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Care to explain this?

Seems to be a bit more than just "a bit of marketing"

Also, on the subject of LottoShares, you said you gave everyone their money back. But I heard that you also pushed everyone you could into Banx and Banx Mining. Do you care to deny that?


Don't worry Ian, you have made it clear what your agenda is here and what you plan on doing for the future by way of your veiled threats

Seriously, paranoid much? What veiled threats have I made?

and conversations you are having with people in private (they aren't as private as you think).

And what is this, but a veiled threat?

Ultimately, it seems highly suspicious to me, and I'd suspect everyone, that an employee of yours would make you the founder of a company you had no association with.

Why would she do that? Even after you worked her to the bone? Why would she confuse "no affiliation" with "founder?" That is a big jump, not like mixing up COO and CEO or something like that. But literally Zero to One Hundred.

Seems like quite a stretch to me.

I already answered that question, and I am sure she would be happy to get on the forum to respond that she created the account. 

You see, I have employees that do those things because I am busy.  I never checked, and today was the first I heard of it.  It happens.

I addressed it with her, and with Ian, and now with you.

Now that is clear.

So your employee, working on her own accord, decided to name you as the Founder of Banx, a company you never had anything to do with? That is what you are saying?

Was her name Anna Chennault as well? Did she do it as the behest of her boss in Texas?

I have my doubts you have worked an honest day in your life.

I don't really care about the fat shaming Taggart. It just shows how professional you are.

There is no more value in this thread. You claimed to be bitshares' co-founder, Denied ever saying that when I came on here, and ignored my link that showed where you did claim that.

Through two pages of crap, there is that small morsel of information.

Apologies fav, I'll move on now.

Taggart, the only person here who has embarrassed himself is you.

Fat shaming? Come on. You called me fat, i simply pointed out that I wasn't. Don't try to flip around the childish aspect of this argument, Anyone with half a brain can clearly see that it is you.

anyone who thinks Bots are good for a platform like Steemit, clearly hasn't been online in the past 15 years.

Anyone who thinks their money is safe with Lyford, clearly doesn't know how to Google.

I hope you have fun destroying Steemit's reputation.

Hmm yes, you have lowered yourself to calling people fat on the internet. Or maybe you were down there all along?

This is the BitShares champion? This is your co-founder?

A real winner, for sure.

Actually, I just doubted your exercise regime based on observation, and the fact that you work behind a monitor all day. 

And what observation is that? As I said, my BMI is clearly in the healthy range. What is your goal with this fat shaming? My BMI is 23, which is considered "Healthy Weight" I exercise, not as much as I should, but I jog several times a week and walk my dog several times a day. She is getting older, at ten, but still needs to get her energy out. This is really not necessary information, but since you asked about how much I exercise.

Again, what is the point of this? Do you think I will become self conscious? "On no, Taggart called me fat. I better not look into him or he'll do it again!" Do you think I will stoop to your level and make fun of your appearance? Well, I'm not going to do that either.

Your anger only further convinces me that you are fearful. Fearful that I will ruin your and your boyfriend's big launch tomorrow.

Don't worry Taggart. Tomorrow will come.

Sounds super suspicious to me.

Yes, someone who stole (oh sorry, I mean "lost") hundreds of thousands of investor dollars on their last venture (Mark, not you) promising to give away money and the key to making it?

Yeah, you're right. That does sound super suspicious.

Good day sir, you'll waste no more of my time.

And so you choose to help promote, and lend your name and picture, to Mark's next "business?" Knowing full well what he did with banx?

Also, bots like the one your and mark are claiming to be selling, are exactly what will kill Steemit.

I'm sure you'll make tons of cash off it though, so congrats. Your business acumen is clearly unparalleled.

Hmm yes, you have lowered yourself to calling people fat on the internet. Or maybe you were down there all along?

This is the BitShares champion? This is your co-founder?

A real winner, for sure.

"He is the single most important business developer in the world to the near term future of BitShares."

If this is true, I would run from Bitshares as fast as possible.

Ian, I sincerely doubt you have ever ran a day in your life...from the looks of it.

