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BTS accepted

Brought to you by the MonetaryUnit team

What is MUEX?
A crypto portal like no other.
Offering a wealth of apps & services to both the veteran crypto user and newbie alike.
Launching with initial core apps, the MUEX team will add more apps as development completes & based on community feedback & demand.

Our goal?
To make your crypto more fun, easier, profitable & usable.
What is being planned?
  • Forex - Trade forex and deposit using crypto & convert into fiat EURO trading account.  Real money, Real trading, with up to 150% deposit bonus!
  • Anon Exchange* - Convert any coin to any coin.  Simple, fast, anonymous.
  • Nodes* - Set up additional nodes or seed nodes in just 3 steps. Coin>Pay>Deploy.
  • Block explorers* - Set up Block explorers for your favourite coin.  Fast launch.
  • Boot Strap*- Bored of waiting days to sync your wallet?  Set up a boot strap file.
  • Trade alarms & alerts* - Want to maximise your trading returns? Use our alerts.
  • Markets caps* - Graphs & stats to help you identify the next "mooner".
  • Market Place* - Want to pay less than Amazon & with crypto?  We've got the solution.
  • Anon e-mail* - Want a burner e-mail address? Done.
  • CTRL+V* - Our simple alternative to pastebin.
  • Mining contracts* - Our mining farm is on-line & contracts available very soon!
  • Shared Masternodes* - Can't afford a MasterNode? Get your fair share.
  • Crypto2Card* - Send your crypto balance to your debit card as real cash.
  • Loyalty points* - Earn redeemable "cash back" on every purchase on & across our partner network.
  • P2P services* - Our product pipeline includes some major p2p apps under development

What next?
Please visit and see the launch of our Forex Trading app & watch this thread as we launch more valuable services & apps.

*coming soon

BANX / Re: Welcome To The Banx Forum
« on: March 14, 2016, 10:15:08 am »
I think you've got yourself really confused, and miss some really basic fundamental points about this.

1) The coin was in an ICO period (yes, much longer than anyone wanted)
2) During the ICO period there was a fixed minimum pricing that no one could sell below
3) Your holdings total value reflected the ICO minimum pricing
4) There is now free trading allowed, and the price has crashed significantly as some people dump their shares
5) Your holdings reflect the current price of Banx

Those fundamentals are not a scam, just simple economics.

Have we all currently "lost" money?  Yeah pretty much, but long term I remain optimistic.

BANX / Re: Welcome To The Banx Forum
« on: February 26, 2016, 11:06:58 pm »
So you're moving
Banx Mint
Banx Trade
Banx Cards

all of this to BitShares?
They'll be moving BanxShares which reflects any of the business activities being undertaken by the team.

BANX / Re: Banx is closing
« on: February 26, 2016, 09:00:26 am »
While you do need to remove your coins (except BanxShares!!) from, the exchange is no longer closing.

Leave your BanxShares in and the Banx team will manage the transition over to the BitShares platform.

A deal has been reached where will remain open however we ask that all coins be withdrawn by 29th so I can reset n make some changes

General Discussion / Re: Should we Abandon Proof of Stake Marketing?
« on: February 05, 2016, 03:10:10 pm »
A decentralised democratic digital infrastucture

General Discussion / Re: why bts lack users????????
« on: January 23, 2016, 04:37:28 pm »
Yep, all goes to confirm outsiders of BTS have no clue what any of you are talking about :)

Keep BTS as beautifully complicated and totally incomprehensible as you want under the surface.

On the surface - Play the cute dumb blonde that is easy to understand & get on with.
Easy ;)

For crypto to have a future we have to be inclusive.

We are getting people into crypto "without them knowing" (official launch soon)
The worlds first crypto backed till receipt discount coupon - all the end user needs to know is they get a discount when using our CoinPons at nearly 100 stores, they don't need to know their payment helps support MUE and increase it's price.

General Discussion / Re: why bts lack users????????
« on: January 22, 2016, 11:29:18 am »
Because it's really confusing.

As an outsider looking in I have no idea what's going on.
Yes, the technology is cutting edge, but I have no idea what benefits it has to me.

The message is being lost.

