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Muse/SoundDAC / January 2016 update
« on: January 21, 2016, 08:09:14 pm »
Well it’s finally time for the update.
So many things were up in the air in the last 6 weeks it was impossible for me to say anything with certainty. Now that the dust has settled I can fill you all in on what we are currently up to.

Let’s me start off by letting those that didn’t know yet, that MUSE was upgraded to the level where BitShares is at today. So many if not all of the known-issues have been taken care of. Upgrade here:

OK moving on to the bigger picture.
I won’t bullshit you guys, the last weeks were the darkest times in all of PeerTracks history.

We had some issues with developers and lost a lot of development time over it. (All settled now though!)
MUSE was still running out of date, bug-ridden code, which caused a lot of issues on many fronts. Development was stalled for a while and we had to rethink of a lot of our strategy. More on this below.

Meanwhile, those that follow that kind of thing must know that the tech bubble is deflating. The last quarter of 2015 showed huge decline. VC money is drying up, down rounds for many start-ups and some companies sold for less than the amount they had raised in the previous round of funding.

Luckily we had planned for this! There were plenty of obvious signs both present and historical that this was to happen. Which is the main reason why we kept our team external and didn’t want to hire our own internal employees. We wanted to survive the pop. What a great move that was given the circumstances!

We are weathering the storm with super low expenses right now.

Tech companies and start-ups are going belly up, downsizing and letting a lot of people go. Many tech start-ups that got a high valuation went apeshit with the funds they raised and got huge, luxurious and expensive office spaces and offered tons of extravagant benefits to their staff, thinking the boom would last forever.

So here we are, ready to buy (hire) when people are panic selling (firing).

Which is great timing since our new approach is to have a distributed and cross-trained developer team. We were much to dependent on external firms building out what we required. So incentives and expertise is migrating to our side of the fence. We can and will still work with everyone we’ve worked with in the past; it’s just that now we will have our own internal devs doing most of the heavy lifting.

(If you know anyone with coding skills, blockchain and Graphene knowledge, that you can vouch for, point them our way. PM or email me. We are looking for badasses!)

Now regarding VC funding drying up. There is one hell of a silver lining to it all.
It was recommended (by more then a few people) that in 2016 we raise funds Kickstarter-style.
The campaign would hit four birds with one stone. The goals are to:
  • On-ramp non-crypto people into MUSE
  • Sign up stars to our platforms
  • Get mainstream attention
  • Raise funds for PeerTracks inc.

Venture Capital is drying up, but individuals still have plenty of funds to contribute to support this unique project set to change the entertainment world.

Finally, our marketing firm has begun its work!
First thing on their list was to get a clear understanding of both platforms we are building (TroopeerS and PeerTracks) so they can create the image they wish to portray of us in order to make the biggest splash.
We are to be branded as tech entrepreneurs creating a revolutionary new way to engage with stars and artists. These super cool cats will be releasing two products, TroopeerS and PeerTracks the music app.
People roll their eyes at music start-ups. Even the show Silicon Valley (a must watch) starts off with a joke about this.
I cannot disclose what is down the pipes with this marketing firm, you’ll have to wait and see.

The short term goal is to get MUSE's marketcap to rise.
We are confident that our presence in the mainstream media, accompanied by screenshots and footage of both Troopeers and PeerTracks, will get the outside attention MUSE needs to rise. A bigger marketcap means a bigger community, more developers, possible worker proposals and the beginnings of a muse_USD market.


Survived dark times thanks to our boom and bust timing (:
We have begun hiring now that everyone is firing
Our marketing firm is branding us as tech entrepreneurs with world changing products Troopeers and PeerTracks
We will be releasing Screenshots of TroopeerS in February
We will be making multiple videos
We will be Crowdfunding to:
  • Raise funds for the corporation
  • On-ramping non-crypto people in MUSE (NO dilution!)
  • Sign up stars, celebs and artist to our platforms and getting their Tokens trading on MUSE
  • Getting exposure among the non-crypto people

Muse/SoundDAC / All witnesses to upgrade to the new release of MUSE
« on: January 18, 2016, 03:58:44 pm »

Everyone else should also upgrade of course! Let's ensure everyone can claim their stake and enjoy a bug free experience (:

Muse/SoundDAC / Small delay in update
« on: January 14, 2016, 04:32:49 pm »
Hi guys.