Unless it was chasing the ice cream truck...

Stop arguing, you look stupid.

That is a really strange insult, I'm not even fat. I'm 6"3 and 184 pounds. I have a bit of a beer belly, granted, but I rarely eat ice cream, and can run pretty far. Gotta catch those pokemons, you know?

In any case. I see where the Bitshares community stands.

You guys can have your Taggarts and Lyfords.

This isn't about caring Michael. I was doing research, came across this claim and wanted to check it out.

Here is where you claim to co-found bitshares

Here is some information, for other people, about the web summit award you won.

What has Remittio accomplished since winning such an award?

Lotto Shares was supposed to have an in-built customer base because of its physical presence. I guess that didn't work out?

I seem to remember you being heavily involved in banx, but if you say you weren't, we can go ahead and move forward with that.

But, knowing how Mark left Banx investors, what makes you want to team up with him again?

Anyway, I have to get back to work. I'll be sure to hit you up on Skype if I have any further questions.

No need, I don't have any. I only came here to ask a question. I'm surprised and disappointed by the answer.

Good luck, I hope Lyford and Taggart are kinder to you than they were to Banx holders.

"He is the single most important business developer in the world to the near term future of BitShares."

If this is true, I would run from Bitshares as fast as possible.

I see Lyford in that picture, but I guess its not detailed enough for my to recognize Taggart or that Kevin Harrington guy. I'll take your word for it though, unless you want to point them out.

Taggard and Lyford stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Banx investors. If this man really is critically important for Bitshares, I feel bad for the bag holders.

Good luck.

General Discussion / Michael Taggart claims to be BitShares Co-founder?
« on: August 03, 2016, 12:08:32 pm »
Hi all.

You may remember Michael Taggart aka "Michael X" as the marketing snake oil salesmen that helped pump the failed Ponzi scheme banx (aka banxshares, banx capital) the failed Lotto shares scheme (the one supposedly connected to a physical lotto that took people's money and then quit because it was too hard.)

So now Taggart and his partner Mark Lyford are targeting Steemit marks. I hope everyone here has learned enough to stay away from these guys.

Anyway, Taggart claims on his page that he is the co-founder of BitShares. I'm positive this isn't true, but couldn't find and official "team" page.

Can someone confirm that Taggart didn't co-founder BitShares? Is there an official history or founding members of BitShares? I know Daniel Larimer is generally credited for its creation, but where can I find something that proves Taggart isn't the co-founder of BitShares?

Thanks, stay safe out there.

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares Google Hangout on Air.
« on: March 22, 2016, 10:29:25 pm »
I'm here to answer questions about Banx and/or my article, if anyone wants.

I feel like Jonny asked the most basic questions and Mark was unable to answer them.

General Discussion / Re: Article on Banx
« on: October 14, 2015, 03:18:30 pm »
Thanks for your feedback. This article did have a few more ins and outs than normal, so perhaps it isn't my best style-wise. I tried to get the important facts out first and then narrow down onto the more specific pieces. That is standard journalism practice. If you feel that I didn't do that properly, perhaps you are correct, I kind of don't like my intro, but do feel things pick up after that.

Outside of style, I think this is perhaps the most important article I've ever done.

I do appreciate your feedback, but my writing has been competent enough to keep me fed and sheltered for the last three years, and has led to a book deal.

I am well aware of libel and ethics laws. And am confident in my article. My article states that the marketcap was fake. That is a fact. That BanxShares would be removed from CMC, that happened. That the volume was made up of off market trades that could not be verified as real, that is also a fact and something Lyford admitted. That the projections put on were misleading and unrealistic, judging by any industry standards, that is also true. That Banx's code was copied from Foocoin, which isn't even a coin but a template, also true. That C-Cex and Mark disagree on what caused them to remove Banx is a fact (I did not take a position on who was right). That people who bought Mining contracts have been switched to Banx, not a fact but something Mark Lyford told me himself.

Exposing scams like Paycoin and potential scams like Banx is my contribution to this space.

Again, thank you for your constructive criticism,  I am simply trying to make you guys aware of this.

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