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It seems to have arrived, just a longer delay.

100,000 bts x 0.5 cent = $5000 with a collateral ratio of 2.5  would create $2000 bitUSD ( plus when sold by the committee for BTS it would create an additional 40,000 bts which could be either added to the collateral or used to create even more bitUSD)

Now I understand where the bug is :)

100,000 bts x 0.5 cent = $500 with a collateral ratio of 2.5  would create $200 bitUSD

Obviously it makes no sense to sell bitusd below the feed price as anyone could buy them up and then force settle them for a profit as I have done in the past.


Theres plenty of willing buyers for bitUSD but nobody wants to buy with huge mark ups.

I wish you were right. At the moment there are bids for 145 bitUSD at prices +-2% of feed price and 31 bitUSD at prices +-1% of feed price.

IMHO it would be much safer to do it as a one-time event at the beginning.

Note that STEEM's payout in STEEMUSD can only be withdrawn slowly in 2 years.

That's not true, you can convert SteemUSD to Steem immediately, SteemPOWER can be withdrawn slowly in 2 years

  • I don't understand how would be 2000 bitUSD created using 100k BTS... looking into market right now, you can create 170 bitUSD with 100k BTS (collateral ratio 3)
  • What collateral ratio would you choose?
  • You want to sell it to highest bidder... at this moment it would mean that some of these 2000 bitUSD would be sold for as low as 170 BTS (feed price 195.73)
  • Who is going to buy these created bitUSD? There are bids for about 580 bitUSD around/above feed price

General Discussion / Re: How call price is calculated
« on: July 22, 2016, 07:30:58 pm »
Thanks, the documentation is really helpful but confusing.

General Discussion / How call price is calculated
« on: July 22, 2016, 09:52:32 am »

could you please explain me how the call price on bit assets is calculated?

  • How is "Margin Call Price" calculated? If I understand it correctly, this is when least-collaterized account will be called. According to DEX it was 31.4 but according to cryptofresh it was 32.4
  • How is "Your Call Price" calculated? I read the docs referenced from the form but still don't get it.

7) are you going to trade only on DEX?

General Discussion / Re: Cryptofresh API
« on: April 15, 2016, 01:02:38 pm »
Thanks, any specific API's you like to see added??

API for order book of various traiding pairs would be awesome.

5. Make BTS non-transferable

When most of the transfers outside our internal exchange are happening with BitBTS, it won't be difficult to just disallow BTS transfers entirely.

I don't understand this part... how do you prevent me from sending my BTS from my account to the account of external exchange (e.g. from paliboyqqq to poloniexwallet)?

This link:  explains a lot about the business.
I think they should hire cass because that investor page does look like made by a schooldboy.

plus I would expect some business numbers there

Slovak is technically correct but unnatural

I would add to your list, they don't publish daily stats but it is about $5000.

General Discussion / Re: interesting
« on: December 04, 2015, 08:12:02 am »
What are these "init" accounts?

Technical Support / Fees and cashback
« on: December 01, 2015, 06:39:54 pm »

I upgraded to lifetime membership but I still don't understand how fees cashback works. What is "Vesting cashback balance"? Can I spend it or will it be somehow transferred to my account after some time? This is what I see on OpenLedger right now:

Fees and cashback
Lifetime fees paid    20 234,49999 BTS
Pending fees    0 BTS
Pending vested fees    0 BTS
Vesting cashback balance    105,9375 BTS

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