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中文(Chinese) / 钱包汉化翻译工作
« on: September 04, 2014, 09:18:20 am »
@hackfisher 在早些时间对web_wallet网页钱包做了一些基础汉化工作,最近钱包更新频繁,我正在对钱包进行进一步汉化工作。对字典文件结构进行了一些梳理,第一批翻译工作已经完成,提交了代码等待审核并入主库。之后会陆续提交一些不准确、遗漏的条目,并更随界面之后可能的调整一起调整。顺利的话在下一个版本或者下下个版本就可以出来了。



Margin orders will execute automatically when the highest bid falls below the call price and is within 10% of the 1 hour moving average. The call price is the price at which 75% of your collateral is required to buy back the USD owed.  When your position is called your collateral will be used to buy BitUSD and if there is any collateral remaining after the short position is fully covered then 95% will be returned to the short, the remaining 5% will be kept by the network as fees.


有问题的是黑体部分。空头仓位发生爆仓的话,不应该是由于做空的资产价格发生较大幅度上涨引起的么?为什么这里说的是highest bid price falls below ...呢?

General Discussion / BitsharesX sub-forum inaccessible
« on: September 04, 2014, 08:55:54 am »
Suddenly today, I can't visit

I was leaving the page open last night and today I freshed the window, it says
Code: [Select]
The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.
I am pretty sure this is the BitsharesX sub-forum.  Is this sub-forum closed or moderator raised user level requirement?

I am currently working on some Chinese translation for web wallet.  I don't quite understand this note:

Code: [Select]
"Note: Account names cannot be transferred."
This note is shown under account name field when you are creating a new account. 

Any one knows what this note really means?

Stakeholder Proposals / Vote for Bitshares Delegates
« on: July 21, 2014, 06:03:18 pm » is running a campaign for Bitshares Delegates. has been providing stable third party service for monitoring AngelShares donation process for the last 200 days, and we will continue maintaining the site to track future DAC snapshots and update AngelShares holder's balance.

If you have been using and enjoy our service, please support's continuous development by voting us as delegates.

We have two dedicated servers running two delegate accounts, and one dedicated seed node.

Delegate Names:  mr.agsexplorer and mrs.agsexplorer

Code: [Select]
wallet_account_set_approval mr.agsexplorer true
wallet_account_set_approval mrs.agsexplorer true

or if you have GUI client installed, just click the links below

Approve mr.agsexplorer
Approve mrs.agsexplorer

Seed Node: (Shanghai, China)

EDIT: Updated delegate names as sub-accounts in response to bytemaster's recommendations
EDIT: Updated approve command in console due to API change

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