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Thanks, I will try it this way!

Technical Support / Convert .bin file based wallets to cloud login?
« on: May 11, 2021, 01:44:52 am »
Since it was quite a ride that took several years to regain access to my BitShares accounts I am now happy that I can login using a .bin file, which hasn't worked well in the past. Since after all the trouble I don't trust this login method too much any more, is there any way to convert this to cloud login? Especially the fact that the wallet calls this a "recovery" file makes me think that this is not the normal/preferred way of logging in.

So I have been managing 3 accounts in my BitShares client for quite a while. On the top right the currently active account would be shown, I could click there, switch to a different account and then this would be the relevant account for all further actions, also indicated by this account name being shown in the top right corner.

Today I added a 4th account (using the account model) and now I cannot switch away from this account. If I switch to any other account it says "The active account is now account2" as usual but the name shown in the top right is still account4, it doesn't change. Also wherever I go it's this account that is still active, e.g. if I go to the "Deposit/Withdraw" tab it will show "account4" in the field for "your account". When I am already on the "Account" tab and switch to a different account then I will see the balances of this account, however, if I switch to the "Send" tab it will again show account4 in the "from" field. If I then go back to the "Account" tab it will again show the balances of account4 there.

This means I cannot trade or deposit/withdraw using accounts 1-3. Also when I go to "Settings" and "Accounts" and click "Hide" for account4 nothing happens, I cannot hide it.

How do I get out of this so that I can access accounts 1-3 again?

Restarting the client doesn't help, the problem persists.

KeyID / Re: [DNS] v0.0.2 - Trade the snapshot and fight for delegate pay
« on: October 05, 2014, 12:47:58 am »
Can I import my BitShareX wallet backup to claim my AGS generated DNS and account name?

This would save me having to import private keys from several BTC and PTS wallets that donated to AGS.


I got the same question. I tried "File -> Import Wallet" but it fails with:
Code: [Select]
Failed to restore wallet backup. Your original wallet has been restored. Error: Assert Exception (10)
base58str.substr( 0, prefix_len ) == BTS_ADDRESS_PREFIX:

I also tried "wallet_backup_restore" from the CLI but the error message I get there is pretty much the same. Copying over the "wallets" directory from BitSharesX didn't help either (I could start KeyID as usual but it still didn't show any registered account).

General Discussion / Re: BitUSD Market Discussion
« on: August 25, 2014, 08:59:38 pm »
+5% Who needs Bitcoins anyway? They are not anonymous, slower in transactions, sustaining the network needs more energy and you have to deal with ugly addresses. To sum it up: inferior. But to be fair: they laid the cornerstone for all this so there was a time when it was important  :P

just sell your precious bitcoins before it crashes and get some bitshares now...
Hehe, if only vendors were to accept bitUSD on a large scale already. Unless that happens I will still make sure I got some BTC lying around for purchases.

General Discussion / Re: BitUSD Market Discussion
« on: August 25, 2014, 08:41:53 pm »
Seems to be tracking the real dollar value very nicely. Now i am thinking  what's the point of having bitcoins? I can use bitshares x  as a deflationary currency and bitUSD for stability for day to day transactions.
+5% Who needs Bitcoins anyway? They are not anonymous, slower in transactions, sustaining the network needs more energy and you have to deal with ugly addresses. To sum it up: inferior. But to be fair: they laid the cornerstone for all this so there was a time when it was important  :P

General Discussion / Re: BitUSD Market Discussion
« on: August 25, 2014, 08:33:09 pm »
Must be and I am missing them...I just installed the new version and I am 13d behind and I hope it doesn't crash...I can't wait...
Has been stable for me so far. Even traded a bit already and it worked like a charm. The only time when it crashes a lot is when I exit the application. But as long as this doesn't corrupt my wallets or anything this is not much of an issue.
Catching up 13d shouldn't take too long. See you when you're there  ;)


same problem here
downloaded the new wallet 0.4.4 couse 0.2.1. and 03.0 said blabla .exe does not work
now the latest version said my crashrpt.1402.dll isnt working
i am ready to give up and wait a month or so till there is a version thats easy to install ( as far as cryptos can be easy)
wasted already 2 days on it
and no i am not a pc beginner

and i wonder why the deinstaller leaves all this files on the pc ?
i had to remove them in the appdata/remote file

and my wallet is still not working

Install version 0.4.4, copy CrashRpt1402.dll (see previous post) into "C:\Program Files (x86)\BitSharesX\bin", run the wallet, should work.
Uninstaller leave files in %APPDATA% because it's your data files (including your wallet).
thanks for the info but its still not working
did all as you told
on github they say the crashRpt.dll bug will be fixed with the next update  .......... has anyone a clue when that might be ?

It's show error message that CrashRpt1402.dll missing?
If it's simple stack, try to delete all from %APPDATA% except wallets folder and run the client again?
Make backup copy of wallets folder before any changes.