I told you guys I would give an update this week. I'm sorry I have to push it back a few days. We are still in discussion with a few parties and it affects the short term future greatly. One of the two factors will be determined tomorrow, so I will at least be able to begin writing a breakdown of things to come. But I'm not 100% sure when the second factor will be settled and signed on.

Apologies. It will take a few extra days.

Muse/SoundDAC / lastest Q&A
« on: December 11, 2015, 05:16:23 pm »
Hi [member=2216]cob[/member]  , I appreciate you talking us through your strategy.

1. Can you please tell us how many full time developers you have working on this project inside and outside of CNX? That's Jaran's question in another thread I thought was important.
As of december 2015 we don't have an internal team. Just contractors. Right now we have CNX delivering the MVP. Phase 1, the general (non-music-specific) wallet with a non-financial interface. This will also be the wallet PeerTracks (2nd app to be released) will link to. This wallet will BE the website that launches first.
The music app contractors we are in discussion with atm. I can't say how big the team will be in the next two weeks. Resources right now are focused on the core value proposition.

The goal in early 2016, (now that we will have a launches product with users, income and UIAs trading on MUSE + the Music App Demo-able) is for PeerTracks to get financing. That's when we will get our own internal team. And I will be able to answer that question.

2. Could you tell us more about the client being developed by Moonstone in terms of progress, look and usability?
We are debundling right now.
1. Removing the advertiser portal and putting that in the main wallet/site
2. Removing the wallet that's in there right now and
3. replacing it with the wallet/site CNX is building.

PeerTracks will be a light(er) weight app that is just for enjoying music, creating playlists, with of course the ability to buy UIAs of whoever you want. The financial stuff is sent to the wallet.
Think of the Facebook App and the Messenger app.
The music specific stuff will be only on PeerTracks. You can't stream music from Pharrell's Twitter page and that's a good thing! Twitter is not just for musicians. It has a specific function, it caters to everyone, not just musicians.

So PeerTracks is being made more lightweight and only for music. It will seamlessly link to the financial part. (like fb and messenger)

3. Would it be possible to get more frequent updates, even if they are brief in the forum? We all you know are incredibly busy, but just something small is a big help.
That is harder than you think!

4. How do we prevent fake Lady Gaga and Journey type UIAs popping up at launch? Will it be the same verification method to provide downloadable material?

(a) Could you explain more how to verified account process will work?
(b) What is the process to handle disputes?

From the FAQ "Anyone can upload audio files to PeerTracks but only those that have proven their identities can monetize their PeerTracks account"

Sure. blockchains are open, anyone can do what they want on them. PeerTracks will not show all the UIAs on MUSE. Only the ones tied to one of our verified artist's account.

Can't go into specifics here with A and B but it's not much different then uploading your music to a regular music retail or streaming site. Prove you are who you say you are and we will let you monetize on our centralized service.

5. How do fans and musicians EASILY get money into the system to create their tokens? I'm guessing it will work with the gateways and bridges that are in openledger? Is their a different system that makes it easy to get money onto the system?

(a) How much will it cost for a band to create a set of artistcoins?
(b) Have you decided how many will be generated?

a. PeerTracks will handle UIA creation in the beginning. No friction at all for the content creators.

b. No we are split between making it a set number on the PeerTracks interface, or allowing people to do what they want. Couple arguments on both sides (:

6. Would you be willing to do a Beyond Bitcoin to talk through these changes?

In 2016, if attorneys say it's safe, yes. We do press interviews, but they want to get the general concept. You guys want to open the hood and leak the info to everyone lol. Can't have that. We have more competitors everyday.

