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General Discussion / Re: Here we go again....4.9 version not working....
« on: August 28, 2014, 06:33:09 pm »
Still getting "Not Connected" with 0.4.9-a

doxymoron-delegate updated.

General Discussion / Re: BTSX 0.4.8-a Known Issues Status Update
« on: August 27, 2014, 09:49:15 pm »
In Market trading, when you click your Balance value it will autofill the Quantity field value with comma (3,500.000), but the comma is not valid in the field.

Second this.  Was frustrating me for a while.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Reduced *.delegate.xeroc to a payrate of 80%
« on: August 27, 2014, 08:01:23 pm »
*cough*  ;D

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: New delegate, longtime supporter
« on: August 26, 2014, 07:33:01 pm »
I've reduced my pay_rate to 75%.  Haven't gotten a chance to get into the top 100 yet, but have been following updates and kept my delegate running. 

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Reduced *.delegate.xeroc to a payrate of 80%
« on: August 26, 2014, 07:14:09 pm »
 +5%  ...or -20% is more accurate.  ;) Great job Xeroc and thanks for letting us know.  I've also done this as well, hopefully can get some extra votes.

Technical Support / Transfer of BTSX doesn't show up
« on: August 26, 2014, 01:28:27 pm »
I am trying to send BTSX to my delegate account to adjust the pay_rate, but when I do this it never shows up.  I have done it before and it worked, but now it doesn't.  I am not sure what to look for.  Thanks.

doxymoron-delegate up and running 0.4.8

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: New delegate, longtime supporter
« on: August 25, 2014, 04:55:18 pm »
Hi man,

I voted for you. Plz vote for me too.

Good luck :)

Great thanks, I have done so as well.
I do have a question for everyone.  What is the proper way to vote for delgates?  After using the wallet_approve_delegate command, do we then go into the Vote section of My accounts, and run  the Update Votes command? 

Stakeholder Proposals / New delegate, longtime supporter
« on: August 25, 2014, 03:23:10 pm »
I just wanted to introduce myself as a delegate candidate.  I have been lurking in these forums since last year, but now I want to be a bigger part of this community.  I feel the best way I can do that is to use my IT skills and resources to run a reliable delegate.

I originally became involved by mining Protoshares when the only way to do so was with a CPU.  I run about 5 different computers in my home network, and had them working around the clock mining as much as I could.  Eventually I converted to GPU mining, buying 4 video cards and mining with GPU/CPUs.  Eventually that lost any profitability and I worried that I would not have much to contribute anymore.  But I have been following the development of Bitshares and the idea behind delegates.

After researching and installing software/hardware I have now setup my own delegate in Canton, Ohio in a reliable data center.  I want to be a part of the community, and I would hope you can vote for me.  Thanks!

wallet_approve_delegate doxymoron-delegate

1. what for do you spend your delegates income? (e.g charity, VPS, beer etc.)
I will use the income to pay for the server and also to host a backup of my own.
2. whats your burn-rate and why?
I have a 0% burn rate.  As I said before I will use the earned income to pay for the server, and I will use any extra to give to new users/friends/coworkers to get them started and show them about Bitshares.
3. where is your delegate located?
My server is located in Canton, Ohio.
4. whats your machine/connection/redundancy specs?
4 core Intel Xeon E5606, 8GB RAM, Ubuntu 14.04, hosted in a data center with backup power/generators
5. "short" up to 300 character description why are you running a delegate or many of them
I have followed Bitshares for a long time now.  I mined PTS with every CPU I could find, when nobody else was, because I knew this would turn into something huge.  I want to be a part of that in any way I can, and I feel the best way to do so is to become a deleagate and keep Bitshares secure.
6. are you related to other delegate operators?
No I am not.
7. how many delegates are in your control?
For now just one.
wallet_approve_delegate doxymoron-delegate

Couldn't get wallet to work on Win, switched to Ubuntu.  Could use some to get started, thanks.


Need some to get started.  Thanks.


September 29 7am EST.

General Discussion / Re: March Newsletter
« on: March 27, 2014, 06:20:29 pm »
Also, you may not want to refer to Dan as Bytemaster.  Many people probably have no idea who you are talking about, and a forum screen name really shouldn't be used in an official newsletter.

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