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General Discussion / Re: Option on the Bitshares Exchange. CALLCNY05MARCH19
« on: December 31, 2018, 06:26:59 pm »
I'm telling you what I know
Let's start with scratch day
June 2018, the company OL announced that their server was hacked and account data stolen.

After a few days, Allah-Iraq, Allah-Iraq1, and perhaps several more, begin to receive transactions allegedly stolen by these accounts.
A few days later, an account of eror accounts for funds in the amount of about $ 35,000 in favor of the Allah-Iraq account. This transaction looked like hundreds of similar, related to burglary (according to the company OL) of their server.

At the same time on this account there were still about 40 thousand dollars, which were secured.
Further, the Allah-Iraq account has made a transfer in the amount of about 20 thousand dollars for the purpose (as I can assume, but I do not claim) to withdraw 40 thousand dollars from the leasing, for further transfer to  account allah.

However, as I know, he failed to steal the remaining funds.
From this moment begins the connection of the eror account and the olivestone account.
From the eror account to the olivestone account, money was transferred, which was fully owned by the eror account. The purpose of this transfer was to save the balance of the account of the eror account due to the disclosure of the client's personal data by the company OL (conscious or irresponsible).

Subsequently, all funds from the account Oliverstone were returned to the account eror. I do not know the amount of losses / profits of these accounts due to this situation.
Probably with this and with this your assumptions about the connection with the burglary of the OL server are connected.
Also, at the moment, my Cli wallet is out of service, but you can clarify the exact dates and amounts by yourself to clarify the details using your Cli wallet.

I am related to the Internet promotion of this asset and I can not answer the details in this matter
I hope this explanation allows you to draw the right conclusions about these transactions and accounts.


General Discussion / Re: Option on the Bitshares Exchange. CALLCNY05MARCH19
« on: December 31, 2018, 11:36:49 am »
Do not forget that an option CALLCNY05MARCH19 allows you to hedge your risks or make additional profits.
Type - Call
Strike - 0.5 CNY
Expiration Date - 03/15/2019

General Discussion / Re: Option on the Bitshares Exchange. CALLCNY05MARCH19
« on: December 31, 2018, 11:16:10 am »
The issuer needs to appear hear and explain his ties to the OL hack and explain the on-chain truth.

Please refrain from further advertising this until then.

The Issuer has no relation to the  OL hack.
You can get acquainted with the history described by me above and draw your own conclusions. Sorry, I can add nothing more to this.
In my opinion, the money stolen from OL  should rather be sought in the OL itself. (only my opinion)

General Discussion / Re: Option on the Bitshares Exchange. CALLCNY05MARCH19
« on: December 31, 2018, 10:25:25 am »
The trading volume of the option CALLCNY05MARCH19 - 1.139,132 BTS per day

General Discussion / Re: Option on the Bitshares Exchange. CALLCNY05MARCH19
« on: December 31, 2018, 10:21:00 am »

Please comment on Alex's remark

This is a very interesting story.
As far as I know, there was an alah-iraq account on which all the stolen money went.
At some point the account was hacked (on behalf of which the money came to the account)
But the problem for Allah Iraq was that there was about 40 thousand dollars on the account that was hacked by him, but all of them were pledged. And Allah-Iraq made a transfer of about 20 thousand dollars to unlock the funds.

As far as I know this money, he no longer saw, because all of them were immediately transferred to other accounts.
But I know for sure that the amount that was later transferred to Oliverstone was returned back to the sender’s account in full.
The subsequent history of this money is unknown.

General Discussion / Re: Option on the Bitshares Exchange. CALLCNY05MARCH19
« on: December 31, 2018, 07:26:20 am »
3 Months is very very long. Hourly and Daily are much better.

I think not enough liquidity

Совсем недавно на Бирже Bitshares был запущен первый опцион на рынке прогнозов.
На данный момент это опцион Колл на стоимость криптовалюты BTS со Страйком 0,5 CNY. Опционы на бирже Битшейрс создаются по Еропейскому стандарту, т.е. опцион не может быть затребован до истечения срока, однако в любой момент может быть продан/куплен на бирже по текущим ценам.

Параметры опциона:
Название - CALLCNY05MARCH19
Тип - Колл
Страйк - 0,5 CNY
Дата экспирации — 15.03.2019

 Создатилем опциона является аккаунт employee3. Этот же поддерживает ликвидность инструмента.

Погашение опциона:
15 марта 19 года аккаунт employee3 произведет глобальный сеттл опциона CALLCNY05MARCH19 по цене 0 BTS (если на момент 14:00 15.03.19 цена BTS будет менее 0,5 CNY) или по цене 1 BTS (если на момент 14:00 15.03.19 цена BTS будет больше или равна 0,5 CNY).
При этом, хотя создатель опциона  employee3 предоставляет котировку, этот аккаунт не имеет финансовой мотивации в предоставлении неверной котировки так как всегда держит нулевую позицию, а заработком создателя является 2% комисии за торговлю опционом.