7. On the music side, will you talk about how tokens will eventually allow the fan to take a percentage of song sales upfront in the new model? If not, what are the incentives to get people to use the system without the music being ready? It sounds like a trading pokemon type approach initially?

I'm keeping this part semi-secret for now. But I can say you have to see the UIA as "Paid subscriptions" that are quantifiable, tradable/scalpable, divisible.
If you want to get VIP treatment from a star, you can get your hands on this non-binary club membership.
Perks and privileges
advertiser givaways
token controlled access to content...

8. Will every artistcoin be able to trade with any other artistcoin?  If so, how do you plan to streamline that in the interface? Will artistcoins be able to trade against other media types?
Not the core value prop.
Right now we are getting UIAs into people's hands.
Secondary market comes later.

9. Will each artist be able to create one set of token rewards or different categories? Example, my band The OhYeahs wants to issue rewards for everything from showing proof of 100 tokens for access to a demo song to charging 300 tokens for a ticket to our concert.  Is it the same token?

Unless something changed, I think I found the answer from an August 12th post

"But yes there are use cases to having multiple types of UIAs. Just not going to list them all or offer the service from the PeerTracks website.
MUSE allows it all though."

Just 1 type issued per profile. This can change in the future if there is demand.

10. Can bands charge tokens rather than just request proof? Will bands be encouraged to hold a portion of their tokens? Can they modify the supply once it's issued?

Sure. They could want people to sell them back to them. I would advise against that though! You want to increase DEMAND for your UIA not cause sell pressure.

It's a bit weird to sell memberships to your VIP club then ask your members to get rid of their memberships at the front door.

But yeah, there can eventually be that feature that allows to pay with the UIAs themselves.

11. Could we get a short and long term roadmap based on this new direction?
Can't disclose that just yet.

But in general it's: Get MUSE launched. Get exchanges on board. Get MUSE price to rise so it can support worker proposals. Get a muse_USD market going. Launch the MVP wallet/site. tweak stuff on the PeerTracks app. Get fiat to muse_USD onramp. Launch PeerTracks.

30 000 foot view. Not everything in that order specifically (for example, MUSE can stay cheap and muse_USD doesn't need to exist for us to launch our first platform -- that's one of the beauties of it)

12. You requested help contacting exchanges. Do you have a plan to offer any type of bounties or would someone need to create a worker proposal in the system to work on specific areas of the project?
No bounties yet. MUSE price can't support much right now.

13. In another thread I asked about the March SXSW strategy. Could you please talk a bit about that strategy?
This will depend on too many factors. Can't disclose anything.

14. Could you tell us more about the testing going on with artistcoins? How many bands are working through the interface? What type of results are you getting?
Resources have been diverted to the product being launched first. The non-music-specific site.

15. Is there anything shareholders can do with podcasts, magazines, music websites to help? Is there a preferred media contact email?
Nothing specific yet no.
Tell them what we are doing. Link them to the MUSE and the PeerTracks site. The billboard article can help get credibility.
the info at peertracks email is good to give to those that have something valuable to offer.

17. I found this comment on the Peertracks Reddit. Is this feature still planned? So much potential, reminds me of the porn show model.

"Say a podcaster want's 40$ per episode, well he can simply put up a 40$ unlock limit. People can chip in pennies at a time, or some dude could decide to throw up the entire 40$ because "screw waiting" and unlock the file for all."

Not in the MVP. We are focusing on the core. Bells and whistles come later. I still like this feature and would love to put it in. But not at the expense of reaching the market first with things that can truly make us go viral.

18. Will Muse holders have acess to Prelude any time soon? Should we recommend bands that we know to the Prelude system or do you have enough bands to run the initial tests?
No. Prelude was used for internal purposes just to test blockchain integration with the web app. It is no longer required, or used.

19. Will Peertracks provide any type of templates for Facebook, Twitter, forums so that it makes it easier for people to promote their favorite bands, driving traffic back to Peertracks?
Not in the MVP. Bells and whistles. There are better use of resources. We have about 4 features that can REALLY make things go viral. 1 would be enough, but we have 3 extra ones haha and those will be the first things to be implemented once the core value proposition has launched.

