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I am another who can not login and am being rejected on my password , which is 100% correct. I registered here a few days ago and sent a small test deposit which went through ok.  I have spent an hour trying to get this login/password sorted with no luck.I wanted to make a deposit to my a/c. Is this issue due to a glitch in the system atm or what ?
My Sincere advice - if you had problems with Simple stuff. Its a definite NO. You can see from the thread that the expectation is quite tough. The trading UI is just as complicated and you can see from other forum threads. The lack of adequate support and ownership of resolving things is lacking.
SImple fact - When business is growing and new members outnumber the complaints....issues will be ignored.

It's not that complicated, and common sense dictates that you should not send your life savings ahead of actually performing small transactions and testing backup procedures to ensure that your funds remain accessible.

How can you argue when you see so many users post about 'Unable to access account as password not working'.  Seriously!!!!

Technical Support / Very Complicated System - Not for General Users
« on: June 27, 2017, 03:28:00 am »
Dear Team,

I want to confess that this is the most complicated and convoluted system especially using the Web-browser mode. Https: //

I created an Account and transferred Ether in order to be able to acquire BTS. Transfer was successful and I can even see the Ether on the block chain. Then came the confusion of Switching to the Wallet Model vs Account Model , Backup wallets etc.

Next thing I know my account is not accessible with my password and there goes my Ether & interest in Bitshares & Openledger.
For the record I have tried to recover things with Fluxer555 - one of the members on the User community but without success.

Seriously - you guys need a better designed system if you are to get mass adoption. Take this as general feedback with an intention purely to let you know user sentiment - because the unfortunate part is that users then need to shell out money to recover the funds.


Dear fluxer555

I need your help as I cannot access my account . Keep getting the Incorrect password 'message' although I was very sure of what password I set.


Technical Support / Re: Bitshares account password incorrect error.
« on: June 17, 2017, 01:16:02 am »
I am having the same problem for the last few days - cannot get into account and Not able to find much support.

I have 4 Ether sitting in my account. Its not a small amount so am really concerned. 

Technical Support / Re: Wallet Recovery Service (3rd Party)
« on: June 17, 2017, 01:13:39 am »
Would like to use the service to recover my account & wallet. Can you help?

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