions with a few modifications and then when I logged onto the VM, I don't know how to check if I am mining or what.

edit: I just redid all the steps as described below and when I get to a blank new terminal after restart I did try to cd into that directory and it says:

Code: [Select]
-bash: cd: /home/azureuser/ptsminer/src: No such file or directory


I just redid the steps on a new server on Azure after getting the old one manually running by the first suggestion.

First I opened a new file

Code: [Select]
sudo nano /etc/init.d/buildminer
(just added sudo because I didn't have permission without it)

I entered this into the startup script:

Code: [Select]
cd ~
rm -rf ~/ptsminer
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y git make g++ build-essential libminiupnpc-dev libboost-$
git clone
cd ~/ptsminer/src
make -f makefile.unix
screen ./ptsminer <my_addr> 1 27

I am running a small VM so set 1 for the 1 core. I left out the sse4 argument now because when I went in and manually typed this the miner would crash but work fine leaving it out and it wasn't in the first instructions.

I saved this then entered:

Code: [Select]
sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/buildminer
sudo update-rc.d buildminer defaults

Again, I got errors without 'sudo' but it seemed to work with them.

Then I restart the server, log in and am at a command prompt. Is my miner working? How would I check?

I thought the idea is it is an autocompile/autostart script, so I can make an image of the server and just clone it a bunch of times.

BitShares PTS / Re: [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: December 02, 2013, 06:48:46 pm »
This seemed to work but I had to back out of vim because I didn't have permissions to save the file. I realized I needed to prefix the nano command with sudo then it worked... that is about the extent of my knowledge of linux  :)

When I restarted, I found I can use rcconf to check what is running and buildminer is starred, so I guess it is running, but then how do I peek in on it to see its performance?

edit: I'm lost on what to do now. I ran:

screen ./ptsminer <my_addr> -whatever

and it tells me there is no such directory now

BitShares PTS / Re: [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: December 02, 2013, 05:09:29 pm »
How can I take the above code and make it into autostart?

I'm doing the tour of free offers and have the idea of making images down but didn't try AWS yet.  Other places where small is 1/4 the cost of large I have noticed a small advantage in using 4x small versus 1 large, something like 4.5-5 x4 versus 17-19 hpm (not sure how that translates to collisions).

Having 10+ different PuTTY open is annoying but I have found there are some multi-tab programs to manage them.

BitShares PTS / Re: [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: December 02, 2013, 04:31:00 pm »
Thanks, that got it going for me. It seemed to stall for way too long on the first work received but seems okay once I did Ctrl+C to stop and restarted.

BitShares PTS / Re: [ANN] - Protoshares mining sub-pool
« on: December 02, 2013, 03:10:52 pm »
I'm on this pool with my windows machine but on coyote with the various free trial virtual machines, mainly just because I found instructions on how to get it running by copy/pasting 3 lines of code.

This isn't working for me on Azure though (newest Ubuntu). Is there any process for beer someone can share please? I'll probably switch over everything I have to this pool then to just be in one place.

BitShares PTS / Re: Coyote Pool 2.0 - One Day Rounds Proportional Payout
« on: December 02, 2013, 06:12:46 am »
In 11 days I've mined 1.9 PTS. I don't think I'm going to be able to mine 10 PTS before December 24th :/

What are you using to mine? I am hoping with these various free trials I can make it but I just started today.

I got the Coyote Pool miner going with the $200 free at Dimension on the Ubuntu12 option. It is reporting 23 hpm. How fast will this cut into my $200?

Should I have multiple of these going to just get through it fairly quickly? I don't see anything about pricing and there is no report yet.

ETA: AWS coupon came pretty quick so that is up next after HP

I did the first of 4 large on HP before reading 16 small is better. Large is only getting 18hpm. The instructions were confusing because it says to put your public IP in putty but I had none and had to go add a "floating IP". Looks like they charge $0.01/hr for this only if you create one and don't assign it to a server.

Edit #2: My large server crept up to 19 hpm while after a while my small went from about 2.6-3.2 and average about 3. Large is better if this is true at 6x the rate for only 4x the cost. I guess I will test out medium later too.

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