I went from 0.3.0 to 0.4.4 by installing the new version over the old one and had the same issue. Searching for CrashRpt1402.dll directed me to this thread. After I had downloaded it from GitHub and put it in the folder that error messages was gone, however, after starting the client would get stuck on the splash screen saying "processing block xyz...".
After removing everything except the wallet folder from %APPDATA% I could run the client without any error - no need to reinstall. It also asked for my password correctly and I could login. Now it's syncing again: 1.9 gigs of data. I am happy I got a fast Internet connection without any traffic limits, but others might not be that lucky. So hopefully not all future updates require us to redownload again, huh?  8)

General Discussion / Re: BTSX is taking off!
« on: August 17, 2014, 12:34:53 am »

BitShares AGS / Re: Tutorial?
« on: August 14, 2014, 08:34:38 pm »
I'm trying to import MultiBit wallet, I donated all from there. It says to put in exact path, is this the location on my pc such as C:\users\AppData etc etc? When I put a path and hit import nothing happens, it still also says network issues and catching up on the bottom right of bitshares, which I'm not sure if I need to wait for it to sync before attempting anything either.

P.S. thanks again for helping!

Why you guys hijack my thread, trying to get help here lol. So am I doing it right? it synced but when I hit import I get no error no nothing, just doesn't work at all.

Edit: Details> I used the path of multibit for C:\Users\MyUsername\AppData\Roaming\MultiBit etc and trying importing with file name included and not included. BitsharesX is fully synced as well.

I had the same problem. I donated using both PTS and AGS before the snapshot date. The wallet import from the PTS client worked just fine and I immediately saw the balance from it in the BitShares X client. But when I tried to import the MultiBit wallet containing my AGS donation address it would just say "imported successfully" but without any change to the balance, although the AGS explorer shows I should get 57K.

To solve this I opened the MultiBit client and selected the wallet I have done the AGS donation from. Then from the MultiBit main menu I selected "Tools" --> "Export Private Keys". From there I did an export and chose not to password protect the export (otherwise the next step won't work), which created a .key file. Then I opened this file with a text editor (I am on Windows and used notepad) and copied the private key from there to the clipboard.
Now in the BitShares X client instead of "Import Wallet" I used "Import Private Key" and pasted the key from the clipboard. I left "[X] Rescan blockchain" checked and after I clicked "Import Key" the balance didn't show up immediately but after some time the transaction scanning has been in progress. It was exactly the 57K as shown on the explorer, so everything was fine now.

I don't know whether I did something wrong or the MultiBit client import is just broken (or not working yet) but either way this is another option of importing from MultiBit. Note that after you finished this process you should immediately delete the .key file again, so you don't have your private key lying around on your disk in unencrypted form.

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Status Update
« on: April 27, 2014, 01:56:00 pm »
I sure would like to test out my email if possible?
My public key is:

Thanks for the update.

Just sent you a test mail through Keyhotee  ;)

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Status Update
« on: April 21, 2014, 09:16:45 am »
Hey Dan, maybe you could update your post on the re-registration to include the bitshares download link instead? The link is still down and the mentioned post is the first one found when searching for "Founder IDs need to be re-registered with Keyhotee 0.7.0".
Or alternatively just repair the download  ;)

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Founder ID Registration Process
« on: January 26, 2014, 12:06:05 pm »
So I did the registration through the website and it says "Your Key and ID have been registered as a Founder in the Keyhotee Genesis Block."

But who knows, maybe there was an error in the backend and despite the success message the registration failed. For something that important I would appreciate to have a way of double checking whether it worked, e.g. a list of public keys that are on the list for the Genesis Block I could search mine in. Is there something like that? Or can at least one of the devs tell me whether everything is fine? Public key is: 8dHjh9UpEVRUM7YryWqCLGivbtddypmUGQnHmbeS3a26GvDzwj

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Founder ID Registration Process
« on: January 06, 2014, 08:42:56 pm »

Windows build, on my PC,  it doesn't seem be able to complete the profile creation step, always stuck at Creating Profile (100%).

Ctr-C closing the command line session resulted in invalid login when relaunch.

Known bug the guys are looking into this one

Anything we can do to help tackling this one? Or do you already know what the problem is?

One other problem: If the name contains special characters the folder generated in AppData contains wrong characters, looks like character set mismatch between what is used by the tool and what is written to the file system. I am using Windows 7 x64, running on standard NTFS file system which is using Unicode.
For example with First Name "Mister" and Last Name "Test ö Test ä Test ü Test á Test à Test â Test ß" the resulting folder name is: "Mister Test ö Test ä Test ü Test á Test à Test â Test ß".

Keyhotee / Re: Keyhotee Founder ID Registration Process
« on: January 05, 2014, 11:33:01 pm »
I've got the dialog "Creating Profile" 100% and it stays this way for already about 5 minutes. Should I wait more or something is wrong?


Same problem here. bytemaster said it's a known problem they are working on in an earlier post so I am waiting for an update on this.

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