Bitshares needs two outward facing websites. - designed for the lay person/businesses so they can get involved, buy, mine, download app, create wallet - designed for the tech minded, devs, all the high level techy facts & figures etc

BitShares can't be everything to everyone all on a single webpage.
What would be amazing is if there was some kind of "wizard" tool to help people create all these weird things you can with Bitshares.  There are like dozens of acronyms for things I think?
But anyway > step 1 - do you want to create an asset (like an interesting paying bond) or do you want to create a new loan, ,step 2 - what is your project called step 3 - the charge for this is 500 BTS, please send to this address or buy BTS from here, step 4 - your project is now live -
or whatever, but hopefully you see the benefit of simplicity?

If a lay person lands on the BitShares home page they are greeted with this:
"BitShares is an industrial-grade financial blockchain smart contracts platform" - Bounce rate high much?

LottoShares / Re: any update news?
« on: January 08, 2016, 10:21:05 pm »
Got another email from LottoShare. They given up on the Remittio opportunity & are just refunding everyone's money.
I didn't see anywhere they say they have given up on Remittio.

The last comms I had, the Banx priorities were two fold.

Banx holders will have a share of both of these projects, as well as the Banx portfolio, though the % share is not very clear at this time.

My impression is they are looking outside of the cryptosphere to find VC investment.

One can remain "optimistic" whilst an ember still burns right  :)

This is what I was referring too:

Subject: Return of your Lottoshares Contribution

Previously we sent out an email letting yo uknow about the status of Lottoshares.  In the email we gave yo uthe option to either request a refund or to invest in Remittio, our award winning start up.

Since then we have now decided to issue refunds to everyone, including those who already responded that they would like to invest in Remittio.

Please reply to this message with the wallet address you would like us to send the funds to as well as the email address you used to contribute.  Once we have that, we will begin processing the refund of your contribution.  If you have already recieved a refund you may desregard this message.

Thank you,

Lottoshares Team
Hi, yeah I got that one too, but as you can see there is no mention of ending the pursuit of Remittio, which from the recent webinar is 1 of 2 main focuses of their resources.

They haven't "given up" on Remittio, just no longer accepting small donations from the crypto crowd while they pursue significant VC investment.

Can't blame them, more hassle than it's worth.

LottoShares / Re: any update news?
« on: January 08, 2016, 01:34:47 pm »
Got another email from LottoShare. They given up on the Remittio opportunity & are just refunding everyone's money.
I didn't see anywhere they say they have given up on Remittio.

The last comms I had, the Banx priorities were two fold.

Banx holders will have a share of both of these projects, as well as the Banx portfolio, though the % share is not very clear at this time.

My impression is they are looking outside of the cryptosphere to find VC investment.

One can remain "optimistic" whilst an ember still burns right  :)

Would be interested to hear "feasibility" feedback on this :)

Direct link is here:

Hi all, I've approached two exchanges about this and no one wants to take it forward, "so far".
Please have a read and please approach or advise which exchange may be worth contacting.
I've so far tried Bleutrade &

MUE savings and loans hosted on "an exchange"
Currently MonetaryUnit offers a savings account called MUEbank -
This offers 10%APR interest rate on deposited MUE and has a 28 day withdrawal notification period.
The benefit is that MUE holders can get the benefits of a POS interest return on a POW coin and it allows them to reduce the affect of inflation on their holdings.
A table of the reducing inflation rate is available here
MUEBank is a completely manual process, which while manageable at the moment, is still a pain.
The benefit to MUE is it offers a service to its community, and also helps reduce the liquidity in the market place.
The disadvantage of the savings account is that the interest has to be paid from our own holdings.
To mitigate this, we want to offer some of the traditional banking services that people know and love, and the second part is the loans facility, whereby MUE holders can deposit their MUE into their MUE loans account, and be offered a BTC loan using their MUE as collateral.  My gut feeling is that the BTC loan would be 50% of the current market value of their MUE when it is deposited.
I think perhaps we have 3 terms. 1 month @ 5%, 2 months @ 10% , 3 months @ 15%.
Once up and running this will allow the savings offering to be self sustaining, and also generate profit.
This is hopefully where it can get interesting for "an exchange" & MUE.

Lets say for arguments sake, that the revenue generated by the BTC loans is split 50/50 exchange/MUE.
So the exchange can do whatever it wants with its portion of the revenue = win for exchange.