20.  Have you considered entering the adult industry as a possible spin-off application? The ability to be able share Adultcoins with fans is exactly what that industry needs to build star/fan loyalty.

I totally have (:
This isn't the stance of PeerTracks. This is Cédric Cobban speaking!

21. I remember reading somewhere that referrals aren't a big push. If that's true, I ask that you reconsider. I can see college kids making a small business at getting more bands to sign up. If the could get a small referral on top of the potential to spot the next talented band, there's no stopping that demographic. Am I on the right track?
No referral atm. More thought has to go into it.
There were a couple reasons why it wasn't compatible with our model.
Referrals for UIA might be good. Regulations might hinder it though.

Short answer. No referrals in MVP.

22. I've heard the team describe artistcoins like baseball cards. Is the team confident that the trading of coins won't be seen as some type of security?
We have to get passed this old way of seeing blockchains as only types of currency/equity enablers.
What we are doing is quite literally selling digital collectibles. Like selling a Diablo 3 magic item. Limited edition.
Another way to see it, is like selling tickets (into the reality show that is the artist's career)

The difference is that you don't need to put up you magic item or concert ticket on ebay to sell it to someone else. You can sell it on the internal blockchain ebay (MUSE)
Eliminating middle men, trust and hassle.

23. Is there any financing issues with the team? Do you currently have enough money to see the project through to initial launch?

We can see it to launch yes.
We are still going for further funding since we will be able to do some real magic with our own internal team .
If you guys want to help out, contact different Angels or VCs and turn them on to what we are doing. Explain it to them and tell them to get in touch if interested. There is no single other thing anyone can do that would be more beneficial to the project.

Reach out to these people:

24. Bittunes talks about self publishing on their platform falls under a Creative Commons license. Does Peertracks do something similar? How does the system enforce the person uploading the song has the right to sell it?
This is a great idea. But we want to allow majors to jump on board our platform too.
When the artist monetizes a song on PeerTracks, he's actually publishing a smart contract on MUSE. the conditions/licensing of the individual song will be right on there.

It would be great to do something like this, but think there is still, in 2016, advantages to working with the big labels. This might not be true in 10 years though.

25. Have you had a chance to look at Bittunes android app? For me, it was surprisingly user friendly. I'm trying to understand the different goals between the 2 platforms, how does PeerTracks differ? I know Bittunes also has a profit sharing option.

Bittunes seems to try and solve the distribution "problem" with music.
Thing is I don't believe distribution is a problem at all. mp3s are easy to send across the internet.

The real problems in music are: monetization, curation and the clusterfuck they are stuck with regarding royalties.

PeerTracks using MUSE will simplify the hell out of the royalty complexities. Removing bottlenecks in the IP database management. This includes licensing (that can for the first time be read and acted on by a non-lawyer robot) which opens ups more monetization streams.
Then yes, the UIA allows curation (not by hired experts, but by regular users -- peers) and monetization of attention + the star's time.

26. There's been some issues reported with importing keys in Windows 10. Do you have any timelines to address the issue?

Paging Bytemaster!  :P

Muse/SoundDAC / Creative people! BRANDING FUN TIME
« on: December 11, 2015, 05:09:18 pm »
Hello all!

The first product launched by PeerTracks will be called __________.


We currently have a couple of ideas but a forum full of brains is better then a handful of brains. (gore...)

So keep in mind this would be a product whose market is "anyone that has or wants an engaged fan base"

Your very own Token to:
•   Get discovered by the community
•   Raise funds and get financial support
•   Create and engage a loyal, motivated fan base
•   Turn passive spectators into active promoters
•   Tip your most helpful supporters with your Token – build up your own army of minions!
•   Know who your biggest supporters are (and reward them!)
•   Partner with brands

Share your Brand name ideas. Whether they sound stupid or not is irrelevant! Just vomit it out there and people will play around with it. (ew)

Muse/SoundDAC / Non-Musicians with followers
« on: December 07, 2015, 02:32:51 pm »
We need a few NON-musician semi-celebs that would be interested in testing out the UIA concept.