Финансовый результат:
На текущий момент стоимость базового актива (BTS) к юаню составляет около 0,25 BTS/CNY.  Текущая стоимость опциона составляет около 0,16 BTS.
В том случае, если на момент экспирации цена базового актива (BTS) поднимется вдвое и составит 0,5  BTS/CNY — котировка опциона составит 1. Любой купивший опцион по 0,16 BTS, сможет сделать сеттл по цене 1BTS и получить прибыль в 1BTS на каждые вложенные 0,16 BTS, что составляет около 625%.
 Также Вы можете выставить ордер на покупку опциона по гораздо более низкой цене, которую Вы считаете приемлемой.
Если Вы предполагаете, что цена базового актива (BTS) не поднимется к марту 2019 выше отметки 0,5  BTS/CNY, Вы можете взять в долг опцион  CALLCNY05MARCH19 и продать его по рыночной цене (0,16 BTS ).
В этом случае экспирация опциона в марте 2019 года произойдет по цене 0, и Вам будет возвращен Ваш залог в полном объеме. При этом прибыль на каждый 1 BTS составит 0,16 BTS, т. е. 16%.

Рынок прогнозов
Рынок прогнозов отличается от рынка смарт активов. Здесь требуется залог 1 : 1, в то время как в смарт активах на Бирже Bitshares требуется залог 1 : 1,75.
Сетл в рынке прогнозов возможно произвести только после даты экспирации. В случае с опционом  CALLCNY05MARCH19 после 14:00 15.03.2019. Однако в любой момент Вы можете торговать опционом на бирже по рыночным ценам.

General Discussion / Option on the Bitshares Exchange. CALLCNY05MARCH19
« on: December 31, 2018, 07:17:35 am »
Most recently, the first option in the Prediction Market  was launched on the Bitshares Exchange.
At the moment, this is a call option on the value of the BTS cryptocurrency with Strike 0.5 CNY.  Options on the Bitshares Exchange are created according to the European standard, i.e. the option may not be requested until the expiration date, but at any time it can be sold / bought on the exchange at current prices.

Type - Call
Strike - 0.5 CNY
Expiration Date - 03/15/2019
 The creator of the option is the employee3 account. This also supports the liquidity of the instrument.

Redemption option:
On March 15, 2019, employee3 will produce a Global Settle CALLCNY05MARCH19 option set at a price of 0 BTS (if at 14:00 03/15/19 the price of BTS is less than 0.5 CNY) or at a price of 1 BTS (if at 14:00 03/15/19 price BTS will be greater than or equal to 0.5 CNY).
At the same time, although the creator of the employee3 option provides a Feed, this account has no financial motivation to provide an incorrect Feed since it always holds the zero position, and the creator’s income is 2% of the commission for trading the option.

Financial results:
To date, the value of the underlying asset (BTS) to the CNY is about 0.25 BTS/CNY. The current value of the option is about 0.16 BTS.
In the event that at the time of expiration the price of the underlying asset (BTS) rises by half and amounts to 0.5 BTS/CNY - the option quote will be 1. Anyone buying an option for 0.16 BTS will be able to make a settle at 1BTS and make a profit in 1BTS for every 0.16 BTS invested, which is about 625%.
 You can also place an order to buy an option at a much lower price that you consider acceptable.
If you assume that the price of the underlying asset (BTS) does not rise by March 2019 above the 0.5 BTS/CNY mark, you can borrow the CALLCNY05MARCH19 option and sell it at the market price (0.16 BTS).
In this case, the expiration of the option in March 2019 will occur at a price of 0, and you will be refunded your deposit in full. At the same time, the profit for each 1 BTS will be 0.16 BTS, i.e. 16%.

Prediction Market
The market for forecasts is different from the smart asset market. A 1: 1 collateral is required here, while a 1: 1.75 collateral is required on smart assets on the Bitshares Exchange.
Settle in the market forecasts can be made only after the expiration date. In the case of the option CALLCNY05MARCH19 after 14:00 03/15/2019. However, at any time you can trade options on the exchange at market prices.

中文 (Chinese) / 亚马逊在Bitshares的股份。智能资产
« on: February 26, 2018, 06:00:36 am »


General Discussion / Shares of Amazon at Bitshares. Smart Asset
« on: February 26, 2018, 05:58:15 am »
Derivatives per share
Feeds are provided from the Nasdaq exchange.
This is an opportunity to start trading stocks without having to go through the registration procedure on the Nasdaq Exchange

Дереватив на акцию AMAZON.COM, INC
Котировки предоставляются с биржи Насдак.
Это возможность начать торговать акциями без необходимости проходить процедуру регистрации на Бирже Насдак. Смарт Актив AMAZON
Ликвидность будет поддерживаться в паре AMAZON_USD

How to see all owners of any asset if i have fuul node?

Which command in CLI wallet to see all the owners of the asset?

Technical Support / How to get (make) feeds for my smart active (MPA)?
« on: December 11, 2017, 11:24:18 am »
I Issued Asset MPA
And i have full node Bitshares
I ran CLI
How to submit a feeds? Some command from the Cli? Or how to do it?

how i can  make feeds for my Smart Active???

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