The other portion of the revenue for MUE is AUTOMATICALLY put into buy support for MUE which tops up the MUE account on the exchange that pays the interest to the savings offering, again, this is a win for the exchange as it keeps the coins re-circulating there and increases volume of trade in that exchange.
It will also give the exchange a fantastic USP to market against as I am not aware anyone else is offering what I'm suggesting.

Ideally the exchange would only offer these services just for MUE, however I also understand that being able to use MUE as a test bed could be invaluable to offer the same services for other coins.
The benefit to MUE obviously is being able to offer sensible, fair automated financial instruments people can understand and are familiar with, which gives us exposure as a crypto project, but also of course, means that the re-invested BTC generated from the BTC loans will increase the MUE price.
It also means we don't have to be worried about having to set up an legal entity in a crypto friendly jurisdiction, as it will be managed by the exchange.
So there are a few things we would have to do.
1) Provide the exchange with MUE to fund the wallet that pays the interest in MUE savings.
2) Provide the exchange with BTC with which to fund the wallet that will pay out the BTC for the MUE loans.
3) There would have to be a facility that will "drip sell" MUE on any defaulted loans
4) Users will have to have as part of their exchange login, a simple to understand "banking" facility.
5) Show the liquidity funds of both MUE and BTC wallets being used to fund the services.
Initially I think we would have to be cautious and on launch limit both the number of users who are able to open accounts, but also limit the amounts that can be deposited into the savings account or BTC borrowed against their MUE collateral.
Also, as we move forward with it, it would be great to be able to activate promotional rates and offers etc.

Also instead of only offering people BTC loans against their MUE collateral you could offer them ANY coin as a loan which would work by using the BTC in the loans wallet to buy the coin they want to borrow, once again increasing volume on the exchange.

General Discussion / Re: Using BTS for savings and loans
« on: October 18, 2015, 09:05:23 am »

I believe you would issue a user issued asset for your coin on the bitshares blockchain - like bitgold, bitusd, biteuro.

Thanks for the reply

Have a look and see if any of this is relevant to what you want to do:
Thanks for the reply, I'll look into it


Is there a reason you want to keep mining instead of migrating?  A large effort went into BitShares methods of providing better and more scalable security than mining more efficiently than mining can, so you'd miss out on that if you used the BitShares chain peripherally without running natively on it.

Does the MUE bank invest the deposits to earn the interest, or does it pay it out of newly minted MUE?

I guess I would like the "independence" of the coin remaining on it's own network/chain with the benefits of the bts system.
Like traditional banking, the earnings made on the BTC loans can be used to purchase MUE to not only provide buy support,
but also fund the interest payments in the savings accounts.

Welcome! I hope you find some good info here. Curious about MUE Lend...please correct me if I understand it wrong...what is the value in depositing MUE worth x and receiving a loan of BTC worth x/2 ? Wouldn't it make more sense to just sell MUE for BTC?
Thanks :)
So, this is designed to be a "service" to the MUE community, and also, generate a revenue stream that can be invested to provide buy support.
The value here is in providing users the benefit of keeping their MonetaryUnit holdings, whilst also being able to release some of the value.
They "could" use this BTC to buy more MUE, adding value to their held MUE.

It does assume that the user sees value in the longer term for MUE, and similarly to a pawn brokers, they are able to keep ownership of their investment, whilst also realising some value from it.

MUEbank & MUElend are meant to be mutually beneficial and self sustaining.

Thanks for the feedback.
Having read this forum for a while it does seem to be a much more constructive and positive environment for discussion than some "other" leading crypto forums ;)

General Discussion / Using BTS for savings and loans
« on: October 17, 2015, 07:33:29 pm »
Hi all, my lack of understanding of Bitshares 2.0 will be apparent with this question, but I'm still interested in finding out as it seems a very interesting and forward thinking project I'd like to get involved with.

I'm the project lead for an altcoin called MonetaryUnit (MUE)

I want to automate our savings service - (users deposit their MUE and receive 10% APR on their deposits)
and our soon to launch BTC loans service MUE lend (users deposit their MUE with us and we release a BTC loan equivalent to 50% of the current market value of MUE)

Would our coin (a pure POW quark algo coin) have to "migrate" to the bts system, or can it somehow remain still a POW coin in its own right, but have the automated savings and loan business integrated in the bitshares system?

I hope that makes sense, and I look forward to a thorough BTS schooling ;)


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