Basically, if you know anyone with a fan base (or a lot of followers on social media) that would be interested in selling UIA to their fanbase, point them to my email: cedric at peertracks dot com.

These people can be athletes, bodybuilders, twitch streamers, youtube stars, actors, etc.

We would offer them a tool to:

1. Raise funds / Get financial support
2. Offer different stuff to their UIA holders (all of them, just the top 100, top 10, etc.)

We would later add:
3.Token Controlled Access of content
4. Sponsored/advertiser givaways
5. The ability to tip your helpers/promoters with the UIA (brownie points style)
6. Private messaging (token controlled access)

It can be a great way to engage their followers. We just a need a few non-music people to test it out in different niches.

Muse/SoundDAC / Witnesses post here. Let voters know you exist.
« on: December 02, 2015, 02:39:57 pm »
This thread is for anyone setting up a Witness or that has already set up a Witness and wants votes.

Let's keep the thread clean.
Only post once.
Ensure all the relevant information is there to allow voters to make a decision whether or not to vote for your Witness.
Introduce yourself! Don't just be a number asking for votes. Who are you? What's your story? Are you a witness on bts too? What makes you tick? Why MUSE? Why crypto?

Feel free to make your one post as long as you think is required.

Muse/SoundDAC / Order of execution
« on: November 23, 2015, 04:10:46 am »
Hello everyone!

First off, I'd like to suggest everyone follow PeerTracks on Facebook and/or Twitter for relevant articles, recent interviews and extra info regarding the space we are entering.

Second, if anyone wants to help, contact everyone you know in the crypto world and see if they can assist in getting MUSE listed on different exchanges. The more exchanges we are on, the better.

OK now for the update!

As you know, this whole thing started as a music project. As time went by, everyone realized the UIAs (to get discovered, create and engage a fan base) concept was general enough to be applied to the entire entertainment industry.

So PeerTracks was to be the core, and then we would branch out to all other spheres. That was the wrong way to go about it since the music industry is one of the most hectic places ever (especially for start ups!)

The proper strategy is to have a GENERAL platform for anyone to get discovered, create and engage a fan base by creating and selling his UIA. Musician or not!
The music part is a branch or a sub-section of the bigger picture.
Think of Facebook or Twitter for example it's for everyone, not merely Athletes or actors, but literally anyone. In our case, the general platform will be for anyone that has or wants to engage a fan base now or down the line. A new tool for a new age.

So we will be able to launch a clean and already scalable platform where anyone in the entertainment industry can create his UIA right there on MUSE -- not a test network but MUSE itself.

This means we can start getting users on board the system and trading around the UIAs on MUSE before the music app (with all the legal complexities that come with this wonderful industry!) is even out.
Keep in mind we will be onboarding non-crypto users into MUSE. Meaning we aren't fetching these users from other crypto communities and getting them to try out this new blockchain instead of that one. No, we are getting fresh blood. People that are just big fans of star X.

Our Beachhead market is still the music industry through PeerTracks of course. That industry is hurting and it is ripe for MUSE.

Advantages of this roll out strategy are as follows.

-We already have pretty much everything in place! Does not require all the music specific features
-We can get UIAs into peoples wallets and traffic on MUSE
-This stage requires no muse_USD (or it's deep market and stable peg)
-Does not require the smart contract
-We can launch this much faster and start earning income

This strategy focuses on our core value proposition. Creating, selling and allowing the trading of UIAs from the get go.
From there, we gradually add each music specific feature. For example, streamlined artist ID verification process, copyright verification on music self-uploads, etc.
Basically, a lot of stuff that has to do with the legal world of royalties which is absent in the rest of our potential market.

So in a nutshell: The platform will be the trunk of the tree, a template for all, whereas PeerTracks will be a branch, with its own special needs.
It makes no sense to finish building the branch when you have this trunk just waiting there, ready to generate income and traffic!

So there you have it ladies and gents, the new sequencing of our roll out.

