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General Discussion / Re: Review of OMO
« on: February 18, 2019, 07:11:38 am »
We've had a thorough discussion of this in the chat yesterday, and here are some points:

C. First use the funds to revive GS markets.

A lot of people believe that the GS events happened due to market manipulations by OMO and BSIP42 exacerbating the situation, as modified feeds disincentivised buying out of margin call orders.

As for how to proceed further:
Liquidity providing via dexbot sounds like an interesting idea, but we need clear rules on how it is going to happen, and automated contingencies on what to do when market begins rapidly falling or rallying. On traditional exchanges, liquidity providing works like this: MM is obligated to keep preset amount of liquidity in the books, until certain volume obligations are met. Then it can remove one of the sides.

Before we even start, we need to agree on what percentage of the funds can OMO use daily, and do a daily check if it was profitable or not (which is okay).
In our case we need something like that to happen once the market begins moving, for example. Bot places 30 orders on both buy and sell sides, but starts removing them from one side in case 10 of them are taken on one side, without getting an order taken from the other side (or something like that).

During sideways market provision of liquidity might be profitable. During movements contingency rules would limit the amount of loss. In case of profits I suggest some of them are taken and put back into the reserve pool, with the rest going to OMO fund, and its percentages readjusted accordingly.

If the strategy for the OMO is explicitly talked about, and clear then I would support such decision but not before.

Hello everyone,

My name is Petr, and many of you probably know me as part of the RuDEX team, and met me at Beyond Bitcoin / Bitshares hangouts, Graphene Dev Conference 2018 in Shanghai, and/or Bitfest Amsterdam 2018.

As you can guess from how long it took me to decide to step up for committee candidacy, I was hoping to avoid it so we can concentrate on running RuDEX and try to avoid politics.

But recent discussion in Bitshares chat regarding the way to handle the increase of the fees and requests to have business representatives apply for committee membership so that committee has more of a business perspective among its representatives.

I understand the amount of work required to be part of committee, and am prepared to put time to it. I hope that representatives from other gateways also step up, and at least a couple of us are chosen.

In case that I am not elected, I would still like to participate as a liaison between committee and RuDEX team.

Please vote for xanoxt-committee, if you'd like to support my candidacy.

Thank you everyone for your support!

Gravity / Re: Break Our Net! Gravity Launches Public Testnet
« on: May 29, 2018, 09:45:17 am »
Hello! Thank you. Are you want to join our testnet? Also, if you have interest to cooperation, we will be happy.
Certainly, however, I am preping for a 3 week vacation. Let's discuss after that :-D

I remember we talked about that in Shanghai. Have a nice vacation! :-)

General Discussion / Re: BLOCKCHAINED - the graphene ambassador
« on: April 16, 2017, 01:19:23 pm »
I don't have a problem supporting a price feed for Ruble, but I think national currencies should be voted in through the committee members. Mostly because any price manipulation (not that you would do that) would reflect on the credibility of DEX.

That is the reason why we want to have witnesses/committee members or any other trusted members of the community to be on the list of feed producers. That way we can be sure that it is much harder to manipulate price feeds, and the Ruble is much more robust as a SmartCoin.

General Discussion / Re: Marketing Marketing Marketing
« on: April 15, 2017, 01:31:35 pm »
Okay, if you want the facts, the fact is that we are currently THE BIGGEST and FASTEST Decentralized Exchange.

Also, we are the first blockchain to have decentralized governance. During & after the Beyond Bitcoin Mumble, I've did some digging, and here are the findings.

Dash claims to be the first such system, and they are partially correct. Their idea about that was posted in April 2015, and implemented in August.

Bitshares 2.0 that automated the current worker system was launched in October 2015, however first person to be employed by the blockchain was this guy, and here is an explanation about that:

I can add links to other documents that were mentioned above, if that is necessary.

I'd also like to get people together to do research and gathering of source documents, that we can use to write a wikipedia article about Bitshares, since there is none. And while a few pages mention bitshares, it is either in passing, or in slightly negative light. A good approach would be to rectify the situation. While it isn't marketing per se, more of a PR thing, we are sorely lacking in that department as well.

Since this is the thread to bring marketing PR things, here is how Dash went about it, and some of those things we can do as well, once we decide what needs to be done. (This is from a month ago, but I didn't see this article discussed, so it is possible it was missed).

Thing is, with our reserve fund we also have a way to work on this, and if that brings the token price up, that means that shorters of bitUSD are going to be happy. :-)

9PM CDT Wednesday

Its a bit bad for me, since I am in Moscow time atm, and 9pm CDT is 4 am for me.

Also, to add some substance to my reply is this, from what I saw people are a bit reluctant to fund workers, because they feel that this is diluting bitshares, right?

It is possible to get two birds with one stone, if those bts are used to short bitassets exchange them for btc (or whatever) and provide liquidity to the DEX. That would keep those bts off exchanges.

What we also need is someone who would go through all the documentation and update it to reflect the current situation, because I've seen that a lot of it is out of date.

Beyond Bitcoin / Re: [TEST] ShareBits Testing Thread
« on: April 07, 2017, 04:29:47 pm »
Nice! Also, this seems to be my 1st post! *whale noises*

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