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Ok I managed to import in wallet mode, now how to do I claim my balance? This is frustrating as hell.

I tried again and it says "wallet has already been imported", where are my funds? Instructions on the wiki do not represent what the current client looks like.


Technical Support / Re: Balance missing because of old wallet file
« on: June 10, 2017, 11:59:52 am »
I think my issue is with rescanning the chain before exporting, I have tried EVERYTHING i can find online and nothing works, this is really not cool.

There must be a way to get actual tech support other than just asking random members of the community on a forum...

What does this mean? I am trying to import a 0.9.3c wallet into the current lite build. Any help or suggestions, besides look at the wiki which I have done a million times?

This is when I try to import a wallet backup I made in the old client (non-gui) run as administrator and after downloading and rescanning the blockchain. I am completely out of ideas. How can I get my money out of this crappy program? Bounty offered.

Technical Support / Re: Balance missing because of old wallet file
« on: June 10, 2017, 11:38:27 am »
Same problem, where are the devs on this? Clearly this is a huge issue for many of their "Angel" and early adopters. The lack of support here in recovering lost funds is a joke tbh. I feel like I am having to hack my own wallet just to get my own money back, not cool.

Thanks Murdertastic, this has been driving me up the wall for age now, disappointing how there seems to be no support at all from the developers, the people with this problem are their early investors, I bought PTS because I believed in this project and feel a bit left by the wayside in terms of support. It should not be this complicated just to keep your own money.


And how does one do that?

" "Key Input error: Cannot read property "key" of null"

When I click to import.
Can't get chain of 0.9 to sync, not connections, downloaded the bootstrap, rescanned, it shows a balance I know is outdated.

yes, I've spent months trying to follow them. Importing from priv keys doesn;t work, the closest I've gotted was importing a .json wallet which gave me an error when i try to import. It did however show me a balance first.

The tech support thread is full of people trying to do this, there are no up to date guides and it seems a large number of people cannot get their legacy wallets to import into the current build.

Some support please, this is getting ridiculous.

He's obviously trying to, all guide say to sync Bitshares 1 in order to do this.

Technical Support / Re: Lookup balance for account from 0.9.3c wallet
« on: June 10, 2017, 01:33:19 am »
I would also like to know this.

Technical Support / Re: need help restoring old Wallet from PTS days
« on: June 10, 2017, 01:32:08 am »
It's ridiculous how broken this process is. Can't help, in the same boat for a long time now myself.

So you wanna enlighten us to how you solved this? Seems a lot of others have the same or similar problems.

Trying to import 0.9 wallet to current build, I've found a .json which I am importing from, it detects my unclaimed balances but when I click Import keys i get the error "Key Input error: Cannot read property "key" of null"

Any idea? I've spent months trying to get this done, and this is as close as I've gotten, would really appreciate some pointers at this stage.

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