(Just to clarify, there will be BOTH a general platform AND and music streaming App which you use just to create playlists, like/share/download/buy songs, discover new talent, buy UIAs, curate your genre, etc. Both sharing the same MUSE wallet)

Muse/SoundDAC / Back from Washington DC
« on: October 29, 2015, 03:50:20 am »
Hello everyone.

As you know, Eddie and I went to Boston on october 2nd to attend Berklee's Fair Music Open Forum.
Although we got great feedback from most, some people (even panelists) thought what we proposed as a solution to the music industry's problem was far fetched, "pie in the sky" and decades away from being possible.

As announced last month, I was invited to speak on a panel at the Future of Music Policy Summit at Georgetown University in Washington DC. Eddie and I decided to move the MUSE blockchain launch date from November, to the day of the Panel talk so that no one could say we are talking sci-fi star trek bs.

We spoke with Cryptonomex and it was technically possible... although it would be rushed and many MUSE specific features would have to be added to it later.
We told Bytemaster to go ahead with it. We are not here to impress the crypto crowd. We are here to impress the music industry and as a side effect, bring Graphene, its community and crypto in general to the mainstream.

So Eddie and I prepared to invade and conquer DC. All was going well, although that hurricane was threatening to cancel a bunch of Texan flights. It turns out that hurricane was dwarfed by some bigger issue for us... Eddie's father, a prominent figure in the city of Houston, passed away.
I won't go into details regarding Eddie's personal or family life. Just know that it was impossible for him to attend the DC event we had prepared for.
I had 24 hours to adapt to this turn of events. (What a crazy day that was)

The conference itself was nuts! It turned out to be the best event we attended so far for the PeerTracks/MUSE project!
After the 2 days (which included my panel, the networking cocktail and VIP closing show) were over, every single person knew what PeerTracks was. Keep in mind the attendees were no small fish! Representatives of Congressmen, CEOs of large music companies, Music law firms, etc. All well connected people.
Minds where blown and we have more meetings than I know what to do with right now haha!
In fact, I JUST got home and I need to book my trip to New-York City where Eddie and I are meeting big fish next week. No breaks! Launching the chain on Monday was well worth it!!!

We are now moving on to the invite only artist sign up phase of the project.
We will soon manually create the profiles of some pioneer artists that want to take the platform of a spin. This will be our version of alpha testing and we will see how everything flows between MUSE and PeerTracks. It will bring light traffic to MUSE while we perfect the whole thing. As you must have noticed the GUI of the wallet is still purely financial so that will be made to reflect the non-techie nature of our future users.

I'm swarmed and exhausted. I'm off to recharge. It will be good to get my partner back so we can prepare to invade NYC Texas style!

Muse/SoundDAC / MUSE blockchain information site
« on: October 22, 2015, 08:32:46 pm »
Very basic place to point people to.

Saw this:

Very cool. Who did this? Cass?
Is anyone working on updating it?

Muse/SoundDAC / Community assistance: Contacting Exchanges to list MUSE
« on: October 15, 2015, 05:54:03 pm »
Hi everyone!

If anyone knows of any crypto exchanges that are already upgrading to Graphene to allow BTS 2.0 to trade. You can do three things to help.

1. Contact them yourself if you know them and tell them about MUSE coming out on the 26th of October.
2. List them here. That way someone that does know someone on the inside in the exchanges can get in touch and spread the gospel that is MUSE.
3. PM their contact info and I can get in touch

If you wish to contact them directly, let them know we are basically a clone of BTS 2.0 and so if they already set themselves up to list BTS 2.0, MUSE will be no different.

This can help!

Cheers guys!
Let's get MUSE listed everywhere.

Muse/SoundDAC / MUSE terminology
« on: October 15, 2015, 05:43:31 pm »
To ensure we all understand each other (:

MUSE is a Membership Organization

Members are those that hold the Core Units simply called MUSE

Witnesses are the nodes that produce blocks

Committee Advisers or simply Advisers and those that propose changes to the protocol

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